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Ivy Slater is a Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs and Solo-Practitioners who value success in business equally with success in all aspects of life. Her mission is to inspire, empower, teach, coach, assist, mentor and support all women as they achieve their most heartfelt goals utilizing their ideas, imagination and abilities. Ivy’s role is to help choreograph your business for greater success! Slater Success Coaching was founded on the principles of assisting clients to define what their goals are, to create a clear & confident plan to achieve those goals, & to provide support to the client while their world expands.

Women work far too hard and they often are not making the money they deserve. We are givers by nature. We are of VALUE. Value in business will permeate to value in your life. Everything we do has value. Slater Success strives to help women see, understand, and revel in their value to grow their businesses, their income, and their dreams