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SSC Private Platinum Program:


(Say that ten times fast.)  For the business owner who’s felt alone, who wants long-term success and is committing to having the support to get there. Clients in the Platinum Program have a Partner in their business to help with their development & growth, while staying in integrity to the life they want to live. Not just part time, but full time. As your business continues to grow your income will continue to increase. This is beneficial for new business owners to make sure they are putting the systems in place they need to create success, as well as for the established business owner who wants to shift their business into a higher level of achievement.

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“Working with Ivy has taken away some of the fear and anxiety that I had about my business. It has helped me get some clarity. I’ve noticed that I feel more powerful through having support and having a go-to person in Ivy, who responds to me with anything I need, so I don’t have to figure everything out on my own anymore. I notice that I’m more enthusiastic, feel more encouraged about my business, and about what’s possible. It’s been a great experience of feeling empowered and hopeful. When we first started working together, I never thought that I would find somebody that I could work with, who would get me, and who could help me take this package and put these pieces in place. There was a 40% increase of clients and revenue in my business in the first 60 days we worked together!”
Nancy Snell,

VIP Day:


A VIP Day is ideal for the client who wants to jump in, get fast action and fast results.  A VIP Day is about creating your business plan in a day. It is also a great boost and refresher for the already successful business owner who is ready to up-level by restructuring and/or revamping their plan. By creating step-by-step action plans, this day allows you to fill in the missing pieces and you can wake up the following morning ready to jump in, and start doing! It is an accelerated program for the business owner who is ready to take a big leap and is ready to take action.

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Before I did a VIP day with Ivy, I had a general idea of the business I wanted to create, Empowered Nurses, but no plan or products. Six weeks later, I started my group program with 24 participants, interviewed for an article in the Indianapolis Star and was asked to be the keynote speaker at an annual statewide nursing conference. I can't believe this has all happened so fast. I am so grateful to Ivy for giving me a step-by-step plan to create the business I had been trying to get off the ground for 3 years. We have lift off!
Lorie Brown
R.N.M.N.J.D.Founder Nurse Protection Association

Business Success Retreat:Mastermind Photo

The BSR is for someone who is not ready to start as big, but still would like some hand holding, in-person support, and clarity in their planning. It is a 2 Day Retreat where a small group of business owners get together with Ivy, and we work on each and everybody’s business. It’s a Mastermind formula with brainstorming and action plans. It creates a strong community, hence, everybody walks away with an even stronger resolve, support system, and road map. This retreat is great for a business owner starting out, who thrives in collaborative settings, as well as the seasoned business owner, who would like to solidify their ideas for their next move.

The next Business Success Retreat will be: December 7-8, 2016

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This is not a “click here to buy” type of program. If this program is what you’re looking for, please email Ivy. I’ll be in touch so that we can chat and make sure this program is the right fit for you and your business.

“After not working for almost a year, I was disorganized and undisciplined. I needed a plan to get my business started again. I took Ivy’s Business Success Retreat and walked away with renewed energy and focus, a set of tools to get started again, and an outline of a work schedule. Also, the supportive atmosphere was important for me. I loved hearing about each woman’s business; there were insights that applied to me from each of the other participants. Ivy is excellent at coming up with the core issue for each participant and guiding the discussion and planning process forward in a supportive environment. This program gives you a lot of information and a jump-start in a short period of time. I have already started taking steps each day to work on my business, I feel much more confident moving forward. Bonus, I met a great group of women and have continued building those great, new relationships!”
Jamie Emhoff
Executive Wardrobe Consultant / Worth New York


Business Mastery:

Being successful in business means you are constantly pushing yourself forward. It means you are setting goals, making plans, and following through.

It’s hard to do all this on your own. Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur can be very lonely.

Ivy’s Money League provides a Community of support with like-minded business owners, to keep you motivated, focused, and on track.

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“Ivy’s program gave me focus, order and clarity not only to my business but to my life in general. Her 20 years of being a business owner herself brings credibility as well as empathy to the table. Ivy has an innate ability to zero in on a problem, no matter what the profession is, and come up with a very workable solution. In addition, listening and sharing with the “group calls” proved to be very enlightening as it brought up questions I may not have thought about before. With the “homework” assignments between calls, I was motivated to focus on my business and answer the really tough questions I had thought about but never really put on paper. As Ivy says, “Do 100% of your 50% of work,” and you will gain invaluable help to supercharge your business! As a true Southerner who has to “think about” a decision first, somehow I made the decision to join Ivy’s group in a “New York” minute, and I’m so glad I did.”
Nan Eberly
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