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“I have worked with Ivy for over 1 year and during that year, I tripled my revenue over the prior year! I also was encouraged and supported while I re-branded myself, my company, and my services. Ivy and the Platinum Participants are always there for me, sharing in my success and supporting me. Ivy has helped me to visualize and create a plan to grow my business to a level I never thought possible!”
Amy Andersson
CPA, AnderssonPS.com
“I am in my third trimester in pregnancy and have a 1 year old running under my feet daily. How can I launch a program now? Those were my thoughts, thank goodness I had a coach. Ivy helped me strategize and organize the launch as well as managing my time to plan it out and get it out to my list and Facebook. The result is a 30 day kick start program that I had 200 people sign up for, WOW, I would have been thrilled to have accomplished this without being pregnant. With Ivy's help I have the next steps in place for my existing tribe as our new members. I have coached with Ivy for several years and each year I am thrilled to celebrate another level of success for my business as well as what has been fulfilled in my life.”
Miranda Zukowski
Mirzuk Fitness
“Ivy challenges me to think bigger and to get out of my own way. She pushes me to achieve more, to expand my offerings and to do everything possible to earn more. She has been instrumental in the growth of my business and I’m so thankful for having her invaluable insight & encouragement every step of the way. I have experienced being booked solid for months on end. I have also experienced working more with my ideal clients. I have had the added blessing of being so busy with fabulous client work that I’m neither interested in nor distracted by whatever my competitors are doing.”
Vanessa Falle
Vanessa Falle Photography
“Spending the day with Ivy was a very professional, thought-out experience where we really honed in on what it takes to build a brand, who my market is, what my price-points are, and how to get results. She walked me through the process from A to Z and I’m really on my way to start my business and get it off the ground.”
Alyssa Peek
Peek Photography
“Ivy Slater is amazing! In 45 minutes Ivy helped me confidently raise my rates. Something I was afraid and unwilling to do for over a year. I aliken it to jumping off of the high diving board. I was so scared, I could not jump. During our conversation Ivy asked, “Are you comfortable raising your rates, now?” I said yes, and I “jumped.” The good news is that I immediately increased my income by 150%! Ivy was with me every step of the way. I had so much more to gain, and nothing to lose. Others had encouraged me to take this bold step. However, Ivy got me to take the plunge. Ivy said when you listen to your clients you’ll know which service to offer. She is so right. I am doing this and enrolling more clients into my coaching program. Once I got clear about what they needed, I knew which program to offer. I am so grateful to Ivy for her insights, ability to “hear” my concerns, and no-nonsense approach to coaching.”
Cecelia Dawe-Gillis
“I was petrified signing up to be a Platinum Client of Ivy's, but that fear was short-lived. Ivy has worked with me on how I can present myself and my services clearly. This information and coaching was a game-changer: I'm closing more deals at higher price points than I thought were possible. Take the plunge. You're worth it, and Ivy won't let you play small!”
Ann Jenrette-Thomas
Esq., EsquireCoaching.com
“My business has grown significantly since working with Ivy. She has helped me see all 4 divisions of my business create new revenue streams. Ivy is a caring and knowledgable coach who has the ability to get right to the matter at hand and make you reach the decisions on your own, rather than just dictating what needs to be done. She really makes you think, problem solve and come up with several solutions. Ivy had me focused on revenue generating activities and this brought my business from unprofitable to profitable! Love her energy!”
Debra J. Cabral
Declutter Coach
“I'm so glad I invested in Ivy's 2 Day Mastermind Intensive. I truly enjoyed this experience. Ivy created a warm and welcoming space for us to connect. I instantly felt she'd be a source of inspiration, motivation, encouragement and support. I then went on to attend her 8 Week Webinar Program. Through this program, I immediately was able to put things into perspective. The shift allowed me to start creating the structure for the beginning stages of my business. She kept me focused on what I needed to focus on and helped me to be accountable when I needed to be. The structure of the program provided clarity that has been instrumental in moving forward with my business goals, my entrepreneurial nature and most importantly my personal growth. Thank you Ivy!”
Paulina Lopez

“When I started working with Ivy, I was a new director in a department in a independent school in NYC.
The staff was out of alignment with my goals and vision and were trying to manage me instead of me managing them. Using Ivy's approach as a business owner, manager and team leader helped me to create a shift in my team and hence I became the leader going forward. This enabled me to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the school, being the liaison with the board of directors and a well respected peer to the movers and shakers who made the school the success it is today.

Heather Hinkley