We Made It Ten Years!

SSC is celebrating 10 years this month. It’s almost surreal to think about that. 10 years flew by and at the same time, seemed like a lifetime. Success is definitely not a destination, it’s a journey, and the journey to TEN brings me to this week’s ‘P,’ Perseverance.

This word sums up everything for me. I kept going. I kept taking action and persevered despite ALL obstacles. That I, become we, and together, my team and I are looking forward to the next TEN.

I have to reflect on the beginning and my personal obstacles. We were 7 figures in debt, had two teenage children and were about to lose our home. I looked at my family and said, “We have our health and that is success.”

I knew finding a way to get out of that hole and reach a very different level was very possible and perseverance brought us to the other side.

The heart of perseverance is in the belief and vision to where you are going, not where you are, especially when you are in a stuck place.

You must SEE a vision and BELIEVE it is possible.

Let go of the “how on Earth am I going to get there” destructive thoughts. The “how” will come. Action and perseverance are the tools to get you there.

The past TEN years have been filled with lessons. I wouldn’t change one single thing, because everything we’ve learned has brought my team and I to the place we are today. And next week, we are making a MAJOR announcement that we cannot wait to share.

If you’ve been a part of our TEN, thank you. We can’t wait to make new memories with you as we begin a new chapter at SSC.