Eagles WIN!

Super Bowl 52 was one of the most exciting games I’ve ever watched! Since my husband and I are spending the month of February living in California, we had the opportunity to host a party with our son and a small group of his friends (15 in all), and we had a fantastic time.

This game reminded me of so many great lessons in business and I just had to share!

Resilience. This Eagles team is so impressive. They lost many of their top athletes to injury and eventually their star QB, Carson Wentz, in Week 14 of the season. He had taken them on an amazing journey and they were all set to get to the Super Bowl. When backup QB Nick Foles took over, this team rallied together and not only continued to win, they won it all! We all have choices, to look at business and life as the glass is ½ full or ½ empty. Do not allow yourself to feel down about your situation. You can overcome any challenge. You can work with the new normal. Never stop. Watch Nick Foles’ end of game interview as he is embracing his small daughter, the essence of his WHY and the connection to playing full out.

Surprise Everyone. The Eagles pulled off one hell of a trick play, which we now know is called The Philly Special, when Foles found himself in the endzone catching the touchdown, instead of throwing it. In fact, Trey Burton (tight end) said the team had been practicing that play twice a week in practice and Foles never dropped the pass. This should remind you to always be a step ahead and a step above. Have tricks up your sleeve in your business and don’t be afraid to use them when you need them. If you have an idea that seems a little wacky, it might just be your ticket to your own personal championship. Be fearless.

Confidence. The Eagles were the ultimate underdog in this game. We all know the Patriots and Tom Brady are a dominating force. When the Eagles took the field, they had no doubts that they were just as strong of a team as the Patriots and they deserved to be there. Never doubt yourself because others are “better, more experienced, make more money.” You are just as wonderful and it’s your time to own it and shine. Get out there.

Embrace opportunity. This one comes from half time and the now famous “selfie kid” that got a chance of a lifetime when Justin Timberlake sang right beside him in the stands. He took that selfie, posted it, and was already on numerous morning talk shows yesterday. He could never have expected that to happen, but now he has a platform and a voice and I’m excited to see what he does with this new found fame. Your opportunities are out there waiting for you. Be ready. Get to the edge of the crowd and embrace the surprising things that can come your way. Opportunity is everywhere, are you open and ready to connect to it?

Look to the future. The game was close until the very end. Brady made a strong comeback and the Patriots took the lead in the 4th quarter. We all know the ending, but the lesson is, don’t relax too much. Even when you are at the top of your game and relishing in your success, never stop planning and looking toward your next goal. Show up 100% of the time, all the time, just like both of these teams did. Your next play, your next move could be the biggest one of your career. Enjoy the moments, stay in forward motion and just keep going!
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