On a walk, by the pool, even at dinner…this kept happening

My husband and I were recently in Austin, Texas for a wedding. Great city and wonderful wedding! This is the time of of our lives when we find a lot of our peers’ children are getting married and it’s fantastic to travel and reconnect with long-time friends.

Some I saw in Austin I’ve known close to 35 years. It’s these times of happiness and love, and also times of sadness and loss that bring families and friends together.

People traveled from New York, Ohio, Maryland, Florida and many other destinations to celebrate young love and new beginnings.

I share often that there is no hard line between professional life and personal life and this weekend really brought that concept to light with crystal clarity. I was catching up with old friends, we were sharing stories about our families, and what we were up to in our lives and careers.

I was surprised to find out a bunch of people follow me on social media, watch my weekly videos, look for my insights on business strategy, sales, networking and fun.

On a morning walk, I learned a friend was not asking for their value in their consulting work and consistently undercharging. A small chat started from that.

By the pool, I met a friend of a friend who is all about women empowerment and started a non-profit for young women. Another wonderful discussion there.

A woman at my table at dinner shares mutual interests with me in helping women grow in their careers and businesses. Yet another great conversation.

I love learning and did a tour of the city and the hill country, where we were escorted by a wonderful tour guide from Austin Detour named Jason. He shared how the company was growing, setting yearly goals, the expansion plans and how as a musician he is creating his success in music and sharing the love of his city with others. I loved hearing his story.

I met new people and reconnected with others in almost every situation that weekend and we ended up talking business. Relationships began and relationships grew.

I ask you today to look at your old and new relationships, those based on friendships, based on business, based on mutual friends. They really are all one.

Are you embracing every relationship? Where are you finding new ones? How are you building on the ones you are finding?

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I don’t go to events to find clients…I go to do something else instead

This past weekend, I had a group of 14 at the house. I always do a ton of entertaining in the summer, I don’t go to events to find clients_Ivy Slater2usually my kid’s friends make up a lot of the guest list, and I love to cook for them.

I’m always going to 3 or 5 different specialty stores to find the specific ingredients I want.

I look for fresh, interesting and unique.

When the weekend was over and I was going through the receipts from the many stops I made, I realized that how I shop for ingredients is the same way I network for my business and add potential relationships and clients to my pipeline.  

I look for events that will be filled with like-minded people. I want to go somewhere and connect with theI don’t go to events to find clients_Ivy Slater other guests.

I don’t go to find clients. I go to build relationships.

Those relationships turn into connections. Those connections turn into sales, referrals, friendships, you name it.

I attend at least one networking event per week and they are all different and unique (like my ingredients).

Some are geared towards women, others for business owners in a certain age range, others for coaches.

Just like I pick out a new cheese for a pasta dish, I pick out a new event to spice up my business.

I also spice it up by holding my own events. Even SSC Live, that is held annually, has a different theme every single year. I want people to learn as much as they can when attending one of my events, just as I expect to learn a lot when I’m the guest.

Along with learning comes those vital connections and building a pipeline. If you don’t have a pipeline in your business, it’s something you need to get into action immediately.

I fill my fridge with new ingredients just like I fill my pipeline with new people. Keeping everything fresh.

I add to that pipeline by consistently attending various networking events and building relationships with people from all levels of business.

Share with me how you are building your pipeline this Summer. If you’re struggling, STOP and reach out to support@slatersuccesscoaching.com to talk pipeline strategies and plans.

A Step Ahead in April

If you’re on top of it, you know that April Fool’s Day is tomorrow. You’re ready for that tape across the door or the prank phone call. Maybe you even have some fun office pranks planned for your colleagues. Most people won’t even remember the day is coming. Be the person who remembers. Be that person in business. Always remember. Be prepared. Be one step ahead.Especially when it comes to nurturing your leads.

I talk about nurturing leads often and the importance of staying in touch with people.Recently, I had someone do the two-day BSR program with me that you have probably heard me mention before. This program took place before the holidays and in January I decided to follow-up with this person to chat and see how their holidays were. This was roughly seven weeks after the end of the program.

They were very excited to hear from me and we had a great conversation as they shared all the new things happening in their business since the BSR. They ultimately decided to become a steady client in the SSC Money Masters program, saying, “Wow, Ivy! If this is what was accomplished in two days, just think of what we can do over time.”

Sure, I was just doing my job as CEO of SSC to follow-up and nurture leads, but I really just wanted to talk and ask about their holiday, too. This is the difference between nurturing a lead and creating a lasting relationship.

In our industry, clients are also our friends. They trust us to become a part of their business. They share their obstacles and struggles, their challenges and problems. They open their minds to our coaching strategies and techniques and they listen to our advice.

Watching my clients’ businesses grow and expand is just as exciting to me as it is for them. I genuinely love hearing success stories, right along with the how the kids are doing in their basketball season or how the kitchen renovation is going.

We are business people but we are all just people. We crave connection and friendship.

Think about your mail for a second. Not your email, your actual mail. Do you receive a particular publication or newsletter from a company every month? Maybe it’s not even a company you’ve dealt with before, but they produce a good piece. A local plumber or financial advisor or caterer…They do giveaways, they share client stories, they give information on industry trends. You end up reading that piece even though you don’t need that company just yet. But when you do, or when one of your friends or family members asks if you have a referral, that piece is going to come to mind. Those companies know what it means to be one step ahead.

Whether by snail mail, email, phone calls, coffee dates, or networking events, meet people and connect with them for the long term.  If someone mentions their vacation to Hawaii, make a mental note and bring it up when you speak to them again. If someone tells you they are looking for a new accountant, ask about it at the next event, and offer your referrals or assistance. Show them you were listening and you’re interested in helping them. You’re interested in making a connection that surpasses business.

Be a step ahead in April and instead of looking for leads, look for lifetime leads. Someone may not be ready to be a client today. Maybe not even for a year. Heck, maybe not ever! But if you connect with this person, if you stay in touch, if you are there when they need you, they will remember your name when and if the time comes.

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Cheers to your Success.