Do you have a conversation with everyone?

I’ll admit right now that even though I always tell my clients to follow-up, it’s not always easy to do. Life gets in the way. It happened to me over the summer.

I met a woman at an event and we had a really great conversation. I remembered her telling me she was a grief coach and we decided we’d get together for a chat in the near future. To be real, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to help her.

You see, SSC was already transitioning to more corporate work as well as working with entrepreneurs, and I was not sure if I would have the right program for her at the time since shifting things around. I figured it would be a great networking chat and that I might be able to connect her with someone. But…

Soon after this meeting, lots of personal stuff happened in my life. I needed to be there for a few family situations and when she emailed me, I was blatantly honest with her.

I told her it was terrible timing and could we possibly meet the next month. And she was perfectly accommodating.

We did end up reconnecting and when she started talking, I started to feel really awkward. She wasn’t talking about being a grief coach at all. She was talking about leadership work within corporate organizations and I thought to myself, “Ivy, do you even know who you are sitting with right now? Did you let the family stuff clog your memory and usually organized notes?”

I thought through all the mess in my life, I might have switched up a name, or written down something wrong. I felt really embarrassed and confused, so I just asked her.

Turns out, I wasn’t losing it. She was the grief coach and this was her OTHER business. One, that she’d been doing work in for 20 + years. Wow! I didn’t even know she had another business and this part of her business was exactly something that I was building at SSC. We had tons to talk about!

One of her clients recently expanded to the west coast and she really is not interested in doing that much travel while she is building out her other business. I became even more interested and curious. My son lives in California and I go there often to visit him. Adding in some business when I’m there would be icing on the cake.

This woman was a vital connection and I almost missed this conversation and potential opportunity due to my lack of follow-up.

Have a conversation and MORE conversations with everyone. Have an open heart and an open mind. You have no idea what a person does or who they are connected to until you have a real, detailed talk.

I’m excited to see where this new relationship takes SSC and I can’t stress enough the importance of meeting people and being there for whatever they might need: a resource, a sounding board, a referral or even the answer to their problems.

If you want to talk about relationships and how to better network, let’s chat. Email me at

Hamilton and Sales

Scripts belong on Broadway. Like the amazing script for Hamilton, which recently won 11 Tony Awards, including Best Musical! A must-see show!

Scripts belong on Broadway, not in sales.


Why do you think a sales script can increase your sales? It seems so silly to me. Rehearsing words from a page? Saying the same thing to every client?

Do you want to know my secret sauce for sales?

I’ve been in some form of sales for over 20 years and sold over millions of dollars in business starting in my 20’s, all without ever using a script.

When I was in printing, I never even carried a portfolio. It seemed selfish of me to show off my work when I didn’t even know what they desired. It was my job to show up, find out what they needed, what their existing problems were and offer the solution.

Does this sound similar to the way you show up for sales calls?  Do you clear your mind, open your heart and LISTEN?

You have to listen.

Listen to the problem, the pain points, the challenges. Take the focus off of yourself and onto the client. Ask questions and help them figure out what they need to move forward successfully.

Very often, there is a message or a dialogue that sits under the words that are actually being said out loud. Listen to that “under” message.

This happened to me this past weekend when I was enjoying some girl time with my friend and my daughter and her friends. It looked like rain Saturday, so we made a plan to go to a late afternoon movie.

As we piled in the car, I heard talk in the back about “the sun shining,” and “do you have to see the first movie to understand this sequel.” I heard the “under” message. They weren’t too thrilled about this movie idea.

I listened. Are you listening? Listen to what is being said AND communicated.

Raise your level of awareness and it will increase your sales. A great salesperson is a great listener. Couldn’t be more true.

What did we do instead of going to the movie? We went strawberry picking!!

Are you ready to listen? Need some help? You can always email me at to schedule a strategy call. I’d love to chat!


First things first…Happy New Year!  Wishing the SSC Community a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2016.

Next, I want to congratulate the many people who have taken me up on the offer of jumping on the phone and discussing their plan for 2016. If you thought I was going to say business plan, think again, a business plan reflects your life plan.

I am really excited to speak to so many of you and I could not resist opening more slots in my calendar for the few of you who have not yet taken action. More details are below. Invest a few minutes of your day and work with me on what success in 2016 looks like for you.

I am sure you are ready for a big piece on Goal Setting and Planning for 2016, but you are going to have to wait for that one. There is something a bit more of a priority to cover at the first of the year. I want to start off 2016 talking about a key word: COMMUNICATION.

For me, Communication is a word that leads to Success.

Communication arises in all areas of business and life. For those of you who are saying this is not for me, I am a solopreneur, don’t stop now, read on!

I just came back from a weeklong family vacation. There were nine of us and we had a great time. We were sleeping everywhere: beds, couches, lounge chairs and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We were together and that was all that mattered.

We had a blast and communication was key to the laughter, the silliness, navigating travel issues like flight delays and missed connections, all happening during the most hectic time of the year.

How we communicate with one another surfaces in our team, our clients, sales calls, prospects, and networking associates.

Do you greet everyone with a smile, even when you are on the phone? Yes, this matters and makes a huge impact. If you are doing a get to know you call, a sales call, even calling the airline after a two hour delay, start with a smile on your face. It will immediately shift energy to a positive beginning.  When I spoke to the airline with a smile, we received 2 complimentary rooms for a night and credit for future airline travel.

When you are communicating, stop multitasking. If you think people do not feel your attention is not on them, think again. They know!

A large part of communication is asking for something. This is a place many of us fall short. We are shy or embarrassed to ask for things, we talk around a situation and expect someone to read between the lines. This happens in restaurants, stores, waiting in line, with your team, on sales calls. Listen to yourself and if you start asking for something with the verbiage, “Would you mind….” “If you don’t mind….” “If I can trouble  you…” STOP.  Come right out and ask.

Try “I would like… and then say, thank you!

While we focus on communication, I would like to remind everyone to focus on positive verbiage as well. I encourage you to listen to yourself and work on eliminating the following words: Want; Need; Try.

I ask you as part of the SSC Community to join me in committing to “I AM” for 2016.  If you have food, basic clothing, and shelter, you do not “need” anything else.

Join me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages and finish this sentence,  “In 2016 I AM…..”


Tips For A Successful Event

My mentor has a saying and a book out that says, “The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything.” This week in my life sums up that expression. I wanted to share some take away teaching points.

This week was action-packed. We held our fabulous SSC Live event last Tuesday. I am sure you saw the photos and videos via newsletter or social media. We packed the house with 75 business owners working on their Marketing, Money and Sales plans and concluded the day with an amazing networking reception hosted by our sponsors full of fun, laughter and prizes

I also hosted a gathering of my daughter’s and nephew’s friends, a total of 30 young adults, as well as other family members, for a Saturday evening BBQ.

I cannot reinforce enough that life does not stop for business and business does not stop for life.  How do you achieve both? It goes back to “The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything.”

 How did I pull off both events? Here are three tips:

  • Have a plan of action. Don’t wing it! Know how the components will get accomplished and know your timing

  • Have a great support team. You must delegate to be a success in anything. Stop trying to be a hero or a martyr. There are brilliant people out there… why do you think they cannot take care of things? They can! Be clear in your expectations, be clear in the assignment and be clear in your coordination of the follow-up. Most importantly, make sure there is open communication between you. This is the way questions get asked and tasks get accomplished with ease.

  • Calendar out your plan. When is what going to be done, and of course by whom. We started planning SSC Live months ago and because we had planned ahead I was able to work with my family on the “house party” the last two weeks. In both cases, everyone had assignments, due dates and lines of open communication.

  • Seriously, have open communication. This is not just about what you need to do and acting like a dictator. It is about talking together on how things will get done, sharing when they are accomplished and celebrating all the little things along the way in the journey.

The key to success is a great plan, coupled with a great team and open communication. If you have all three, celebrate with us on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn page. If you are struggling with one of these, share it. The support you need is here for you and you need to take control of your business and your life, and STOP struggling. The SSC community is support for everyone. You’ll be amazed at your results, when you just share and become a part of it all. Have a great week!


Cheers to your Success.