Seeing Possibility (The ‘P’ Series)

This week our ‘P’ is Possibility. And it’s one of my favorite words.

When I begin working with an entrepreneur or a sales team or a corporate group, I always ask them about the goals they want to achieve.

For an entrepreneur, it’s a lot about the lifestyle they want. The possibility of living life on their own terms. The possibility of doing something they believe in, something that makes a difference in the world. The possibility of doing what they love full time and making the money they deserve while doing it.

For a sales team or a corporate group, it’s the possibility of better communication. The possibility of more sales. The possibility of understanding and utilizing the power of relationships. The possibility of enjoying their work, their career and being excited again to show up on Monday mornings.

During this upcoming holiday season, possibility is all around us on a personal level, as well. The possibility to be nicer and kinder to all around us. The possibility to be more generous and giving to those in need. The possibility to take time to appreciate the moments we spend with family and friends that we might not get to see all year.

Possibility is a word that means ‘a thing that may happen.’ You have the strength to turn all of those possibilities into realities.

An Audrey Hepburn quote came to mind as I was writing this…

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible.”

Let that sink in and live that today!

If the possibility of seeing out of the box and building a business is on your mind. If the possibility of reaching a bit higher and further than is comfortable is something you want to do. If the possibility of changing your life or your organization for a new and brighter future is what you want, get on my calendar and let’s chat.

Introducing The ‘P’ Series (this is going to be pretty fun)

Remember all those ‘P’ words I talked about a few weeks ago? I realized that many of them deserve their own newsletter. So for the rest of the year, that is exactly what we are going to do.

First up…PROCESS + PLAN.

I wanted to start here because these are really the foundation for everything in your solo business or your organization.

Without a process and a plan, nothing is achieved.

Think about a project right now that you or your organization want to accomplish in 2018.

Ask yourself these questions.

  1. Have I clearly defined the project and why I’m doing it?
  2. Do I know who else on my team needs to be involved?
  3. What are the main obstacles I might encounter?
  4. When does this project need to be completed?
  5. What software or outside sources will I need to use?
  6. What is the budget?
  7. What are the action items around each step of the project?

Lucky #7 is the key question.

It was most likely easy to answer the first six. But when it comes to action – when it comes to the process and the plan – it’s easy to get stuck. The way around this is to break down the project into manageable tasks and set deadlines and action steps around each.

Looking to the very end of the project will only cause stress, overwhelm and confusion. Celebrating each mark on the giant line of success is the best way to stay motivated, clear and on track.

One of our major projects here at SSC for 2018 (you’ll hear about it soon) has already been in the process and planning stages for months. It’s been a team effort and we have been looking at every stride we make and taking the time to recognize the achievements. We are simply enjoying the ride!

If it’s time for that one project you just haven’t been able to make happen to finally come to life, let’s chat.

With a process and a plan – that project will soon become a new reality!

Did Your Plan Work?

I am a planner by nature. I come from a family of planners, list makers and in general, obsessive organizers.

I have moved many times over the years, hosted many family and friends for dinners, with up to 30 at the blink of an eye, and this time of year I am all over my personal/business plan for 2016.

Yes, I do a plan for my business and a financial plan and I’m happy to share with you how I strategize this. It starts with a family plan. I wish I could double bold that last sentence. 

I start to look at the year ahead by bringing out the big, paper wall calendar. Of course I use an online calendar too, but in working the start of my plan I use the big wall calendar and different color markers to really create the big picture for the year. I am literally seeing it all laid out before me.

I have done this since my kids were small and through all their years in school. It looks a bit different now as it did back then, but the concept behind it has remained the same. Family details go in first. Vacations, weddings, holiday events, our family reunion every Labor Day, etc. I block out my personal time first, because it’s my priority. 

Then I look to my business planning. I review my financial goals for 2016 and try to view my business objectively. For me that means, how many clients do I need to make my numbers? How does that fit into my life plan with time commitments, meetings and responsibilities? What programs will I offer? What worked last year and what do I want to add in or try this year? Does this all fit my brand for SSC? I build my business around what I want in my life. If it doesn’t work with my personal life, it doesn’t work, period.

I love holding this planning session with my team and my coach, because bringing in outside views help me see various perspectives and erase any tunnel vision I may be experiencing. Let’s be honest, we all have a little of that going on. My coach and team help me keep an open mind and creativity flows when we put our heads together. 

Make sure you block out time in your calendar for a couple of hours to do your calendar! I know that sounds funny, but seriously, if you plan on making the plan, you have committed to making it happen.

If you want to chat about your plan for 2016, check out the link below. I am in planning mode, my clients are in planning mode (in fact, I just held a workshop last week on this topic) and I want you in planning mode, too.

Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages, your strategy for putting together your 2016 plan. I love to learn from our community.

Cheers to your Success.

Ivy Slater