Can you answer these questions?

I have to get that marketing strategy completed.

I have to go to that networking event in the city.

I have to call that client back about their invoice.

I have to post more on social media.

I have to…


What? & Why?

Last week, I hosted a BSR and spent two fantastic days with business owners at all levels and stages of their careers.

Everyone felt really stuck in the work and what needed to get done. So we turned off that part of our brains for a moment and we talked about what is important to them and why it’s important. Two really simple questions.

I talked about buying a timeshare. Was I really buying a timeshare or was I buying a ski holiday with my family? You know the answer.

We buy ‘things’ but we actually buy time, experiences, happiness. My adult children love to ski with us, it’s something we really enjoy as a family and a trip we always plan.

In business, we work for ‘money’ but that’s not what we want. Money is just the energy of what we really want in our lives, what is important to us and in today’s currency model it is how we achieve it or purchase it.

What do you want and why do you want it?

I encourage you to create a list to make it really top of mind.

If you want to share your list with the SSC Community, please do so on the SSC Facebook page. And let’s support one another as we share. If you want to reach out and talk because your what and your why are not clear, I’m here. Schedule a chat right now.

Tips On Rebounding To Success


My mom had a hip replacement last week and because I’ve set up mySSC Minute - Tips On Rebounding To Success 3:1:2016)
business in a certain way, I was fortunate enough to take the time off to be there with her.

You won’t see a post surgery photo or me mentioning her age, because she’ll kill me. I’m being a smart daughter, here!

I watched my mom go through this surgery and then in 48 hours, get up and walk around her apartment, entertaining her friends that had stopped to visit. Her group of friends are ladies that are true go-getters. Inspiring and amazing.

I always learn something when I’m spending time with mom, like this Sunday. We were speaking with her nurse and therapist and the funny conversation below actually took place:

Therapist asked: “Where could you use therapy?”

Mom responds: “My shoulders.”

Therapist says: “I thought you had your hip replaced?”

Mom: “Yes…”

Therapist asks: “Why do you need therapy on your shoulders? What about your hip?”

Mom: “My hip was fixed, it’s great. I am walking, I am fine.”

Therapist: “Can you lift your arm above your head?”

Mom does so.

Therapist: “So you have movement?”

Mom: “Yes, it hurts but it doesn’t stop me.”

Are you like my mom, letting nothing stop you? 
Or have you let too many things stop you?

Can you rebound back?

Have you before?

Business is a journey. Life is a journey. Curve balls are thrown at you constantly and you have to be ready. Because when something stops you in your business, it goes stagnant and has a great impact in your life.

How are you navigating the journey in order to rebound when you have something holding you back?

A few tips I suggest:

  • Face it. Ignoring it only makes it fester, get bigger and stop you in a huge way!

  • Brainstorm. If you don’t have any great ideas on how to navigate it, talk it out with someone. I do this all the time. I am a verbal processor and I love to talk things through.

  • Take action. Stop worrying on what the “right” thing to do is, the most important thing is to do something! Action = results. If you have results, you can navigate the next step. If you aren’t loving the results from the action you took, you have the ability to do what I refer to is “course correct them.”

We had an extra day this week with Leap Year. I hope you make it count!

I’d love to have you weigh in on how you navigate rebounding to your success. Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn page



What Do You LOVE About Your Business

We celebrated Valentine’s Day this past weekend and I hope you had a lovely time with the loves in your life. I celebrated with my husband, Michael, at one of our favorite steakhouses in New York City. We had our son, Bryce, with us since he was home from college for the weekend and this made my day extra special.

I’m still in a hearts and flowers kind of mood and I thought I would share an exercise with you this week with a Valentine’s Day theme. Do each step before you read the next sentence to make this truly work for you.

Draw a heart and write all of the things you LOVE about your business inside of that heart.

Write all of the things you DON’T love about your business outside of that

Did you draw a big heart or a small heart? 

If it was big, go you! Confident you’d fill it up!

If it was small, why?

Did you feel like there wouldn’t be much to put inside?

What made you feel that way?

Now, look at what you wrote on the outside. 

Is there a way to make changes to those pieces so they can get inside your heart?

If so, are you ready to create a plan of action to do just that? Do you know where to start?

Some of the things outside of the heart cannot always go away.

Can they be delegated? How can you get them off your plate?

Are a lot of the things you wrote outside of the heart “busy work?” 

Do you feel like the things you don’t love are things you shouldn’t be doing anyway?

I bet many of you wrote down: writing copy, social media posts, answering emails, etc.

Do you feel like you have to do all of these things yourself? Why?

I bet many of you also wrote “my team” inside things you LOVE about your business. Right??

I know I did.

 Work with the amazing people around you to get that heart filled with more things you love.

I did this exercise myself and I wanted to share my results with you.

Inside My Heart

  • My Team
  • My Clients
  • Sales Calls
  • Retreats and Live Events
  • Speaking
  • Making Money
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Travel
  • Creating New Things in SSC
  • Planning Ahead

Outside My Heart

  • Overbooking My Days
  • Email Overload
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Finding Time in My Calendar
  • Details

I am starting to put action plans in place for everything on my outside list and I encourage you to do the same. First up, putting more time in the calendar for exercise and family and cleaning off my computer to clear old emails and junk!

Share your heart pictures with me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn page


Ivy Slater

Boy Did I Fight This!

One of my first clients asked me about six months into our coaching sessions if I wasdocumenting all our work so “I could write a book about it.” She said at the time “this is changing my career and my life.”

I blushed, laughed a bit and said, “I am not really much of a writer.”

Writing my weekly newsletter had not even started at this time. In fact, when I did start writing one, it would take me forever. I’m talking hours. How would I ever possibly write a book?

I was never a reader growing up and actually never really read a book I wasn’t required to read until spring break in college. So, the thought of sitting down and writing a book was daunting.

Although getting started was tough, once I did, I realized I had a lot to say.

A few things I knew I wanted to do and include:

  • I didn’t want to lecture people.

This wasn’t going to be “you must do this” and “now do this.” That is not how I work in real life.

  • I wanted my book to stay true to me, how I work and who I am.

I am interactive. I laugh and play. When I work with clients we think things through, take them apart and have a blast doing it. 

  • I wanted to look back at not only what I had done to build SSC, but the steps I took to build my printing business prior, Slater Graphics.

Building any business is a process, but the same core principles and ideas keep coming to the surface. I wanted to draw from two different experiences and industries. 

I thought back to that early client who asked me if I was going to write a book about our work together and thought about what she said. I realized I wanted to interview more of my clients to get their thoughts, perspectives and ideas to include in the book.

As a coach, what I do is not unique in this day and age. There are many of us. But, my approach is about connecting with my clients.

This is a key for many of you, and one of the many exercises I share in the book helps you look at what makes you different or unique in your industry.

“Conquer Your Fear of Money, A Woman’s Guide to Business Success” is not a book that talks at you or preaches. It is a join along workbook that you can work through on your own time, allowing the exercises I guide you through to make an impact on your business.

Speaking of making an impact, by overcoming my hesitancy, or truthfully, my FEAR of writing a book made a huge impact to me personally and for the business.

I guide my clients in navigating the uncomfortable activities they need to take to build their businesses. I have been in their shoes and have seen the success and feeling of accomplishment on the other side. I want them jumping into that next level with me.

Having this book out there gives people an opportunity to learn many of the tips and tools I use when working with my clients, as well as what I have done and do for my own business.

If you’d like to download my book free of charge, you can do that right here until January 25th. It is part of The Big Money Library Book Giveaway. Opt-in and check out the other titles available at no cost and build or add to your digital library.

Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn page, if you write weekly for your business, what your process is like. It will be a great asset to all of us in the SSC community.


Cheers to your Success.



First things first…Happy New Year!  Wishing the SSC Community a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2016.

Next, I want to congratulate the many people who have taken me up on the offer of jumping on the phone and discussing their plan for 2016. If you thought I was going to say business plan, think again, a business plan reflects your life plan.

I am really excited to speak to so many of you and I could not resist opening more slots in my calendar for the few of you who have not yet taken action. More details are below. Invest a few minutes of your day and work with me on what success in 2016 looks like for you.

I am sure you are ready for a big piece on Goal Setting and Planning for 2016, but you are going to have to wait for that one. There is something a bit more of a priority to cover at the first of the year. I want to start off 2016 talking about a key word: COMMUNICATION.

For me, Communication is a word that leads to Success.

Communication arises in all areas of business and life. For those of you who are saying this is not for me, I am a solopreneur, don’t stop now, read on!

I just came back from a weeklong family vacation. There were nine of us and we had a great time. We were sleeping everywhere: beds, couches, lounge chairs and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We were together and that was all that mattered.

We had a blast and communication was key to the laughter, the silliness, navigating travel issues like flight delays and missed connections, all happening during the most hectic time of the year.

How we communicate with one another surfaces in our team, our clients, sales calls, prospects, and networking associates.

Do you greet everyone with a smile, even when you are on the phone? Yes, this matters and makes a huge impact. If you are doing a get to know you call, a sales call, even calling the airline after a two hour delay, start with a smile on your face. It will immediately shift energy to a positive beginning.  When I spoke to the airline with a smile, we received 2 complimentary rooms for a night and credit for future airline travel.

When you are communicating, stop multitasking. If you think people do not feel your attention is not on them, think again. They know!

A large part of communication is asking for something. This is a place many of us fall short. We are shy or embarrassed to ask for things, we talk around a situation and expect someone to read between the lines. This happens in restaurants, stores, waiting in line, with your team, on sales calls. Listen to yourself and if you start asking for something with the verbiage, “Would you mind….” “If you don’t mind….” “If I can trouble  you…” STOP.  Come right out and ask.

Try “I would like… and then say, thank you!

While we focus on communication, I would like to remind everyone to focus on positive verbiage as well. I encourage you to listen to yourself and work on eliminating the following words: Want; Need; Try.

I ask you as part of the SSC Community to join me in committing to “I AM” for 2016.  If you have food, basic clothing, and shelter, you do not “need” anything else.

Join me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages and finish this sentence,  “In 2016 I AM…..”


12 Actions For An Awesome 2016

This week, work is winding down. Many are on vacation, traveling, getting

ready to host family celebrations, so I have a little gift for you to get you excited and keep you motivated these last few work days of the year.

I was listening to the “12 Days of Christmas” while driving to an appointment and I found myself humming along, but instead thinking about business. I quickly came up with 12 things you can do in the New Year to make 2016 one of the best.

  1. Join a networking group.

This can be your local chamber, a professional women’s group or even an online entrepreneur group. Any organization that gets you out and about with like-minded business owners.

  1. Write a consistent newsletter.

Or blog or email sequence, wherever you find yourself lacking. Set aside time in your calendar to do your writing each week. Or better yet, delegate the task to a copywriter or member of your team. As being part of your team and an experienced copy writer they have your voice down, your brand in a message.  I do a ton of my own writing and I have a great copywriter who supports me as well.

  1. Get your desk or office organized.

Clutter breeds chaos, so spend time getting those business cards into a digital system, throwing away the old “to do” lists or cleaning out your email inbox and desktop. This is a gret time of year to turn over your files, including your financial paper for the new year.

  1. Get a CRM system and put a plan in place to use it.

If you’ve let your client follow-up fall by the wayside this year, make sure next year you are reminded by your system to send an email or make a call. One less thing for you to think about.

  1. Get active on social media.

Created a business page on Facebook or a Twitter account months ago but haven’t made a post? Delegate this task to someone on your team or get yourself educated on the networks and start making posts a part of your regular marketing routine. If you are taking the action make sure it is scheduled on your calendar and use a timer to keep you on track… this is a time sink whole.

  1. Block out time for sales calls.

Go through each month and add in days and times for sales calls. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t scheduled yet. When the time comes to put them in, the dedicated slots will already be there.

  1. Expand your current team and delegate tasks.

Free yourself from some of the daily duties by giving more responsibility to your team. And think about the year ahead. If you need to add more staff, get them in place before you need them so they will be ready to go.

  1. Know your numbers and get familiar with them.

Look at your 2015 and use it to guide you in your 2016 planning. Know how much you spent, what worked and what didn’t work, what expenses look like, what you want to make, etc.

  1. Work with a coach or mentor and ask for support.

Hiring outside support and someone to get you out of your own way of thinking is one of the best gifts you can give yourself next year.  I have worked with my own coaches for years and attribute a large portion of my success to their objectivity and accountability.

  1. Schedule speaking engagements.

Look for upcoming opportunities and start getting your ideas together so when the event comes, you’re one step ahead of the curve.

  1. Live by the family first rule and make time for yourself.

Want to take that trip with your daughter? Want to spend that vacation weekend with the girls? Want to get a weekly manicure? Put in family plans and “me” time into your calendar for the entire year. Take care of YOU so you can take care of business.

  1. Celebrate the journey every day.

Every day brings new milestones and accomplishments. Remember to celebrate even the tiniest ones. Enjoy being a business owner, embrace each moment.

I wish you and yours a very Happy Holidays!

Cheers to your Success.


Wow, I did all of that?!


It’s that time of year when we find ourselves reflecting back on the year we’ve

had. If you remember last week, I told you about my big, wall calendar that I bring out to plan the year ahead. Well, I pulled out the calendar from 2015 and started to go over each month, each day, and look at the amazing and fantastic year I celebrated.

I held numerous webinars; hosted live events; spoke at a variety of networking events; traveled for work events, while adding in some family visits at the same time (combining personal and business in the best way possible);

hired new team members; worked with existing and new clients that make me love what I do every day; celebrated a milestone anniversary with my husband; took many glorious vacations; spent quality time with family during holidays and reunions; spent time with my mom cooking and shopping and just being girls; watched my kids grow into the super adults they are becoming; and SO MUCH MORE.

Even just this past weekend, the whole family was together to celebrate my husband’s birthday and we got these great photos.

Not one of my memories were bad ones. And I’m sure some things happened that weren’t that great, like technical glitches or travel fiascos or team issues. But I focused on the positive, the beautiful, the life changing memories, and the negative ones just melted away.

Celebrate what has gone right for you in 2015, both personally and professionally. I bet you’ll find that each month brought something to the table.

I suggest sitting down and going through your year, taking a moment to remember and rejoice in the successes. You’ll be in such a positive frame of mind, that it will be the perfect time to start your 2016 planning. If you need help with that, don’t hesitate to reach out! Email us at

Years tend to fly the older we get, and it’s tough to remember all the little details that made that year so grand. I know your business went through some changes, some good, some maybe not so good. Look at the good and see the difference in where you are now, to where you were last December. I guarantee you’ve made strides and accomplished goals you never dreamed.

I’m proud that I was part of your 2015 and I look forward to getting to know more and more about you as the years go on. Thank you for reading, responding and giving me feedback and suggestions. Your voices and your words bring me so much joy.

Please tell me your biggest accomplishments of 2015 on the  SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages and let’s celebrate them together!

Cheers to your Success.


Did Your Plan Work?

I am a planner by nature. I come from a family of planners, list makers and in general, obsessive organizers.

I have moved many times over the years, hosted many family and friends for dinners, with up to 30 at the blink of an eye, and this time of year I am all over my personal/business plan for 2016.

Yes, I do a plan for my business and a financial plan and I’m happy to share with you how I strategize this. It starts with a family plan. I wish I could double bold that last sentence. 

I start to look at the year ahead by bringing out the big, paper wall calendar. Of course I use an online calendar too, but in working the start of my plan I use the big wall calendar and different color markers to really create the big picture for the year. I am literally seeing it all laid out before me.

I have done this since my kids were small and through all their years in school. It looks a bit different now as it did back then, but the concept behind it has remained the same. Family details go in first. Vacations, weddings, holiday events, our family reunion every Labor Day, etc. I block out my personal time first, because it’s my priority. 

Then I look to my business planning. I review my financial goals for 2016 and try to view my business objectively. For me that means, how many clients do I need to make my numbers? How does that fit into my life plan with time commitments, meetings and responsibilities? What programs will I offer? What worked last year and what do I want to add in or try this year? Does this all fit my brand for SSC? I build my business around what I want in my life. If it doesn’t work with my personal life, it doesn’t work, period.

I love holding this planning session with my team and my coach, because bringing in outside views help me see various perspectives and erase any tunnel vision I may be experiencing. Let’s be honest, we all have a little of that going on. My coach and team help me keep an open mind and creativity flows when we put our heads together. 

Make sure you block out time in your calendar for a couple of hours to do your calendar! I know that sounds funny, but seriously, if you plan on making the plan, you have committed to making it happen.

If you want to chat about your plan for 2016, check out the link below. I am in planning mode, my clients are in planning mode (in fact, I just held a workshop last week on this topic) and I want you in planning mode, too.

Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages, your strategy for putting together your 2016 plan. I love to learn from our community.

Cheers to your Success.

Ivy Slater

My holiday table brought me a special gift

As I was sitting down for Thanksgiving dinner with my family this year, I took a moment to look around at every person at the table. Sure, I’ve held many holidays with my family, but as I get older and my children grow, I’ve really found myself reflecting more and more.

Each person at that table is an important part of my life, each one a part of my heart, each one someone I am truly thankful for knowing. I couldn’t stop smiling. Here we were, gathered together despite location or job responsibility for one special day. I wish I could be seated at dinner every night with my family by my side and I felt so much gratitude and love in those moments together, it was truly the best gift I could ever receive.

 I’m thankful for so much in my life. I am thankful for my wonderful husband, my beautiful children, my lovely family, my dear friends, my talented team, my dedicated clients, my loyal readers, my fierce supporters and everyone who has played a part in my journey.

Too often, we find ourselves dwelling on the negative things happening in our lives, instead of the positive. It’s easy to get irritated or lose our tempers because something isn’t going our way. I’m just as guilty as anyone. But sitting at that table, I couldn’t feel anything but joy.

Surrounding yourself with those you love and not letting worry consume you is the best way to bring energy and peace to your life. Work will still be there tomorrow. The issue you thought was so large might be something you laugh about in a week. Things tend to work out. Stop stressing and focus on action, stop thinking of the things you can’t do and focus on what you can do.

Our days are stressed, our worries are many, our fears are forefront. I get that. I understand it and I feel it, too. But if we could try to bottle up some of that joy we feel during holiday or family celebrations and open it up when we need it most, wouldn’t our days be so much easier?

– Focus on everything that is good in your life right now.

– Take a deep breath when you need it and tell yourself it will be alright.

– Lean on those around you and trust in their support.

– Take a break anytime you need it and don’t feel guilty about it later.

– Spend extra time with family and friends and make memories to last forever.

All of those things will help you create a stronger business and a better life.

No matter what upcoming holiday you will be celebrating one thing is certain: times like these are the ones we remember, the ones we cherish, the ones we treasure and the ones that make life so grand.

Thank you for being a part of my network, for motivating me to continue on my path, for inspiring me with your stories. Tell me about your favorite holiday tradition over on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages. Until next week!

Cheers to your Success.


Recognize Your Uniqueness, It Helps Close Deals, Here’s Why…

Here at the retreat, we have been talking about the many different remakes of the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by the British rock band, Queen.

It’s a beloved song and each musical artist brings their own unique style to the table when they sing it. Here’s just a few examples:


Elton John + Queen + Axl Rose

Adam Lambert + Queen 

Kanye West


The list goes on and on. Yes, it’s the same song, the same melody, but a truly different sound from one voice to the next.

It’s the same thing when it comes to business. There are many life coaches, nutritionists, business coaches, lawyers, photographers…but each one brings their own style, their own voice to their work.

Recognize what sets you apart, what makes people stand up and say they want to work with you. That is your selling point. That is what will get people to sign on the dotted line. You are a business coach because____________. You are a photographer because_____________.

No one will fill out the blank exactly the same as the person before them. We started our businesses because we had a passion, a story, an experience. We wanted to bring our gift to the world and we had a message to share. That message and how we share it is unique to us, even if the umbrella of what we do is similar.

When Adele comes on the radio, we know. When Ed Sheeran comes on the radio, we know. Just a few examples of voices that are unique, recognizable, powerful and make us feel a certain way.

You have a voice in this world, a unique viewpoint, special experiences, amazing stories of where you came from and how you got to where you are, and your clients will connect with you on a deep and personal level when you show that side of yourself. Be open and honest. Be you.

Use your silly quirks to your advantage. Use your signature style to stand out. Use your sense of humor to win over a room. Whatever the case may be, create a demand for yourself because of who you are. And believe me, you are something special!

What makes you stand out? Tell me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages.

Cheers to your Success.