Our Big Announcement Is HERE!

We are starting a PODCAST! I’m thrilled to type that sentence. It’s been a behind the scenes secret for many months and a dream for many years.

The final ‘P’ in our series is not only for podcast, but also procrastination.

I let so many factors stop me from bringing this podcast to light and I’m calling myself out.

Two years ago, I took a class and they discussed the power of podcasts. I was so excited and so eager to see if this might work for SSC and then…I never took action.

It sat on our weekly team agenda, it was pushed to the back burner, would come to the front burner, get pushed back again. It was never the right time. UNTIL NOW.

Procrastination no more!

I stopped worrying about how much work it would be, or what equipment I would need or who the guests would be, and I thought, what CAN we do?

And we started taking little steps here and there and we didn’t rush the process. We were consistent in our actions, smart in our decisions and confident in our end result.

With the help and support of my team and some of my introductory guests, The Her Success Story Podcast officially launches this quarter. I’m interviewing gutsy business women about their success journey. Their stories are powerful, their messages are inspiring and their businesses are booming.

Celebrating women has always been a huge part of SSC. The tenacity and spirit of women amazes me. My guests come from all different backgrounds and each of their paths to success have been filled with challenges and defining moments.
I’m so happy to share this news and I can’t wait for you to listen in!

Stop, Analyze, Adjust

Wow, a week ago today I was holding my third annual SSC Live event. I can’t
believe how fast time flies.

It’s hard to believe we’ve done this three times and even harder to believe it’s already behind me for 2016.Ivy Slater Slater Success Coaching.com

This past weekend, I spent some time reflecting on the event, as well as the process that went into the planning and execution.

I did an analysis of the expenses, pre-planned budgets, team, support and all the other details that went into producing a large scale event. The notes I have from that analysis ensure that 2017 will be better, bigger and even more successful. I’m already excited!

When you think about it, how often do you really stop and break down the steps you are taking in your business? I know I do.

I am always encouraging you to move forward to take that next step and in order to do that, the steps before that have to be firmly planted.

  • Stop

  • Analyze

  • Decide what’s working and making you happy

  • Decide what’s not working and making you crazy

  • Adjust

One of the exercises we did at SSC Live was to look at who we need to be and how we will show up to accomplish the goals we set out for ourselves.

In producing SSC Live, there were tons of decisions to make. There were people to manage, details to decide on, content to write, people to talk to, invites to send, follow-up to do (happening right now) and there are steps within each of those action items. Who am I, how am I showing up as the CEO and as the leader, as a team member?

My team is a big help, but I’m a part of every aspect of my business, because it’s important to know exactly who is working on what and how I can support that work.

How are you running your business?

Are you reflecting and learning from those reflections?

Are you making adjustments as you move forward? 

Are you aware of how to show up as a business owner?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re solo or have a huge team, you must raise your level of awareness on how you show up daily to accomplish your goals and what steps will get you there.

Pay attention to details and always be ready to jump into all the roles in your business.

Reflect on something that has happened in your business recently. A launch, a webinar, an event…
Then head on over to the SSC Facebook Page and/or LinkedIn page. and share your biggest takeaway from that reflection.


It’s My Birthday! But I Want You To Celebrate!

Today I turn 54! Although my business is over eight years old, the first four years I struggled.

I kept following ideas from various places, instead of my own ideas.

Coaching school gives you guidance and was excellent at educating me as a coach, but not at running a business.

I thought since I had ran a successful 7-figure printing business previously, that I would be able to jump right in. It didn’t work.

I remember celebrating my 50th birthday and there was a lot to celebrate that year. I made the awesome choice to hire a bossy, pushy, strong coach who did not put up with my excuses and pushed me past my fears.

At 50, I invested what seemed like a ton of money at the time, realizing it was all or nothing.

I was celebrating a milestone birthday and a turning point in my business. I was either going to make it work or move on to something else.

Four years later and there is even more to celebrate this year of 54!

  • I have built a strong multiple 6-figure coaching business that changes people’s businesses, and more importantly, their lives.  

Just the other day a client was sharing with me that her daughter, who lives across the country, was going to get married in a civil ceremony and the celebration would happen a bit later. Her daughter was going to Skype her in, along with other family members. This didn’t sit right with my client and she realized she didn’t have to be on Skype, she could BE THERE. She has built a successful business with clients coast to coast and she has the flexibility and income to say, “I’m doing this for my daughter, I’ll be there. I’ll surprise her!”

  • I’ve built a flexible business that fits into my life. 

I celebrated my birthday this weekend surrounded by family. We went to the theater and out for a great meal and conversation. I love being around the people I love, as much as I can. 

I’m also taking a fabulous trip in the next couple of months, details to come, and that’s because I don’t let my business activities determine my calendar. I plan my calendar to include every important part of my family AND business life. 

It may be my birthday, but let’s share the day. Get out and celebrate! Celebrate every step of the way. Your business has grown, changed and evolved and you have become stronger, wiser and smarter.

Play Big. 
Celebrate Big

Live Big.

Share with me on the  SSC Facebook Page and/or LinkedIn page how you will do just that!




Cookin’ Up A Business

Over the weekend I was cooking my great aunt’s Date Nut Bread. Making a recipe from a family member, especially a recipe that has been passed down and has been a staple in the family, always feels quite special to me.

It’s as if I was given a secret. Given a part of a past generation, given the opportunity to continue a tradition for years to come. It’s a great responsibility and an honor.

I was following along the recipe, adding layers and layers of ingredients, when I realized that cooking is a lot like building a business.So many layers that must fit together to create something wonderful.

 I was boiling the dates on the stove, measuring out the dry ingredients into a bowl, preparing the wet ingredients, and then combining it all into old-fashioned coffee cans.

Each layer was such an integral part of that recipe. And I started thinking about the three layers that really make up a business.

– Marketing

– Sales

– Money

A short list, right? Easy recipe, yes? Not exactly. Just like a pinch of salt could mean a variety of things to different people, those three ingredients must go into your business recipe to satisfy your tastes. Just like any recipe, it won’t please everyone. Not every Date Nut Bread suits all, but if it’s the right fit for you, you’ll find clients that want to join your table.

 Marketing and Sales make up the bulk of the recipe, the foundation for everything. The wrong consistency can spell disaster. You need a lot of mixing (networking); secret ingredients (creativity); tried and true baking methods (follow-up); and a great presentation (innovation and idea execution).

Money is the spice, in my opinion. Spices are very important, so know which ones taste right, just as you need to know the numbers in your business. I have said many times that money is not the end goal in your business, it’s just an energy source to get you to the places you want to be in your life. Spices add a lot of flavor to your dish, make them that much sweeter. And that is exactly what money does in your business. It gives you that added sweetness so you can pay off that debt, or take that vacation, or build that house.

So if you find yourself cookin’ up a business in the near future, take your time. Don’t rush. Pre-heat that oven, get your ingredients together, and then bake away!

Do you have a favorite family recipe? Share it with me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn page! And also tell me what ingredient(s) you are struggling with in your business: marketing, sales or money? 

Get caught up on last week’s SSC Minute Video!

Cheers to your Success.