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Success means different things to different people

This year at SSC Live, It’s all about creating YOUR Business Success.

The actions YOU need to take in order to live the lifestyle YOU desire and make the income YOU want. This day is for you.

I want to pay for my daughter’s college education.

I want a flexible schedule.

I want to take three vacations every year.

I want to make additional income to support my family.

I want to do what I love, live my passion, as a job, not a hobby.

What do YOU want?


Let’s turn it from a WHY into a REALITY at SSC Live.

A few questions…

Do you know your projected revenue for this year?
Current numbers and challenges?

Plans for the next quarter? Beyond?

These items not on your calendar, or even your radar, yet?

Don’t have a calendar or a plan at all? It’s OK.


Let’s create a plan that that works for YOU
and achieves YOUR goals at SSC Live.

We will work together during an entire day-session using my proven and beloved SSC Live workbook to get what’s in YOUR head on paper.

and-i-canI get it.

My head was a mess when I started SSC in 2008 and I was stuck making no more than $30K for almost three years. Then I invested in a coach and I changed the entire way I thought about my business. I will share with you the exact same steps I took, and the ones I take daily, to make a multiple, six-figure income and live a flexible and fun lifestyle.

Join me LIVE at my Slater Success Live event on May 17, 2016 in New York City.


After SSC Live… I now stand strong in my role as CEO with public speaking. 

~ Suzanne

During our day together we will focus on four very important parts of your business.

Money, Marketing, Sales, and Mindset
that pulls this all together.


Money isn’t the goal. It’s the energy source that gets you to your goals. Once you understand that, you’re solid. I will walk you through this. (Knowing your numbers is going to change your entire life. I’ll share my secrets.)


It’s not just running a Facebook ad or sending out an email blast. It’s strategy, backed up with action plans. Once you get that, your content will improve and your message will be clear and impactful. I’ll help you craft this. (Your story is the key. I’ll tell you why your life experiences make for awesome copy.)


Sales isn’t about selling. It’s about providing solutions. Once you embrace that, you’ll close more deals than you ever thought possible. (Learn the one thing you aren’t doing enough that is costing you a ton of money in potential sales.)


If you don’t have success on the brain, you won’t be successful. Stop fearing it. There are no such things as failing or mistakes. When you succeed, you’ll celebrate. You have to be taking consistent action. Every single day. (Learn how I changed my mindset after attending an event with my coach and having a breakdown.)


lisa zimmercolan2After SSC Live… I implemented a speedometer, Ivy’s monthly money tracking system, and am now reaching monthly goals.

~ Lisa

Simple steps lead to happiness, and step one is attending SSC Live

Leah Lakins


After SSC Live…“I formed powerful connections and received practical advice for building my business.”

~ Leah

During this event we will:

  • Cover the four hot topics above in detail
  • Explore creativity in our business and how to use it as we grow
  • Use structure, along with creativity, to create action plans that work
  • Learn success activities that I use myself to increase revenue
  • Have FUN

You should attend this event if:

  • You’ve been frustrated and emotions are running high
  • You’ve lost productivity due to those emotions
  • You need a partner, you need to network, you need a community of like-minded business owners on your team
  • You need to feel validated in your business, you need reassurance that you can do this, and I KNOW that you can


After SSC Live… I learned how to speak in front of a group (without a script).

~ Amy

Register now. Spots are limited and they fill up fast.
See you on May 17th


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