It’s time to Party! Have you celebrated YOU? (The ‘P’ Series)

This week’s ‘P’ is PARTY. Holidays have been going strong all month. And the New Year is right around the corner. As women, we tend to find ourselves running around taking care of everything at this time of the year.

We are decorating and wrapping and cooking and making travel plans. Yes, all fun activities, but we also should be celebrating and having a little party.

You have done so much this year. I know you have. Both professionally and personally. Sit down right now and just make a list. Then read it over, put on some music and dance or sing or run around the room and just relish in your success.

My list this year:

1) Entered a new realm with SSC to work with women leaders in corporate, along with entrepreneurs.

2) Did speaking engagements all around the U.S. and made many new connections.

3) Started the process of rebranding and building a new website to launch in 2018.

4) Began work with my team on a secret project that I’ll be unveiling in a few short weeks.

5) Spent family time with my mom, husband and kids and made lasting memories. I am still smiling.

6) Took trips and vacations and ate at amazing restaurants. I love good food and travel.

7) Exercised, did yoga, danced whenever possible and started a new exercise routine that includes boxing 3 times per week. It helps me keep up with the good food.

8) Learned SO MUCH! From my coach, mentors and support network.

What does your list look like?

I challenge you to post it on the SSC Facebook page so we can party together.

The year is ending, which means before you start working on 2018, party. Enjoy these times with family and friends. Indulge. Eat well. Be merry. Laugh. Forget about responsibility and simply BE.

Have so much fun! I know I will.

I wish you an amazing New Year’s Eve and start to 2018.