I’m calling you out

You said you were going to grow your revenue by 40%…

You said your company was going to expand to a new location…

You said you’d hire three new members to the sales team…

Did you do it?

I’m calling you out, in a good way. Holding people accountable to their words, gets them to their dreams.

We hear the word ‘strategic plan’ all the time. But what about ‘actionable steps?’ This is where we tend to get stopped, tripped up and the steps end up on the to do list, and not getting done.

Planning is great. Now, how do you break it down to executable actions? The answer might lie in working with a coach or a mentor.

In my business, I coach around the plan and through the strategy. I help my clients create a plan, but I also help them adapt, take action and achieve one. I was talking with a CEO during my time away this past week, and she was so busy working on the vision, the plan was being delayed and the action was stagnant.
Day-to-day business is ever-changing. Deadlines, schedules, finances, emails, client relations, team members. It’s tough enough to handle the everyday than think about the someday.

But that someday could be right around the corner. The greatest thing about building a business is the creative ideas that disrupt the regular schedule. YES, I am saying I welcome disruption. If you are scratching your head, understand disruption is where creativity sits. In the creativity is where you break through the common things of day to day business and own uniqueness, that sets you apart in the market place.
If creative ideas are floating around in your organization, now is the time to embrace them. We’re coming up on a new year, possibilities are endless.

Think about the planning process and where it needs a push. Then do it!

If you need to hire a consultant, do it.

If you need to hire more team members, do it.

I had a plan many years ago to start a coaching business. With no experience in the field and no clue where to start, the first thing I did was create a strategic plan. And I broke that plan down into steps, which I took, day by day, month by month, year by year to create a multi-six figure business. We are about to approach our 10th year in business in January, and I am living the life I created for myself filled with clients I adore, travel that brings me to the west coast where my son lives and a ton of JOY!

I’ve lived it and I now I teach it.

If your organization is ready to talk about growth and plans for 2018, get on my calendar.