I want to be friends with Barbara (again)

A few weeks ago I wrote a post titled,”I want to be friends with Barbara,” and as I wrote this one, I realized I could use the exact same title.

This time in our summer series of women leaders, it’s Barbara Walters.
Barbara’s father was a booking agent and she was surrounded by famous people from a very young age, which made it easier for her to feel comfortable and not as star struck around them.

The family moved around often from Massachusetts to New York to Florida and back again. Barbara graduated from Sarah Lawrence and began her career at an advertising agency.

She got into television, first as a writer and producer and found herself at NBC’s Today Show in 1961 working as a writer and researcher. She worked her way up, becoming a “Today Girl” and then eventually becoming the first female co-host. This was 1974! A women covering hard hitting news stories was not as common as it is today. Barbara set the stage for many women.

You hear the name Barbara Walters and maybe it’s her 10 Most Fascinating People special that comes to mind. A special that ran from 1993-2015, and featured world leaders, celebrities, entrepreneurs and many other names that had us glued to our television screens.

Or maybe it’s her work on The View, which she co-created, co-produced and co-hosted.

Maybe you’ve read her book, “How To Talk With Practically Anybody About Practically Anything,” originally published in 1970. That book has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide and has even been translated into six different languages.

Or maybe it’s those classic SNL skits, when the amazing Gilda Radner portrayed Barbara. You know you’ve made it and are loved when you make SNL!

Barbara has moderated presidential debates, she has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and she has won Daytime and Primetime Emmy awards, just to name a few of her accomplishments.

To me, Barbara’s story teaches us to keep going and keep dreaming and keep working and keep changing the world.

She began her career in a male-dominated industry and made a name for herself by having a strong work ethic, confidence and belief in her value and her talents. Wow, in the work I have done with women over the past 10 years, our biggest struggle is owning our value and believing in ourselves. We women need leaders just like Barbara to model after. The more I follow her, the more I am inspired by her.

I found this quote that I had to share…

“ One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time.” – Barbara Walters

Keep walking on your path. Celebrate each milestone. You are doing great things. If you want to talk about your next big step, feel free to reach out to support@slatersuccesscoaching.com