I want to be friends with Barbara (again)

A few weeks ago I wrote a post titled,”I want to be friends with Barbara,” and as I wrote this one, I realized I could use the exact same title.

This time in our summer series of women leaders, it’s Barbara Walters.
Barbara’s father was a booking agent and she was surrounded by famous people from a very young age, which made it easier for her to feel comfortable and not as star struck around them.

The family moved around often from Massachusetts to New York to Florida and back again. Barbara graduated from Sarah Lawrence and began her career at an advertising agency.

She got into television, first as a writer and producer and found herself at NBC’s Today Show in 1961 working as a writer and researcher. She worked her way up, becoming a “Today Girl” and then eventually becoming the first female co-host. This was 1974! A women covering hard hitting news stories was not as common as it is today. Barbara set the stage for many women.

You hear the name Barbara Walters and maybe it’s her 10 Most Fascinating People special that comes to mind. A special that ran from 1993-2015, and featured world leaders, celebrities, entrepreneurs and many other names that had us glued to our television screens.

Or maybe it’s her work on The View, which she co-created, co-produced and co-hosted.

Maybe you’ve read her book, “How To Talk With Practically Anybody About Practically Anything,” originally published in 1970. That book has sold hundreds of thousands of copies worldwide and has even been translated into six different languages.

Or maybe it’s those classic SNL skits, when the amazing Gilda Radner portrayed Barbara. You know you’ve made it and are loved when you make SNL!

Barbara has moderated presidential debates, she has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and she has won Daytime and Primetime Emmy awards, just to name a few of her accomplishments.

To me, Barbara’s story teaches us to keep going and keep dreaming and keep working and keep changing the world.

She began her career in a male-dominated industry and made a name for herself by having a strong work ethic, confidence and belief in her value and her talents. Wow, in the work I have done with women over the past 10 years, our biggest struggle is owning our value and believing in ourselves. We women need leaders just like Barbara to model after. The more I follow her, the more I am inspired by her.

I found this quote that I had to share…

“ One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time.” – Barbara Walters

Keep walking on your path. Celebrate each milestone. You are doing great things. If you want to talk about your next big step, feel free to reach out to support@slatersuccesscoaching.com

Brisket and cake and storage boxes, oh my!

I almost didn’t get this blog written this week and it’s been years since that’s happened.

The last few days have been packed with action and lessons and I’m happy to share.

We celebrated the holiday, my birthday and I moved to a new office. I could have closed my business down for the entire week and taken a ‘vacation’ to get everything done. Instead, I stepped up, as I’m used to doing from my years raising young children and running a business, and I followed my secrets for simply making things happen.

I typed them out for you:

  1. Organize the things you MUST get done. My priorities were cooking brisket for 30 people; having birthday lunch with my mom and sister followed by birthday dinner with my family; cleaning out my old office space and creating storage for old files that weren’t coming with me to the new office; packing up and actually moving into the new space; and touching base with a few clients.
  2. Break it down by day and by time slot. My calendar is my life line. It’s an enormous help. Stick to your schedule.
  3. Bring in support! My support team from SSC, my husband, my family, everyone pitched in!
  4. Don’t stress. The second you start stressing out is the moment you lose momentum and stop being productive. And don’t surround yourself with people who stress you out or their stress will affect your mood.

How did it all work out for me? Great! The holiday was fantastic and the food was excellent. There were enough leftovers for the youngsters to take home and my birthday was filled with fun, love and celebration.

The move was efficient. My husband even said, “Wow, that was easy!”

Clients were warm and thoughtful and sent birthday wishes and I even got some coaching calls in!

It was a week of action, but it was also a week of family and celebration, the best kind!

A little celebration bonus was when we had the new office set for Monday morning, Danielle and I treated ourselves to fresh manicures.

I’ve spent 25 years incorporating a business into a life that also includes family and social events. I show up everyday in what I can do and by recognizing my priorities, I can have my cake and eat it, too! (little birthday humor).

What are some of your best tips in prioritizing your business career and life? Share with me on the SSC FB or LinkedIn page.

It Works Every Time

Yesterday we celebrated President’s Day.

The day reminded me of the act of giving. Being a person that works in service to others. Such an important and needed trait in the act of sales.

I know that sounds strange. Asking and giving don’t seem like they relate, but they really do.

When we give, we receive.

You can find various books discussing this very concept, including my favorite, “The Go-Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

It’s a practice I’ve believed in and used throughout my entire business career, in different positions, roles and times in the world, and it’s never failed me.

I invite you to think about the times in your career that you were of service to others and what that brought back to you in return.

That time you mentored a young person in business, just starting out, and years later they came back to you with a thank you and an opportunity.

That time you attended an event with a friend and met someone that changed the course of your business life.

That time you held a free workshop and was asked to attend an even larger one months later that netted you a huge revenue increase.

We have choices every day. One of the best choices we can make is to give of ourselves. Help wherever we can. Share our talents.

I’d love to know if you’ve found yourself in a situation where giving turned into sales. Share with me on the SSC Facebook or LinkedIn page.

If you want to discuss this further, reach out anytime tosupport@slatersuccesscoaching.com

Make a difference in your financial plan

No newsletter this week. Instead, I’m inviting you to make a difference in your financial plan.
This video explains it all. It’s worth the three minutes to watch it. It can change everything.
Don’t miss out.

Watch the video here.


Watch and let me know your #1 takeaway on the SSC Facebook page.

Cheers to your Success,


My “A” team, My Mom

This past weekend we celebrated some wonderful events in my family. A wedding and my Mom’s birthday. InterestinglyIMG_6090 enough, I was at a meeting last week and when a comment came up of who is on my “A” team, I realized my mom made the list.

An “A” team is key people in your business that you go to to discuss new ideas, help navigate

a problem or situation, run strategy across, or help you think outside the box.

I use my “A” team…

~ when I develop new business ideas and need to know if they bring value

~ when I’m unsure if an idea is good or it’s derailing me from my primary objective

~ as a resource when I make a big decision and want to run pros and cons to evaluate

my best course of action

~when I can’t get out of my own way

~when I want to brainstorm

The list goes on and on.

The important question is do you have an “A” team and are you using it?

Let’s circle back and I’ll explain why my mom is on my “A” team and tell you who else makes the list.

My mom was a business owner and manager and is a great numbers person. In her retirement, she did all my bookkeeping and accounting in my printing business to keep busy. She knows how to look at the numbers in a business and look at a strategy. She also comes with X years of experience in life. I am a smart daughter who is not going to share what birthday she just celebrated.

She is on my “A” team because I frankly got tired of going outside and looking for input, sharing it with her and then her saying to me, “Yes, Ivy, I told you that several months ago, glad you decided to listen.”

The rest of my “A” team consists of my coach and a couple of key colleagues who we have been in the journey of building our businesses together for the last several years. If you call 5 to 15 years several.

To develop your “A” team look for people who are objective, non-judgmental and have your best interests at heart for your business.  

I like my “A” team to be


~have a heart

~know and respect giving me straightforward and honest answer

~know and understand my short and long term goals

~be the ones I can reach out to and when I communicate my exact needs they respect them and respond promptly based on the importance and the time frame of the question

To gather your “A” team, look for a great colleague, coach, leader, mentor and/ or mom – whomever fits!

Share your “A” team with me on FB or LinkedIn. If you are unclear about who belongs on your “A” team and want some feedback or strategy around it, reach out to support@slatersuccesscoaching.com.

P.S. Wanted to share a recent podcast I did on Smashing the Plateau with David Shriner-Cahn! I talk about believing in your goals, overcoming self-doubt, the importance of team and so much more!

Listen in and let me know your #1 takeaway. http://www.tendstrategicpartners.com/episode-214/

Cheers to your Success,


Are you tired of making just enough?

I met a client a few years ago that wanted help building her business, and only had one client when we got started. This meant money was extremely tight. She was the main supporter of her family, including two teenagers, and she came to me with the goal of adding two more clients, so she and her family would be “fine.”

I have to say, I hated that word. I didn’t want her to be fine. I wanted her to be more than fine. I wanted her to be fantastic. I wanted her crushing revenue goals, not just accepting what was “fine.” Not just making enough, making more than enough. And making it consistently.

We began working together and not only did she secure her new clients, garnering her around $5,000 a month, she doubled that to $10,000 a month because she took consistent action. We expanded the back-end of her business (team/support) and that enabled the growth of the front-end. The eye was on profitability, customer service and sales.

I asked her about our initial conversation and the client goal that we far surpassed. I said, “We aren’t done yet, are we??” And of course, it was a resounding, “NO! We’ve only just begun,” from her.

Consistent income is not a dream. It’s what I help my clients do every single day. I’ve developed The 5 Day Master Your Business Challenge: Create consistent income. Crush revenue goals. Celebrate cash flow.


And you can opt-in for FREE, right here. The challenge runs from September 26 – September 30.

Watch short, five minute videos from me during the challenge, complete accompanying worksheets and at the end of five days you have more knowledge, more power, more plans and actual action steps. You have the tools to make enough and beyond.

There’s even a private Facebook community for you and other challenge members that I will personally visit every day, answering questions and sharing guidance.

Opt-in now. You can learn a lot in five days. You can change your life in five days. You will be one step closer to living your dream in just five days. Don’t miss this.

Cheers to your Success,



Get SMART this quarter…

I hope you took some time off this holiday weekend to relax and unwind. I spent the weekend hosting a IMG_6040 2family reunion and it was fantastic.

You set goals in January. How do they look right now? Did you make adjustments to get those goals accomplished? Or are you still struggling? Be SMART this fourth quarter.

S if for Specific. Being specific in your goals is a key component in achieving them. Don’t say  “I want to make a lot of money.” Say, “I want three more clients, this quarter, that net me $5,000 a month in income.” It’s a lot easier to create action around a goal if it’s extremely specific. Vague goals equal confusion and lack of motivation.

M is for Measureable. “If I get three more clients to net me an additional $5,000 a month in income, I can pay off my debt in 2 years.” Make sure the goal is getting you to a place you want to be, like debt-free or paying for your child’s tuition and that you can track the goal.

A is for Achievable. “I can get three more clients to net me $5,000 a month, because I have three speaking engagements, two launches and an affiliate list building opportunity this quarter.” If you set yourself up with plans to actually achieve the goal, you create a roadmap to getting there. Where are you showing up? Where are you speaking? What’s the funnel to success?

R is for Realistic. “I can handle these additional clients, because I have a team in place to support me and I want the growth.” Make sure the goal you are setting is realistic and one that you genuinely want. If you can’t handle additional workload, due to stress and time, getting support should be the goal, before getting more clients.

T is for Timeframe. “Marketing deadlines are in place, team is ready to help, action plans are in process.” Set the timeframe for the fourth quarter and make everything happen by calendaring it out.

I’m currently looking at my revenue goals and working with my team to create a strategy and plan for the rest of the year. We have a call every week to go over marketing, content, networking, speaking, etc. We are always talking ACTION. What has to happen next?
If you need help, or just want to talk, please reach out to support@slatersuccesscoaching.com.

Here’s my little secret…

If you know me, you probably think I’m an extrovert. I come across as Here’s my little secret... Ivy Slater Slater Success Coachingoutgoing and confident. At least I hope you think I am, I work really hard at it, so here is my little secret…I’m just as nervous/scared/anxious/ as you when I meet new people.

When I walk into a room full of strangers, I don’t find it particularly easy to strike up a conversation. Once I’m in a conversation, I’m fine, but I’ve never been a person that found mingling very natural.

I have friends that are super natural at this and I’m quite jealous!

They walk into a party or a networking event and just slide right into a circle of people, introducing themselves and fitting in.

I’m more awkward. I look for people that seem nervous, too, and tend to gravitate toward them. I’ve shared this tip with you before, there is always someone MORE nervous than you.

Find that person! My goal in this moment is to make them feel comfortable and welcome, this takes the emphasis off of me and I know I am there to help someone else.

I take all my anxiety and nervousness and put that energy into learning about the person I’m meeting. I listen a lot more than I talk and that has helped me find more clients and make more sales than any other marketing technique.

The conversation is bigger than the close.

I don’t go into a conversation thinking about a sale. I go into a conversation thinking about a conversation.

We are all humans. We all have things in common. Whether it’s our kids, a favorite TV show, music we love, an illness in our lives, our passion. There is always something to talk about. If a conversation turns to sales, GREAT. I can turn on that switch in an instant. But if you go into a conversation with that switch already on, you lose the genuine connection.

I’ve met hundreds of people that never turned into clients. But the conversations I had with them turned into much more. Some of them became mentors, friends, people who sent referrals my way, or even became members of my own team.

The conversation is bigger than the close.

The best way to grow your business is to have more conversations. Friendly conversations, conversations that make you think, conversations that make you happy/scared/excited. Have them and learn from them.

The conversation is bigger than the close.
If you want to have a conversation with me, get on my calendar. I want to learn about you and your business. I don’t want to sell you. If what I have to offer can help, we can talk about it. If not, it’s just one more conversation on our path to growth. Until next week!

I’ll admit it…

I’ll admit it.IMG_4136

I do it all the time.

I can’t help it.

I have a feeling you do, too.

What is it?

I make purchases based on emotions.

There, I said it. I’m not afraid to admit that when I open my door to a girl scout with a box of cookies and I’m a.) hungry and b.) impressed by her dedication and c.) did I mention hungry?…

I buy.

She makes a sale and before I know it, I’ve eaten an entire box of Thin Mints before lunch. And I’m not sorry!

This emotional purchase game is the same whether it’s picking up dinner for the family because you know it will make their day or buying a shirt for a friend because the saying on it was “so her.” Sometimes the price tag isn’t the ultimate consideration. It’s the feelings and emotions surrounding the purchase.

I bought a pair of shoes once and actually cried because I couldn’t wait to wear them. It’s silly to think that a purchase could elicit tears, but it’s not just a purchase. It’s tied to something bigger.

I was wearing those shoes for a major life event and they were more than just shoes in that moment. They were THE shoes.

These feelings can teach us about sales in our own business. We want people to feel a real connection when they purchase from us. We want them to feel their lives will change once they work with us. We want them to feel happy, excited, eager, ready. We want emotion to be a HUGE part of that purchase for them. So, open yourself up and don’t just sell, be THE sale.

Be the sale that makes them want to get up in the morning and start your course.

Be the sale that makes them ecstatic to attend your upcoming retreat.

Be the sale that gives them butterflies before your coaching call.

The next time you are trying to sell, find a way to tap into the emotions of your client. If their pain is finances, talk them through options and make them feel comfortable. Turn the emotion of fear into the emotion of understanding.

You just read this newsletter. Maybe you chuckled at my Thin Mints story or nodded your head at a sentence that just clicked. You felt something reading this. Now take action on that emotion and reach out to support@slatersuccesscoaching.com if you want to dig deeper into this topic.

$100 For A Bottle Of This?!

People invest and pay for value! It’s true. During my retreats last Slater Success Coaching Ivy Slaterweek, one of the activities we did was take a private tour of a five-year old distillery, Hillrock Estate. It was interesting and exciting to learn about the development of the business, the marketing and sales strategies, as well as how they’ve grown since their inception in 2012.

One of the facts we found most interesting was that their first bottle was not put out to market at a low price point. In fact, it cost $100! And five years later, their products consistently range from $80 to $100 per bottle, including Bourbon, Rye and Single Malt.

The SSC retreat ladies had a lot of questions…

Your first bottle at such a high price?

Don’t you start low and build up?

Did people actually pay that?

Slater Success Coaching Ivy Slater 2I sat back listening to this and realized it’s such a common thought amongst business owners. That a low price point is the only way to start.

I don’t agree with this thinking at all, by the way. Why do we always want to start small? Do you really want to play small?

Hillrock had a lot to say in response to those questions…

They told us they knew from the beginning they were going to enter the market with a product that had value and wanted to set themselves apart from the little guys. They felt they had too much integrity to put out a product that was not high-quality, and they consulted with the best people in their industry to make sure their standards were exceeding the average.

I got to thinking about the beginning of SSC. I came into this business with little self esteem and hence did not see my value.

I was running a seven-figure printing business and didn’t see the correlation in the experience I brought as a business coach. I invested in training in one of the top international coach certification programs, yet still didn’t see the value I brought to the table.

I was new, so I felt I had to price as a newbie. I hear this so often, especially at retreats when we really dig into things like rates and value.

I grew and learned that the value is in the results in which the client receives. Once I figured that out, I stepped into my value. I now guide my clients to step into their value and shift their business perspective.

Here’s a great example: Just a couple of years ago, I had a client who launched a line of young girl’s clothes with a specific niche market. Yes, I love and endorse a niche market. The price point when launched was approximately $100 per dress for a 2-6 year old.

I can hear some of you saying “WOW, who puts their little girls in a $100 dress?”

They were so well received that it was picked up within the year by some of the top department stores. The buyers of this line as well as Hillrock, value high quality, something that is special and important to them.  

How do you price and ask for your value?

  • First, identity the pain points of your client and what the problem is you are solving.
  • Next, see the value in the results for the client.  
  • Step out of the “am I worth it”  – “am I good enough” emotion and see the importance to the clients in the investment.

This was a game changer for me when I struggled with this in the early days. Then I started seeing the results. Clients doubling their income and a client who went from $25 per hour to $20,000 per month. Get out of your own way!

If you’re struggling with this, STOP, click right here and schedule some time to chat with me.