Lessons learned, relinquishing control

Taking a short break from our summer series on women leaders to talk about some exciting news at Slater Success Coaching! As you may have heard, we are working on a brand new website, and along with new content comes new images!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending the day with Kia Dyson, who happens to be the graphic designer for the new website AND also a photographer! I wanted to share a few behind the scenes photos and my biggest takeaway from the experience.
Want to know the hardest part for me?

No, it wasn’t being in front of the camera. I actually really enjoy that. As a former dancer, taking photos was always part of the gig.

No, it wasn’t being out in the heat and worrying about makeup, hair and clothing. I was really comfortable and had a fabulous make-up artist, Jody Formica, with me for the day, who I’ve worked with before on live events.

It was simply relinquishing control.

Yep. I had to trust and let the great people I hired do their job.

Kia is super professional and she asked me the right questions about the look and feel I wanted for the new site. She even had a technical conversation with the make-up artist about lighting she would use and the style that was our goal, something totally out of my realm of knowledge. She was all about sticking to the SSC brand, because she knows it. She’s part of it.

I’m not used to surrendering total control. I’m not going to lie, it took a lot of effort. But when I peeked into the lens and saw some of the results, I was really excited.

Lesson for the day is that micromanagement does not make for great leadership. It slows down the entire work process. We’ve all found ourselves in situations where a manager or leader didn’t fully trust us and it caused us to doubt ourselves and our ability. And maybe as a manger, we’ve done a little micromanagement of our own team when it was totally unnecessary.

Let go.



I have a wonderful team supporting me in my every day and I had a wonderful team supporting me yesterday.

Now, if I could only get my makeup and hair done every day, that would really be the dream!

Let me know what you think about the new photos on the SSC Facebook page.