I only had 20 minutes…

I had 20 minutes to prepare a 1 minute business pitch. I was at the She Leads conference in NYC just last week and was chosen for one of these coveted spots.

I’m walking you through those 20 minutes and how it felt when opportunity knocked in an urgent time frame.

Minute 1-5 was complete confidence. Here we go, let’s do this!

I started to jot down what I knew I needed to include: My company name, the problem we solve, why to choose us and a solid call to action.

At minute 5 I felt a little more pressure and even began doubting some of the things I’d written down. I need a story in here, this sounds generic.

Keep in mind that this opportunity was only offered to a few of us at the event. We had to write the pitch during our lunch break (so you know I missed the awesome buffet) and was too afraid to run to the restroom, so I was uncomfortable all around.

But, exposure like this is big. By minute 6…Hey, suck it up and keep going.

I spent another 10 minutes writing, trying to be as succinct and powerful as I could, and the last 4 or so practicing, so I’d come off prepared and not staring at my notes.

The time came. I was sitting next to a woman who has going after me and she said, “Is your heart pounding as strong as mine.”

I said, “It sure is and it should be. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be committed.”

I pitched.

120 people in the room.

5 media representatives.

I did a lot of things well and I made a few mistakes.

Feedback was mixed.

You really know your stuff.
Not a strong call to action.
You needed a story.

The opportunity was fantastic. It gave me the chance to get advice from people that listen to pitches all day. It opened up new doors for me, as the next time I get offered a chance like this, I’ll be that much stronger.

Practicing. Learning. Improving.
Working ON your business. It never ends.

Every one these days is running a mastermind. At SSC, we are in our 9th year of masterminds and every time my amazing group of clients comes together, the results are eye-opening.

In fact, this week is our fall retreat for some of my existing clients. Don’t worry if you missed out on this one, just email me at support@slatersuccesscoaching.com and I’ll let you know about other opportunities to come together with dynamic business women.

We pull leaders together, we collaborate, we grow, we change.

We show up and we continue to make a difference.

If you had to write your business pitch in 20 minutes and present it in front of over 100 people with 5 media experts, could you do it? If the thought gets you sweaty and nervous, let’s chat.

You can do this. Don’t miss out because you aren’t focused in.

Do this one thing first and everything changes

I recently read an article about the late Joe Ades, the man who became a millionaire selling $5 potato peelers on the streets of New York City. Yes, you read that right. An absolutely amazing story.
This story and video really stuck with me and I wanted to share it with you.

It’s very easy to have days where you are feeling down, unsure or negative.

Your sales team is looking to you for motivation as they work their way up in the company.

You have a presentation to give and you can’t find the words.

You are responsible for planning a company retreat and you’re stuck for ideas.

No matter the situation, there is one thing you can do, first, that will always make a difference.

Get excited!

Watching Mr. Ades, dressed in his lovely suit, enthusiastically demonstrating those peelers to huge crowds, is the reason he sold so many.

His enthusiasm and love for what he was out there doing was infectious. People wanted to be around him, wanted to buy from him. You can watch him in action right here and find out even more fascinating details about his life.

If you look at each project that comes your way with enthusiasm and excitement, you are already on the right track. All the small details will fall into place.

Another reminder. Be yourself. Use the talents and skills you were meant to use. Mr. Ades really knew how to put on a show. He used that to his advantage and made so many people smile because of it. Not to mention, it made him a lot of money!

If you are great at holding webinars, do more of them.

If you enjoy training new staff members, ask to be involved.

If you have ideas to make your company more money, speak up.

If you need support in any way, always feel free to reach out for a conversation. Email me at support@slatersuccesscoaching.com and let’s talk about your next big success.

She created it, millions would wear it…

It was 1974 and a young, Belgian-born designer had been living in New York for a few years trying to begin a career in fashion.

Then, it happened.

Her name: Diane von Furstenberg.

Her creation: the wrap dress.

By 1976, she sold 5 million of those iconic dresses.

She was at the top of the world and women everywhere were sporting this flattering, gorgeous dress.

Her brand, DVF for short, did have it’s share of challenges. Furstenberg even left the fashion world for years and had to relaunch her brand and regain her reputation.

She has said she was more interested in just diving in, than creating a plan, and that caused problems.

Of course, something I always talk about. Make sure your vision and plans are solid and then work the actions daily to accomplish the ultimate goals.

Her relaunch was successful and Furstenberg is still a powerhouse in the fashion industry.

If you are still looking for a great summer read, pick up Furstenberg’s memoir, The Woman I Wanted to Be (A New York Times Bestseller). It’s inspirational and fascinating reading about her childhood, her early years in fashion, her time as a princess (yep, did you know about that?) building a global brand and even beating cancer.

In 2012, she launched a children’s line with Gap and I read a quote that really stuck out to me.

“The minute a little girl is born, she is already the woman she will be. So to empower a little girl is to empower the woman she will become.” -Diane von Furstenberg

What a great message! All the young women in this world deserve strong role models in all industries. Corporate, fashion, engineering, art, music, culinary, you name it. This is the heart of Slater Success. Of course, Diane von Furstenberg’s quote also brought me back to birthing my daughter Alexandra 25 years ago and thinking of the woman she has become.

Furstenberg is a huge supporter of other women and empowering women and we can all learn a lesson from her. Support the amazing women around you and believe that anything is possible.

If you are want to talk about your dreams and how to get there, reach out to support@slatersuccesscoaching.com

Share Your Story

Inspiration is all around us and when it comes from our youth, our future generation, it warms my heart.

As I sat at my son’s graduation from USC, I was really impacted by valedictorian Cooper Nelson’s words. She is a graduate from the School of Cinematic Arts and she talked about storytelling and the impact that hearing and telling stories has on our world.

I couldn’t agree more.

As business owners, it’s vital to know your story and understand and embrace your point of view. As you build your business or organization at the beginning and as you expand your brand moving forward, the importance of using story in all facets of marketing is so valuable.

When I write copy for an upcoming webinar or a sales page, it’s always infused with my real life. Recently, I held a webinar on relationship-based sales and I had so many experiences to share on the webinar to really bring the concept to life.

When someone hears you speak and it’s personal and specific, the message is more clear. Not to mention, they connect with you in a deeper way.

Our company culture is a lot more than the colors in our logo or the design of our website. It’s about the background, the trials and tribulations, the celebrations. It’s about our goals, our dreams and our plans.

How you see the world may be a lot different than someone else sees it. It’s your job to be authentic, open and honest in your marketing and your speaking. By doing that, you end up connecting with the right clients and pursuing the right opportunities.

You’ve heard my story many times. But as my life unfolds, new chapters are written all the time. And it always relates back to my business.

I encourage you to try something new this week. Tell a story in only the way you can, your unique point of view, in a short video and post to your social networks to promote one of your upcoming events or speaking engagements.

Please share with me on the SSC Facebook page how and where you share your story. If you ever want to chat, feel free to reach out to support@slatersuccesscoaching.com.

I’ll admit it…

I’ll admit it.IMG_4136

I do it all the time.

I can’t help it.

I have a feeling you do, too.

What is it?

I make purchases based on emotions.

There, I said it. I’m not afraid to admit that when I open my door to a girl scout with a box of cookies and I’m a.) hungry and b.) impressed by her dedication and c.) did I mention hungry?…

I buy.

She makes a sale and before I know it, I’ve eaten an entire box of Thin Mints before lunch. And I’m not sorry!

This emotional purchase game is the same whether it’s picking up dinner for the family because you know it will make their day or buying a shirt for a friend because the saying on it was “so her.” Sometimes the price tag isn’t the ultimate consideration. It’s the feelings and emotions surrounding the purchase.

I bought a pair of shoes once and actually cried because I couldn’t wait to wear them. It’s silly to think that a purchase could elicit tears, but it’s not just a purchase. It’s tied to something bigger.

I was wearing those shoes for a major life event and they were more than just shoes in that moment. They were THE shoes.

These feelings can teach us about sales in our own business. We want people to feel a real connection when they purchase from us. We want them to feel their lives will change once they work with us. We want them to feel happy, excited, eager, ready. We want emotion to be a HUGE part of that purchase for them. So, open yourself up and don’t just sell, be THE sale.

Be the sale that makes them want to get up in the morning and start your course.

Be the sale that makes them ecstatic to attend your upcoming retreat.

Be the sale that gives them butterflies before your coaching call.

The next time you are trying to sell, find a way to tap into the emotions of your client. If their pain is finances, talk them through options and make them feel comfortable. Turn the emotion of fear into the emotion of understanding.

You just read this newsletter. Maybe you chuckled at my Thin Mints story or nodded your head at a sentence that just clicked. You felt something reading this. Now take action on that emotion and reach out to support@slatersuccesscoaching.com if you want to dig deeper into this topic.

How do you do? I’m Ivy.

If you’ve been a long-time follower of my newsletters and work, you’re wondering why I’m introducing myself.

We know who you are, Ivy.
What is this about?

As you read this, I’m hosting my annual event, SSC Live. Yep, it’s happening today, right now. And I’m sharing my story with a room full of hopeful and eager entrepreneurs. A room full of people who have made the very important choice to work on their personal and professional development with me. I’m honored.

So, like I said, I’m Ivy.

I’m a mom to two really wonderful kids. Sometimes I wonder how they got to be so darn grown up and in charge of their own lives. I’m proud of their every accomplishment and every moment we spend together I cherish and hold dear.

I’m a wife to a hard-working, romantic and amazing man. After 30 years, I can honestly say I still get butterflies when he walks into the room after a long trip and I can’t think of a better travel partner, best friend and husband.

I’m a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a cousin, a friend. Time with my family and friends is more valuable than anything money can buy. Cooking with my mom, hosting holidays, attending weddings and graduations, it’s having these moments together that mean so much.

I’m the proud owner of Slater Success Coaching and I adore what I do. My clients are like part of my family and my team is the most supportive and encouraging group of people I have ever known. I feel like I get to live every day in a dream. I am doing work that I know is changing lives and there’s no better feeling.

I’m a lover of dance, yoga, fitness and travel. I love New York City, a great pair of shoes and dinner with my best friends. I love meeting people, learning, and above all, I love living. Every experience I encounter has made an impact on my life. I wouldn’t erase a single one.

Who are you?

I really want to know. Not just about your business, but about YOU. Your personal story, your background. What are the people, places and things in your life that cultivated you into the person you are today?

I want you to think about YOU today. Think about your story and share it with your audience. Whether it’s in a blog post, a social media status, at your next event or over the phone…share who you are, because you are truly wonderful.

I’m Ivy.

Who are you?

Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and/or LinkedIn page.

The quote I heard yesterday that made a huge impact

Yesterday I spent the day at the “Steal The Show, Book Tour” with author Michael Port in NYC and although almost everything he said was quoteworthy, one of them really stuck out to me, “Heroes support others.”

I love learning, and always have my eye out for ways I can continue to develop, as well as get out there and meet people. Yesterday, I enjoyed learning and expanding my speaking and performance skills. Yes, I already do a large amount of public speaking and you will see below some upcoming speaking engagements. This does not stop me from continuing to work on and improve myself. Deliverability and performance are key elements to impacting the audience and causing them to take steps in their business that will impact their business growth. For me to be of best assistance to others, I need to be on my best game.

When I am out there meeting others, the one thing I love is connecting people to one another. Even if it has nothing to do with my business or me personally, the idea of helping two people find each other in this world is extremely fulfilling.

I attend a lot of networking events and I meet a lot of people, some of whom end up being clients and some of whom end up being friends. The wonderful thing about meeting new people is that every person you meet brings a specific talent and skill with them. I have matched new business owners with copywriters and designers; new coaches with mentors; mompreneurs with other mompreneurs; and so on and so forth.

I send connection emails all the time. It takes me just a few moments and the lasting relationships that are often built are extraordinary. All it takes is one email, and I can help someone find their missing counterpart. Simply put, supporting others. 

Supporting one another is a strong human emotion. How many times have you wanted to play matchmaker with two single acquaintances? Or seen a great DIY project and couldn’t wait to share it with your crafty friends? Or found out a family member was engaged or expecting and wanted to scream it to the world? Supporting others, being there. Cheering them on and wanting success and joy to follow them everywhere.It’s one of my mottos and it’s awesome!

We can all go at this world alone, but that seems quite lonely. As Michael said, “Heroes support others,” and I think we should all be someone’s hero. 

How amazing this world would be if we all made that little extra effort to show our support, both in our professional and personal lives.

Head on over to the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages and tell me how you will show someone support today.


Cheers to your Success.


My Most Embarrassing Moment

My mentor and coach teaches a great concept of “Make Your Mess Your Message.” I have heard this phrase for years. I would share small stories of things that went wrong in my business, like for example losing $60,000 on a printing job and navigating to make it back and then some. But I resisted telling the really big messes, the most embarrassing ones of my life.

I played it safe. I mean, are you with me on this? Who in their right mind would want to talk to a bunch of strangers about their messes, their biggest embarrassments? Why in the world would I do that? What would 
people think of me? Why would they hire a Business Coach who had admittedly lost millions of dollars? What am I…an idiot! I thought the $60,000 story would be great. It showed my vulnerable side, but didn’t open me up to too much criticism.

Last week, I had the opportunity to talk in front of close to 100 people at Be The Change. And you know what I did, I actually shared my most embarrassing moment… and it made a huge difference. People responded and they responded so positively.

I told them about my 7-figure printing business and then personally ending up 7 figures in debt with two college-bound kids. I shared how I navigated the problem, the consistent actions that I took to rectify our lives and how I have grown  a multiple 6-figure business today.

I learned a few things I want to share with you today:

1.              Your BIGGEST MESS is your most teachable tale. It’s where you can be the most help to people, inspiring them to have wonderful businesses and lives. Your openness and honesty will motivate them and act as a super conversation starter.

2.              Resistance does not help us. It actually hinders our growth as humans and as business owners. Take a moment and look at where exactly in your life or business you are resisting. It’s affecting you more than you know.

3.              When you hire a mentor or a coach, listen to them! They know what they are talking about and they want to see you succeed.

Where are you resisting in your business? Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page or LinkedIn page.


Cheers to your Success.