I only had 20 minutes…

I had 20 minutes to prepare a 1 minute business pitch. I was at the She Leads conference in NYC just last week and was chosen for one of these coveted spots.

I’m walking you through those 20 minutes and how it felt when opportunity knocked in an urgent time frame.

Minute 1-5 was complete confidence. Here we go, let’s do this!

I started to jot down what I knew I needed to include: My company name, the problem we solve, why to choose us and a solid call to action.

At minute 5 I felt a little more pressure and even began doubting some of the things I’d written down. I need a story in here, this sounds generic.

Keep in mind that this opportunity was only offered to a few of us at the event. We had to write the pitch during our lunch break (so you know I missed the awesome buffet) and was too afraid to run to the restroom, so I was uncomfortable all around.

But, exposure like this is big. By minute 6…Hey, suck it up and keep going.

I spent another 10 minutes writing, trying to be as succinct and powerful as I could, and the last 4 or so practicing, so I’d come off prepared and not staring at my notes.

The time came. I was sitting next to a woman who has going after me and she said, “Is your heart pounding as strong as mine.”

I said, “It sure is and it should be. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t be committed.”

I pitched.

120 people in the room.

5 media representatives.

I did a lot of things well and I made a few mistakes.

Feedback was mixed.

You really know your stuff.
Not a strong call to action.
You needed a story.

The opportunity was fantastic. It gave me the chance to get advice from people that listen to pitches all day. It opened up new doors for me, as the next time I get offered a chance like this, I’ll be that much stronger.

Practicing. Learning. Improving.
Working ON your business. It never ends.

Every one these days is running a mastermind. At SSC, we are in our 9th year of masterminds and every time my amazing group of clients comes together, the results are eye-opening.

In fact, this week is our fall retreat for some of my existing clients. Don’t worry if you missed out on this one, just email me at support@slatersuccesscoaching.com and I’ll let you know about other opportunities to come together with dynamic business women.

We pull leaders together, we collaborate, we grow, we change.

We show up and we continue to make a difference.

If you had to write your business pitch in 20 minutes and present it in front of over 100 people with 5 media experts, could you do it? If the thought gets you sweaty and nervous, let’s chat.

You can do this. Don’t miss out because you aren’t focused in.

The quote I heard yesterday that made a huge impact

Yesterday I spent the day at the “Steal The Show, Book Tour” with author Michael Port in NYC and although almost everything he said was quoteworthy, one of them really stuck out to me, “Heroes support others.”

I love learning, and always have my eye out for ways I can continue to develop, as well as get out there and meet people. Yesterday, I enjoyed learning and expanding my speaking and performance skills. Yes, I already do a large amount of public speaking and you will see below some upcoming speaking engagements. This does not stop me from continuing to work on and improve myself. Deliverability and performance are key elements to impacting the audience and causing them to take steps in their business that will impact their business growth. For me to be of best assistance to others, I need to be on my best game.

When I am out there meeting others, the one thing I love is connecting people to one another. Even if it has nothing to do with my business or me personally, the idea of helping two people find each other in this world is extremely fulfilling.

I attend a lot of networking events and I meet a lot of people, some of whom end up being clients and some of whom end up being friends. The wonderful thing about meeting new people is that every person you meet brings a specific talent and skill with them. I have matched new business owners with copywriters and designers; new coaches with mentors; mompreneurs with other mompreneurs; and so on and so forth.

I send connection emails all the time. It takes me just a few moments and the lasting relationships that are often built are extraordinary. All it takes is one email, and I can help someone find their missing counterpart. Simply put, supporting others. 

Supporting one another is a strong human emotion. How many times have you wanted to play matchmaker with two single acquaintances? Or seen a great DIY project and couldn’t wait to share it with your crafty friends? Or found out a family member was engaged or expecting and wanted to scream it to the world? Supporting others, being there. Cheering them on and wanting success and joy to follow them everywhere.It’s one of my mottos and it’s awesome!

We can all go at this world alone, but that seems quite lonely. As Michael said, “Heroes support others,” and I think we should all be someone’s hero. 

How amazing this world would be if we all made that little extra effort to show our support, both in our professional and personal lives.

Head on over to the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages and tell me how you will show someone support today.


Cheers to your Success.


It’s Only Money, What’s The Big Deal?

I had the honor and privilege to speak at the first iPEC COR.E Retreat this past weekend.

iPEC is the school I went to when I received my Certification as a Professional Coach back in 2008 and this was their first retreat. It was filled with 150 incredible coaches, trainers and leaders from all over the country, as well as a few who flew in from various places abroad.

The topics included: Happiness (I loved that this was a topic); Health; Wealth; as well as activities like yoga; sound healing; and massage. I am sure you can guess the topic I spoke on…Wealth.

It’s so important for coaches, as well as any entrepreneur, to speak openly about the topic of Money or Wealth. I believe it is vitally imperative to realize that Money is not the end all be all of life.

I recently said to someone, “It’s only money, stop obsessing about it.”  Are you scratching your head saying, “What is she talking about? Ivy is always supporting women to grow their businesses and build their lives, and that is all about money.”

I want you to understand that Money is the conduit between where you are and what you are looking for in your life. It is not what you truly want.We want to focus on a goal, something specific.

For the past several years, I have focused on paying for college for my two children. My daughter has graduated and I am halfway through with my son. The end of the line of energy was college, the conduit was the money to pay for it. I am now focusing on my next goal for my life. Money is a provider, we no longer exchange or barter for what we need as we did hundreds of years ago.

We used to exchange meat for bolts of cloth and now we use money as the exchange. Realize that the key takeaway here is that it’s an exchange, not the ultimate goal.

What is your ultimate goal today, what you are working towards? I referred to it in my presentation as your WHY. I like a simple expression, “What do you want? and Why do you want it?”

Please share with me on the SSC Facebook Page what you want and why you want it. I can’t wait to read your answers!

Cheers to your Success.



Are you in it for the photos or the story?

Superbowl weekend was action packed! I was in LA for most of the weekend speaking and sponsoring Cindy Ashton’s Speak, Impact, Monetize. Irt131-42af6a04-c41a-4ca4-9b65-15864de8bbec-v2
also had the opportunity to have dinner with my son, Bryce, 3 nights in a row. Woohoo! We had a fabulous time!

An interesting conversation arose during the event and it was focused on investing in your business. As you know, I have always been open about investing in my business. I have no problem investing in coaches and mentors that support me in growing my business. On the same note, I am always investing in sponsorships and in the SSC Team. At Speak, Impact, Monetize we were discussing the difference between being a paid speaker, or paying to speak. I have done both, I happen to love paying for opportunities to be in front of audiences.

An interesting article was written about the musical talent also paying for the opportunity to perform at the Superbowl. Think about the investment the advertisers make for a 30 second commercial: it is approximately 4 million dollars! The half time show is about 12 minutes long…do the math.

I will be honest, I never realized the musical talent was not paid, but as I think about it now it makes perfect sense. Some past performers used the rt131-2d145332-9db2-4d4f-9c0e-d1fb2f62e0cc-v2opportunity to perform at the Superbowl before launching a tour. Of course it would boost ticket sales. It is amazing exposure for the artist and can be hugely capitalized on for growing their brand.

Remember I am an former printer; our clients used to pay for direct mail lists all the time. Why would you think you do not need to pay for exposure?

Here is the link to the actual article, click here. Do you pay to play? Do you pay to perform? Do you pay for exposure? Let me know your thoughts on the SSC Facebook Page.

Cheers to your Success!


Stepping Into Your Confidence

I was fortunate to speak at a Femfessional event that was hosted at Morgan Stanley. It was a great morning filled with over 40 women.

A lively discussion ensued about women business owners and our difficulty in stepping into our confidence.

Why is it that we often have self doubt? Why do we question our self worth? Does this ring a bell with you?

I know when I moved from my printing business and started out in Slater Success, I questioned my own self worth. I had self doubt. questioned am I good enough and can I make an impact?

Now, that we have opened the discussion, what do we do about it?
I look at building your confidence in the same way we go back to the gym after you have taken an hiatus. You might have been able to do over head presses with a 10 lb. weight and now you have taken a few months off. You go back to the gym and you are struggling so you try a 8 lb. weight. Still a struggle, you go down to a 5 lb. weight and you are good. You start with reps with a set of 8 then next week you do 2 sets of 8.

This is the best way to work your confidence as well. Start by taking small steps that increase your confidence. This might be by reading testimonials you receive from existing clients. Asking clients for feedback from the work you are doing together.

A good question to ask an existing or previous client is, “What has been the biggest impact of our work together?”

We often forget what we have accomplished and how great it was to achieve them. Write down your accomplishments daily and review them.

Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page what you have done to build your own confidence. Let’s bring up the confidence of our entire community.

Cheers to your Success!