Networking isn’t about the sale, but it is about this…

You are a part of my community, so you know how I feel about relationships and people. I am a firm believer in the power of a strong network. I hear from clients and friends too often that networking doesn’t work. They don’t get any sales from attending events or mixers.

I want to scream at the top of my lungs…


It never was.

I don’t know when that fact crept into our minds, but networking is simply about building relationships.

You might have seen some promotions lately for my upcoming, free webinar on relationship-based sales. I really want you to listen in. It’s information that needs spread to all business owners that want a massive increase in their revenue.

You can sign up for that right here. It’s happening Wednesday, March 1st at 12 pm EST. It’s LIVE and I am taking your questions at the end, so nothing is left up in the air.

I want every person reading this to earn millions.

I really do.

You deserve to live a dream lifestyle, whatever that may look like for you. If it’s traveling overseas, more quality time with your family, updated renovations to your home, a college savings account for the kids.

You have goals and I want to help you reach them so you can set even bigger ones.

Just sign up for the webinar here.

As always, if you want to reach out, I’m here. Just email me at

The scariest word in business

IMG_6449BOO! Hope you had a Happy Halloween. In talking to clients and colleagues, I’ve figured out what scares them the most in business. What gives them the ultimate chills. What spooks them and causes them to want to jump under the covers and stay there.

What scares my clients the most is….SALES.

Why? Because it’s an uncharted territory without a direct map and you’re doing it on your own.

Even if there was a sales “map,” it would need customized to each entrepreneur, because no two paths to a closed sale look alike.

People want a script. They want to know the right words to say. They want to know the tricks.

The answers are easy. You have what you need to say. It’s within you.

No costumes or make-up needed. There’s no dressing up and acting the part. It’s all about listening and being of service.

If you were trick-or-treating and saw someone drop their bag of candy, how would you solve their problem? Simple. Help them pick it up.

If someone popped a button on their Halloween costume, how would you fix it?

Simple. Sew on a new button.

Pain point to solution. That’s all you need to figure out to make a sale.

If someone is losing leads because they don’t have a good follow-up system, how would you solve their problem? Simple. Be the support they need by working with them on CRM systems or building a team or using email automation.

Pain point to solution.

Find out what is scaring your potential clients and tell them how you can help eliminate the fear. Give them the solutions in a conversation and show them how you bring the value they need to move forward.


Listen well.

Listen further.

Take their fears away and yours disappear, too.

What scares you the most about sales? If you want to talk further, reach out to

Falling short when asking for your value?

IMG_6379Why do we too often fall short when asking for our value? What scares us so much? I speak to too many people who truly underestimate what they should be charging.

Does this sound like you?

Do you find yourself slashing prices because you’re afraid to charge what you deserve?

Have you signed a contract and instead of celebrating, felt defeated, because the work far exceeds the payoff?

I wish I could say this trend of undercharging is just with new business owners or entrepreneurs that lack experience, but that’s not true. In fact, I saw it last week with veterans in the field at a mastermind retreat with my coach in Washington D.C.

If you think I don’t practice what I preach, think again. I attend retreats and events as often as I can to continue learning and growing.

My coach gave us tons of homework in preparation and one of the things we had to do was look at our goals for next year and breakdown our price points on what we sell.

Many of us in the room were undervaluing ourselves. We spent a couple hours looking at our numbers and how to determine the right pricing.

Here is one major tip to asking for and earning your value:

  • The price you charge when you’re a service-based business is not based on YOU, rather on the results you get for your clients.

Example: When an attorney charges $1,000 to write a contract for you, protecting a client’s investment of $25,000, it makes total sense. That contract needs protected should anything go wrong. Sometimes a contract is used for many clients, so the value of the investment grows.

Example: If you’re a writer, designer, SEO specialist and your client celebrates a higher open rate, more clicks to their sales page and more opt-ins, more response from social media ads, etc. you have directly affected their bottom line. If your services helped them grow by 25% in one year, shouldn’t your value be recognized?

For the product-based businesses, there is more of a formula based on cost, overhead and markup on goods.

When a client invests in your business, they want value and quality. Figure out what that value is and put a dollar number on it that you deserve. Stay focused on the results your client attains from working with you. Identify and acknowledge the amount of time that goes into the transformation for your client. You know your numbers and your skills better than anyone, so don’t look at someone else’s pricing and compare yours.

Own your value.

I’ve invested heavily in marketing support for the results in growing SSC and these investments have paid off tremendously. Was it scary to do that? SURE. But when the results started coming in, I could sit back and smile, knowing I made the right choice.

I’ve also invested hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last eight plus years in coaches and speaker training and these investments have paid off, as well.

I look back and value the investments, even the large amounts, because the value I received enabled me to create the business I run today.

Now take a mirror and look back at yourself. Are you charging your worth and asking for your value in your pricing structure? Or, are you pulling numbers out of the air because you think it’s what someone can afford?

If you want support on making sure you ask for your value and charge what you’re worth, feel free to reach out to

Will it be big or small?

IMG_6017It’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow and as we talked about what we were going to do this year to celebrate, it got me thinking about presents.  

You might find this strange, but it brought up the image of a slide I use when I teach about packages and pricing. Business on the brain all the time, I guess!

The slide shows different size boxes, representing different types of packages.  

I have no idea what size box I will receive as a gift, it might be small it might be big.

Honestly, I will be happy with any box that is filled with VALUE.

That is the key to packaging and pricing.

Your packages need to be the right fit for your client. Some clients want that big package filled with information, access to you, feedback, worksheets, etc.

While others, want something small. One training, one report, one course.

It doesn’t matter if one package compared to the other includes more. What matters are the client needs and what level investment they want to make.

Get out of your own head and into your clients when developing packages. Listen to them. Hear their pain points and create a list of ways you can help or support those pain points. Then get to work on package options.

I suggest thinking of three packages: small, medium and large. Every single one has value and meets the client where they are.

Understand that packages can and will overlap. It makes total sense that they do.

If you want to learn more about creating packages, you can watch a video I made on it here.

If you want to know what I will be doing to celebrate my anniversary, stay tuned to the SSC Facebook page and LinkedIn page for updates!

My Vegas Trip and Lessons Learned

Vegas Trip & Lessons LearnedVegas. You get an automatic picture in your brain as soon as you read that word. Bright lights, crowded streets, casinos on every corner, amazing live shows, fine dining. And the feeling that often surrounds Vegas is excitement! It’s a place you go to have fun, walk on the wild side and if you’re like my family, try your hand at a little gambling.

There are games of pure luck, like the roulette wheel and the slot machines. Then there are games that require a little more skill, like Blackjack and Poker.

In Blackjack, for example, there are some rules that you ‘should’ follow. Rules that aren’t technically required, but if you don’t follow them, and you’re sitting at a table of seasoned players, you might get an annoyed sigh or a glance in your direction.

For instance, when you hit instead of stay because “you might get a low card” or you don’t stay on a lower hand even though the cards the dealer are showing makes for good odds that they will bust.

Strategy comes into play. Yes, luck is always there. You might hit and you might get a lower card and you might stay and the dealer still might win. If you know what I am talking about or if you are not a card player let’s talk the facts about what is important here, knowing the risks and calculating them, is the best way to win the game, be it Blackjack or business.

In business, we evaluate the risks and create our strategy. You might be deciding if you are ready to open that business you have talked about. You might be ready to stop running your business as if it is a hobby and instead become a CEO of your business and run it with a financial plan and solid strategy. Maybe you are ready to expand or reevaluate your marketing efforts. Sometimes you need to hit. You need to go for it. You need to take the action. It’s scary, but it’s worth it. And sometimes, you need to stay. Maybe it’s not the right time. You need to get a support team in place. You need to do further research. Look at the risks and make the plan.

blackjackAt a Blackjack table, you have mere seconds to make a decision. In business, you have more time, which can make you slow down and lose focus. I’ve always said, “what CAN you do today.” Take some kind of action.

And if you need help, ask! Even at a Blackjack table, the support is evident. At the tables, I was not sure if I should or should not split 6’s. I asked the dealer for her advice and with a lovely smile she told me should would recommend splitting according to the rules of the game. They are there to guide the table and I personally have always found them to be incredibly helpful. As  you know, I also believe in asking for help in my business when I know it will help me move forward. I ask a mentor, a coach, a colleague or my team.

Your support team wants you to do well. They want success for you. Your success directly affects theirs. You are a team and you all want to walk away winners.

Look at your business today. Are you using strategy or taking risks without research? Are you asking for help when you need it? Are you taking action or staying stagnant?

If you want to talk about this, let’s chat. Send me an email to and we will figure it out together.

Here’s my little secret…

If you know me, you probably think I’m an extrovert. I come across as Here’s my little secret... Ivy Slater Slater Success Coachingoutgoing and confident. At least I hope you think I am, I work really hard at it, so here is my little secret…I’m just as nervous/scared/anxious/ as you when I meet new people.

When I walk into a room full of strangers, I don’t find it particularly easy to strike up a conversation. Once I’m in a conversation, I’m fine, but I’ve never been a person that found mingling very natural.

I have friends that are super natural at this and I’m quite jealous!

They walk into a party or a networking event and just slide right into a circle of people, introducing themselves and fitting in.

I’m more awkward. I look for people that seem nervous, too, and tend to gravitate toward them. I’ve shared this tip with you before, there is always someone MORE nervous than you.

Find that person! My goal in this moment is to make them feel comfortable and welcome, this takes the emphasis off of me and I know I am there to help someone else.

I take all my anxiety and nervousness and put that energy into learning about the person I’m meeting. I listen a lot more than I talk and that has helped me find more clients and make more sales than any other marketing technique.

The conversation is bigger than the close.

I don’t go into a conversation thinking about a sale. I go into a conversation thinking about a conversation.

We are all humans. We all have things in common. Whether it’s our kids, a favorite TV show, music we love, an illness in our lives, our passion. There is always something to talk about. If a conversation turns to sales, GREAT. I can turn on that switch in an instant. But if you go into a conversation with that switch already on, you lose the genuine connection.

I’ve met hundreds of people that never turned into clients. But the conversations I had with them turned into much more. Some of them became mentors, friends, people who sent referrals my way, or even became members of my own team.

The conversation is bigger than the close.

The best way to grow your business is to have more conversations. Friendly conversations, conversations that make you think, conversations that make you happy/scared/excited. Have them and learn from them.

The conversation is bigger than the close.
If you want to have a conversation with me, get on my calendar. I want to learn about you and your business. I don’t want to sell you. If what I have to offer can help, we can talk about it. If not, it’s just one more conversation on our path to growth. Until next week!

I’ll admit it…

I’ll admit it.IMG_4136

I do it all the time.

I can’t help it.

I have a feeling you do, too.

What is it?

I make purchases based on emotions.

There, I said it. I’m not afraid to admit that when I open my door to a girl scout with a box of cookies and I’m a.) hungry and b.) impressed by her dedication and c.) did I mention hungry?…

I buy.

She makes a sale and before I know it, I’ve eaten an entire box of Thin Mints before lunch. And I’m not sorry!

This emotional purchase game is the same whether it’s picking up dinner for the family because you know it will make their day or buying a shirt for a friend because the saying on it was “so her.” Sometimes the price tag isn’t the ultimate consideration. It’s the feelings and emotions surrounding the purchase.

I bought a pair of shoes once and actually cried because I couldn’t wait to wear them. It’s silly to think that a purchase could elicit tears, but it’s not just a purchase. It’s tied to something bigger.

I was wearing those shoes for a major life event and they were more than just shoes in that moment. They were THE shoes.

These feelings can teach us about sales in our own business. We want people to feel a real connection when they purchase from us. We want them to feel their lives will change once they work with us. We want them to feel happy, excited, eager, ready. We want emotion to be a HUGE part of that purchase for them. So, open yourself up and don’t just sell, be THE sale.

Be the sale that makes them want to get up in the morning and start your course.

Be the sale that makes them ecstatic to attend your upcoming retreat.

Be the sale that gives them butterflies before your coaching call.

The next time you are trying to sell, find a way to tap into the emotions of your client. If their pain is finances, talk them through options and make them feel comfortable. Turn the emotion of fear into the emotion of understanding.

You just read this newsletter. Maybe you chuckled at my Thin Mints story or nodded your head at a sentence that just clicked. You felt something reading this. Now take action on that emotion and reach out to if you want to dig deeper into this topic.

I don’t go to events to find clients…I go to do something else instead

This past weekend, I had a group of 14 at the house. I always do a ton of entertaining in the summer, I don’t go to events to find clients_Ivy Slater2usually my kid’s friends make up a lot of the guest list, and I love to cook for them.

I’m always going to 3 or 5 different specialty stores to find the specific ingredients I want.

I look for fresh, interesting and unique.

When the weekend was over and I was going through the receipts from the many stops I made, I realized that how I shop for ingredients is the same way I network for my business and add potential relationships and clients to my pipeline.  

I look for events that will be filled with like-minded people. I want to go somewhere and connect with theI don’t go to events to find clients_Ivy Slater other guests.

I don’t go to find clients. I go to build relationships.

Those relationships turn into connections. Those connections turn into sales, referrals, friendships, you name it.

I attend at least one networking event per week and they are all different and unique (like my ingredients).

Some are geared towards women, others for business owners in a certain age range, others for coaches.

Just like I pick out a new cheese for a pasta dish, I pick out a new event to spice up my business.

I also spice it up by holding my own events. Even SSC Live, that is held annually, has a different theme every single year. I want people to learn as much as they can when attending one of my events, just as I expect to learn a lot when I’m the guest.

Along with learning comes those vital connections and building a pipeline. If you don’t have a pipeline in your business, it’s something you need to get into action immediately.

I fill my fridge with new ingredients just like I fill my pipeline with new people. Keeping everything fresh.

I add to that pipeline by consistently attending various networking events and building relationships with people from all levels of business.

Share with me how you are building your pipeline this Summer. If you’re struggling, STOP and reach out to to talk pipeline strategies and plans.

Summer Sales Got You Down? Let’s Change That

I was talking to one of my team members the other day about a recent trip to an amusement park with her kids. She Slater Success Coaching Ivy Slater Summer Sales Got You Down? Let’s Change Thatsaid everyone was super excited to go but when they got there, the lines were so long, they spent most of the day waiting.

I thought about what she said and realized that summertime in our businesses can be a lot like her experience at the park that day.

We feel stuck in that same long line, just waiting around for something to happen. There’s not much going on around us and our time to get on that ride (move forward in our business) seems very far away.

I say ‘we’ but I actually don’t feel stuck in that long line at all. In fact, I feel like I’m the operator of the ride, up front and in control. I want you to feel the exact same way this Summer.

Put out content. Newsletters, videos, blogs – if everyone else is taking time off, your content will stand out. This gets people actively listening to you and looking to you for trusted material. Consistency is key.

Run a challenge. Summer is a big time for trying out a new diet or exercise plan, so why not a new business challenge? Engage with your audience by offering something like a 7-day video series with tips on something in which you’re an expert. Make it interactive and fun. This will build your list so when the time comes to launch your next big idea, your audience is already in place.

Offer a free download. I recently wrote a few documents to offer as free downloads. I love sharing my knowledge and getting people to join my community. By giving a sample of your strategies (remember last week and our talk about samples?) you’re giving them a reason to follow you and come back for more.

Update your website. When is the last time you looked at your own website? Is the information current? Do events need to be added? Are there additional pages you should create? Do an inventory of your own site and get it into the best shape possible.

Practice conversation. You’re probably attending a variety of events this Summer. Weddings, showers, reunions. I’ve spoke to you before about getting comfortable just talking to people. The more conversations you have and the more ways you find to connect with people, the better you become as a salesperson (or solution provider) in your own business.

I want to hear what YOU plan on doing this Summer to increase sales? Head on over to the SSC Facebook or LinkedIn pages and please share.

If you want to chat, feel free to reach out to and let’s get you out of that long line and on that ride.

Sales Tips from Paris

I had a fabulous vacation last week in Paris with my husband Michael and Sales Tips from Paris - Ivy Slater - Slater Success Coachingsome friends.

If you follow me on Facebook, I posted some of my favorite photos from the trip!

Of course, I’m always looking to relate real life experience to business strategy (I can’t help it!) and something stuck out to me the first day as we were shopping that turned out to be a continuing trend throughout the trip.

Before I tell you the story, let me ask you something… Are you giving it away?

Behind our lovely hotel was a soap store. Michael actually previously tried the soap while visiting friends in California and loved it, so it was meant to be that he once again found himself in front of the product.

The saleswoman was warm and friendly, offering Michael a sample of the soap. He again loved it and was excited to make the purchase. The clever and smart saleswoman then offered him a sample of their shave lotion and aftershave to take home.

Don’t you know it…after he used the samples, he was ready to head back to the store and purchase the additional items.

Think about this scenario in relation to your sales conversations. Are you giving away the product/service at the first meeting or are you giving just a sample?

I spoke to a client before my trip and in our conversation I brought this to her attention. If you are a service-based business, don’t give away all your ideas and strategy on the initial meeting before a client even signs on the dotted line.

Coaches are notorious for doing this, but I see it with marketing companies, interior designers, you name it.

Here’s what to do in a first meeting:

  1. Understand the client’s pain points
  2. Show the client what is possible in working together (a sample of your services)
  3. Make a plan for next steps

It’s that simple.

You charge people to work with you because you bring value. You can’t walk into a store and take whatever you want without buying it, so don’t let people walk into your business and do the same.

If this is an area of your business in which you get stuck, don’t stay there! Reach out to and let’s jump on a call.