It’s time to Party! Have you celebrated YOU? (The ‘P’ Series)

This week’s ‘P’ is PARTY. Holidays have been going strong all month. And the New Year is right around the corner. As women, we tend to find ourselves running around taking care of everything at this time of the year.

We are decorating and wrapping and cooking and making travel plans. Yes, all fun activities, but we also should be celebrating and having a little party.

You have done so much this year. I know you have. Both professionally and personally. Sit down right now and just make a list. Then read it over, put on some music and dance or sing or run around the room and just relish in your success.

My list this year:

1) Entered a new realm with SSC to work with women leaders in corporate, along with entrepreneurs.

2) Did speaking engagements all around the U.S. and made many new connections.

3) Started the process of rebranding and building a new website to launch in 2018.

4) Began work with my team on a secret project that I’ll be unveiling in a few short weeks.

5) Spent family time with my mom, husband and kids and made lasting memories. I am still smiling.

6) Took trips and vacations and ate at amazing restaurants. I love good food and travel.

7) Exercised, did yoga, danced whenever possible and started a new exercise routine that includes boxing 3 times per week. It helps me keep up with the good food.

8) Learned SO MUCH! From my coach, mentors and support network.

What does your list look like?

I challenge you to post it on the SSC Facebook page so we can party together.

The year is ending, which means before you start working on 2018, party. Enjoy these times with family and friends. Indulge. Eat well. Be merry. Laugh. Forget about responsibility and simply BE.

Have so much fun! I know I will.

I wish you an amazing New Year’s Eve and start to 2018.


Reflection Exercise

Reflections__free_photos___1402132_-_FreeImages_comI did some pretty amazing things in 2016 and I KNOW you did, too! During my time off last week, I took some quiet moments to really reflect and I encourage you to do the same.

We are coming into the last month of the year and I have a short exercise for you to do to help facilitate your reflection and give you action steps to move forward.

Take out a notepad and write these answers out, if you’re old school like me. Or type your answers. Whatever fits you best.

  1. What have I accomplished this year? List your top three.
  1. What was my biggest financial accomplishment?

For example: did you sign the biggest contract ever or meet a new revenue goal?

  1. What milestones did you reach in your business AND in your life?

For example: did you hire a support team member or pay in full for that family vacation?

  1. What event did you attend or hold that really worked, reaped the most benefits?

Now look at your answers.

#1 – How did you make those accomplishments happen? What actions did you take to reach those goals? Can you do the same things in 2017 and can you do them even better? For example: if you spent more time on social media and found you added new clients using that strategy, make sure your plans for 2017 include an even bigger online presence. If you found you speaking as a tool to move high quality clients through your pipeline, set up those speaking engagements for 2017. Find out what else you can be doing and decide who can help you.

#2 – Why was this your biggest financial accomplishment? Did you raise your prices? Did you ask for a retainer rather than an hourly fee? Was the client a more ideal one and it just worked better? How can you model all of your packages and pricing after this one for 2017? Review your current contracts and prices. What needs updated for the coming year? What action steps can you take to find more clients and more projects like this one? Use it as a model.

#3 – Celebrate!!! You know I’m big on this. Give yourself a break and get out there and enjoy this fantastic life you’ve created. It will pump you up for an even bigger 2017. If you hired your first support team member or your tenth, you deserve to celebrate that. Let everyone cut out of work early on a Friday and take them out for dinner before year-end and buy that pair of shoes you’ve been wanting. Celebrate the life milestones, too. Did you send your child off to college? Or finally get that in-ground pool put in? These moments happened because you worked hard to secure that income. Part of growth is realizing how far you’ve come in a year and letting that confidence and inspiration propel you to even greater heights.

#4 – Make sure you get this event on your calendar for 2017. Don’t just look at the first quarter and fill in where you want to be. Look at the entire year and make sure the time is set aside to attend training, workshops, retreats, masterminds, speaking engagements. And also schedule time for your own events. If you know the date NOW, you are way ahead of the game.

Another bonus question would be what didn’t work? Don’t focus on the negative. Use the experiences to move forward.


Get those calendars out and after you’ve added in the work events, get those family and vacation events on there. If you do all of this before the calendar turns to Jan. 1, you just set yourself up for one amazing new year.

If you want to share any of your answers on the SSC Facebook or LinkedIn pages, please do! I want to know how your year went and what you’re ready to accomplish in 2017. If you want to chat with me further, you can always reach out to


First things first…Happy New Year!  Wishing the SSC Community a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2016.

Next, I want to congratulate the many people who have taken me up on the offer of jumping on the phone and discussing their plan for 2016. If you thought I was going to say business plan, think again, a business plan reflects your life plan.

I am really excited to speak to so many of you and I could not resist opening more slots in my calendar for the few of you who have not yet taken action. More details are below. Invest a few minutes of your day and work with me on what success in 2016 looks like for you.

I am sure you are ready for a big piece on Goal Setting and Planning for 2016, but you are going to have to wait for that one. There is something a bit more of a priority to cover at the first of the year. I want to start off 2016 talking about a key word: COMMUNICATION.

For me, Communication is a word that leads to Success.

Communication arises in all areas of business and life. For those of you who are saying this is not for me, I am a solopreneur, don’t stop now, read on!

I just came back from a weeklong family vacation. There were nine of us and we had a great time. We were sleeping everywhere: beds, couches, lounge chairs and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We were together and that was all that mattered.

We had a blast and communication was key to the laughter, the silliness, navigating travel issues like flight delays and missed connections, all happening during the most hectic time of the year.

How we communicate with one another surfaces in our team, our clients, sales calls, prospects, and networking associates.

Do you greet everyone with a smile, even when you are on the phone? Yes, this matters and makes a huge impact. If you are doing a get to know you call, a sales call, even calling the airline after a two hour delay, start with a smile on your face. It will immediately shift energy to a positive beginning.  When I spoke to the airline with a smile, we received 2 complimentary rooms for a night and credit for future airline travel.

When you are communicating, stop multitasking. If you think people do not feel your attention is not on them, think again. They know!

A large part of communication is asking for something. This is a place many of us fall short. We are shy or embarrassed to ask for things, we talk around a situation and expect someone to read between the lines. This happens in restaurants, stores, waiting in line, with your team, on sales calls. Listen to yourself and if you start asking for something with the verbiage, “Would you mind….” “If you don’t mind….” “If I can trouble  you…” STOP.  Come right out and ask.

Try “I would like… and then say, thank you!

While we focus on communication, I would like to remind everyone to focus on positive verbiage as well. I encourage you to listen to yourself and work on eliminating the following words: Want; Need; Try.

I ask you as part of the SSC Community to join me in committing to “I AM” for 2016.  If you have food, basic clothing, and shelter, you do not “need” anything else.

Join me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages and finish this sentence,  “In 2016 I AM…..”