Networking isn’t about the sale, but it is about this…

You are a part of my community, so you know how I feel about relationships and people. I am a firm believer in the power of a strong network. I hear from clients and friends too often that networking doesn’t work. They don’t get any sales from attending events or mixers.

I want to scream at the top of my lungs…


It never was.

I don’t know when that fact crept into our minds, but networking is simply about building relationships.

You might have seen some promotions lately for my upcoming, free webinar on relationship-based sales. I really want you to listen in. It’s information that needs spread to all business owners that want a massive increase in their revenue.

You can sign up for that right here. It’s happening Wednesday, March 1st at 12 pm EST. It’s LIVE and I am taking your questions at the end, so nothing is left up in the air.

I want every person reading this to earn millions.

I really do.

You deserve to live a dream lifestyle, whatever that may look like for you. If it’s traveling overseas, more quality time with your family, updated renovations to your home, a college savings account for the kids.

You have goals and I want to help you reach them so you can set even bigger ones.

Just sign up for the webinar here.

As always, if you want to reach out, I’m here. Just email me at

Why you should go…to that holiday party

Holiday parties on your calendar? Not feeling it. Would you rather go home after work, take off those heels, grab a book to read and head to bed? Hey, I feel you. But getting out there at this time of year is not just about the holiday party. It is a way to network with ease and joy and make true connections that will help your business, your career and your life. Read on.

And, it’s about FUN!

All year we work with our clients and our mentors and don’t get to spend as much quality time with them as we wish. I have so many clients, team members and colleagues that I just want to grab for a coffee on a Saturday and finish that conversation about their kids. Or take to my dance class with me to help them de-stress or invite them over for dinner so I can meet their family and introduce them to mine.

I have a genuine interest in people and their lives. Whether I was running my printing company, working with clients coaching or facilitating, I am a people person and I enjoy learning about others. It’s why I became a business coach. And any chance I get to spend a little extra time with my network is special.

Business relationships are great, but personal relationships and connections is what keeps it all together.

This is the time of year to get out there, mingle, have a glass of champagne or whatever your fancy and just talk. It’s not as stressful as a networking event where you feel like the focus has to be on business. Focus on life.

A friend and business colleague was just sharing with me some medical issues her mom is having and we chatted about it because my mom has had some, as well. Our moms are the same age… in their 80’s. Funny thing is, she needed to make some arrangements, needed a specialist and rehabilitation plans and who came to her rescue, someone from her networking group. They had a connection to a great doctor and she is in good hands.  

At holiday parties, if business talk happens to enter the conversation, fantastic. When you have a chance to just catch up over a glass of eggnog and cheer –  many wonderful business opportunities and expansions happen. Allow yourself to enjoy the art of networking. It doesn’t have to feel awkward or yucky. When it happens organically and you realize you can help someone solve a pain point they are facing in their business or vice versa, you find someone that can help you, it reiterates why networking is the best way to build your business.

With just a few weeks left in the year, make the most of it. Yes, it is a busy time of year, identify a few parties that you will be able to connect and reconnect with a bunch of people and say YES!  I have one tonight in my calendar and I am excited.   

Have a great networking story? I’d love to hear it. Share with me on the SSC Facebook or LinkedIn page.

Here’s my little secret…

If you know me, you probably think I’m an extrovert. I come across as Here’s my little secret... Ivy Slater Slater Success Coachingoutgoing and confident. At least I hope you think I am, I work really hard at it, so here is my little secret…I’m just as nervous/scared/anxious/ as you when I meet new people.

When I walk into a room full of strangers, I don’t find it particularly easy to strike up a conversation. Once I’m in a conversation, I’m fine, but I’ve never been a person that found mingling very natural.

I have friends that are super natural at this and I’m quite jealous!

They walk into a party or a networking event and just slide right into a circle of people, introducing themselves and fitting in.

I’m more awkward. I look for people that seem nervous, too, and tend to gravitate toward them. I’ve shared this tip with you before, there is always someone MORE nervous than you.

Find that person! My goal in this moment is to make them feel comfortable and welcome, this takes the emphasis off of me and I know I am there to help someone else.

I take all my anxiety and nervousness and put that energy into learning about the person I’m meeting. I listen a lot more than I talk and that has helped me find more clients and make more sales than any other marketing technique.

The conversation is bigger than the close.

I don’t go into a conversation thinking about a sale. I go into a conversation thinking about a conversation.

We are all humans. We all have things in common. Whether it’s our kids, a favorite TV show, music we love, an illness in our lives, our passion. There is always something to talk about. If a conversation turns to sales, GREAT. I can turn on that switch in an instant. But if you go into a conversation with that switch already on, you lose the genuine connection.

I’ve met hundreds of people that never turned into clients. But the conversations I had with them turned into much more. Some of them became mentors, friends, people who sent referrals my way, or even became members of my own team.

The conversation is bigger than the close.

The best way to grow your business is to have more conversations. Friendly conversations, conversations that make you think, conversations that make you happy/scared/excited. Have them and learn from them.

The conversation is bigger than the close.
If you want to have a conversation with me, get on my calendar. I want to learn about you and your business. I don’t want to sell you. If what I have to offer can help, we can talk about it. If not, it’s just one more conversation on our path to growth. Until next week!

Have you done this recently?

This is a busy week for me. I’m hosting two retreats! I’m not going to lie,Creativity = Money…REALLY? I kind of feel like a kid that’s getting ready for their first day of school. I’m nervous, excited and getting prepared.

Stepping away from your business is such an important tool to growth. I know you feel like you can’t get away. Client work will suffer, invoices won’t go out, travel is too expensive. The excuses have to stop. Because the only regret you’ll have if you go is why you didn’t do this sooner!

Besides meeting with other business owners who share your passion and drive, gaining fresh ideas and a fresh perspective are often the biggest takeaways from a retreat.

It’s July. 2016 is halfway over. I know you made plans, budgets and projections in January, but when’s the last time you checked in? Here are three things you should do this July:

  • Review your finances for the year, compare them to the previous year
  • Evaluate your marketing and sales strategies
  • Revise and adjust your business growth plan for the rest of the year (get to a retreat if you can)

We are covering all of the above at the retreat this week, along with:

  • Creating a marketing sequence for a webinar and a live event
  • Growing a client’s team to assist and support growth
  • Looking at the sales conversation and how to improve it
  • Identifying the blocks that held someone back from stepping into their value and asking for their worth and creating a strategy to work through it and increase confidence

You’ve had over 6 months to see what’s working and what’s not. Focus energy in the direction of things that are working.

If marketing needs to shift, do it.

If who your ideal client is has changed, find them.

If networking hasn’t been on your calendar, add it.

This is the perfect time to look at the rest of your year. Let me know on the SSC Facebook or LinkedIn pages what you want to work on.

And if you want to chat with me further, reach out to I’m offering complimentary breakthrough session calls next week. Get on my calendar.

The Power Of The Small Event

I love going to small group events!

Getting out from behind the computer to take time to meet new people, expand my horizons, and gain a new perspective on business are just a few of the Ivy Slater - Slater Success Coachingreasons why I attend.

I host a Business Success Retreat (otherwise known as BSR).

A BSR is a small group event where business owners come together in one room and mastermind about their businesses. Attendees learn about other businesses and meet people that are trying to grow their business to the next level. These are my favorite types of events to host, because connections happen, breakthroughs happen and lives change.

For my business, a BSR is at the beginning of my sales funnel.  This small event gives prospective clients an opportunity to know like and trust the Slater Success Coaching brand.

I use specific strategies when creating a BSR in order to hold a successful event.

First, Team SSC always starts by offering the BSR as an opportunity to learn more about the brand and how we can work to grow your business.  This gives us something to always offer and most importantly give value to our clients which is always high on my agenda. We plan all the BSR Events a year in advance.

Second, we start to build out the experience.  Where are we going to have this retreat? What experience do we want our attendees to have at this retreat?  What is the budget for this retreat?

The final step is to fill the retreat.  This is where we go through our Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) and reach back out to potential clients that would be a great fit for the event.

At a recent BSR there was a woman who flew across the Country to attend.  She was sharing the event with her friends and they thought she was nuts!  She told them she would not have missed it for the world.  She was already receiving great advice from colleagues and friends but still felt stuck in her business.  The small group environment provided by the BSR gave her fresh business ideas. The travel experience cleared her mind, leaving her refreshed and recharged.  

Small events impact you personally.

You see the results in your business when you meet someone that becomes a friend, a referral source, even a client.

You open up more than you ever thought possible because you feel safe and in a place of support.

You strategize and get creative in a room filled with potential.

Are you interested in putting together your own small events so you can grow your business? Reply and lets brainstorm your next small event.

The Greatest Tears

Last week was a wonderful celebration as the members of Ivy’s Money League (IML) came together for a two-day retreat in New York City.

There were many celebrations of success, as well as tears shed, as we worked through the next growth steps of everyone’s business.

One thing I learned when building SSC, 

is that the flow of tears has been a great asset to me.

This is not about being a cry baby, it is about transformation!

As a business coach, and working with my own coach over the years, this is what I have learned:

  • When I cry, it usually leads to a breakthrough for my business.

  • At those breakthroughs come transformations that help me grow my business.

  • I can truly attribute every major breakdown to the transformation that often resulted in $100K in growth.

Sounds awesome, right?!

As I witnessed the IML clients having their breakthroughs, I thought to myself, how amazing it is to be surrounded by a community we refer to as a family. True support systems for one another.

Many of the clients were apprehensive about crying, breaking down and expressing their emotions in such a public way. They weren’t used to that vulnerability and I knew just how they felt.

My first “breakdown to breakthrough” came at a very uncomfortable time in my life. 

I find it important to be transparent, so here’s my story…

It’s January 2011. I went to Charlotte, NC for a retreat with a coach that I had met once before and had been conversing with. I was fearful to get on that plane and make this meeting happen, but I knew I needed to do something different to grow the business.

There I was, standing in the front of a room full of strangers and I was called out on what was not working in my business and what actions I would take to change that.

I felt the tears flowing, actually POURING, from my eyes.

I felt humiliated and embarrassed. I was not surrounded by people I knew, a community I felt comfortable with, or family I could count on. But, I realized those tears were exactly what I needed in that moment.

That breakthrough was paramount for me. I had been running a million dollar printing company and then all of a sudden when I started SSC, I wasn’t even selling $30K per year.

After the tears, the breakdown… I crossed $100K that year.  

I am so proud of the IML family. They supported one another through those very important, life-changing, defining breakthroughs. I know we are kicking off a great 2016!

Have you had a breakdown to breakthrough you want to share? Please do so on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn page.



Wow, I did all of that?!


It’s that time of year when we find ourselves reflecting back on the year we’ve

had. If you remember last week, I told you about my big, wall calendar that I bring out to plan the year ahead. Well, I pulled out the calendar from 2015 and started to go over each month, each day, and look at the amazing and fantastic year I celebrated.

I held numerous webinars; hosted live events; spoke at a variety of networking events; traveled for work events, while adding in some family visits at the same time (combining personal and business in the best way possible);

hired new team members; worked with existing and new clients that make me love what I do every day; celebrated a milestone anniversary with my husband; took many glorious vacations; spent quality time with family during holidays and reunions; spent time with my mom cooking and shopping and just being girls; watched my kids grow into the super adults they are becoming; and SO MUCH MORE.

Even just this past weekend, the whole family was together to celebrate my husband’s birthday and we got these great photos.

Not one of my memories were bad ones. And I’m sure some things happened that weren’t that great, like technical glitches or travel fiascos or team issues. But I focused on the positive, the beautiful, the life changing memories, and the negative ones just melted away.

Celebrate what has gone right for you in 2015, both personally and professionally. I bet you’ll find that each month brought something to the table.

I suggest sitting down and going through your year, taking a moment to remember and rejoice in the successes. You’ll be in such a positive frame of mind, that it will be the perfect time to start your 2016 planning. If you need help with that, don’t hesitate to reach out! Email us at

Years tend to fly the older we get, and it’s tough to remember all the little details that made that year so grand. I know your business went through some changes, some good, some maybe not so good. Look at the good and see the difference in where you are now, to where you were last December. I guarantee you’ve made strides and accomplished goals you never dreamed.

I’m proud that I was part of your 2015 and I look forward to getting to know more and more about you as the years go on. Thank you for reading, responding and giving me feedback and suggestions. Your voices and your words bring me so much joy.

Please tell me your biggest accomplishments of 2015 on the  SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages and let’s celebrate them together!

Cheers to your Success.


Are You Consistent?

This past week has been busy with fabulous travel. I have spoken to various groups inFlorida and California, giving workshops along the way. What I did was build in business, family and fun all mixed together. I am fortunate to have built out communities in areas where I have family.

One of the highlights of the trip was parent’s weekend at USC in Southern California to visit my son, Bryce. We did all the activities we could squeeze in: tailgates, football games, family brunches and a lot of great conversation! Our family loves football and the USC team this year had some fabulous lessons to be learned.

This year they came back to a new team with a new coach. They had great plans and high expectations. Unfortunately, things do not always go as planned. The coach was not a great leader, made various personal and team errors and was let go a couple of weeks ago.

Now they are being led by one of the lower level coaches and the team has been struggling. Though, at this past weekends game, the stands were filled, everyone came out to cheer, support and believe we could win the game.

It started with a quick touchdown that reinforced the intention to win. Then things got abit dicey. Utah was playing hard and playing to win, but USC stepped up their game ultimately winning by a score of 42-24.

Do you see any comparisons in your business? How often do you feel like the underdog, feeling a bit defeated or unsure about the flow of sales and money? How often do you lack the belief that you will succeed and wish you were in a stadium of fans that believed in you. Maybe even more than you believe in yourself at that moment.

Every business needs a great leader.There may be days we do not feel our best, but I encourage you to show up and play your game, be the CEO of your company at 100%.

When you have a bad play or two in the game, how do you rally? How do you come back to win your game and lead your business to the success you have committed to?

Football, and all sports for that matter, is about consistent practice and training. Are you being consistent in your business? Are you being consistent in your actions? 

Here a few tips on consistency for success:

  • Work off a consistent to-do list and have it scheduled out in a calendar

  • Be consistent in your networking and follow-up

  • Be consistent in creating relationships and getting to know people

  • Be consistent in sales calls and sales follow-up

  • Be consistent in knowing your numbers and your money in your business

  • Be consistent in communication with your team.

As you see, consistency is the game winning approach to your business. Let me know on the SSC Facebook Page or LinkedIn pages where consistency has helped you the most and where you can use some help.
Cheers to your Success.


The quote I heard yesterday that made a huge impact

Yesterday I spent the day at the “Steal The Show, Book Tour” with author Michael Port in NYC and although almost everything he said was quoteworthy, one of them really stuck out to me, “Heroes support others.”

I love learning, and always have my eye out for ways I can continue to develop, as well as get out there and meet people. Yesterday, I enjoyed learning and expanding my speaking and performance skills. Yes, I already do a large amount of public speaking and you will see below some upcoming speaking engagements. This does not stop me from continuing to work on and improve myself. Deliverability and performance are key elements to impacting the audience and causing them to take steps in their business that will impact their business growth. For me to be of best assistance to others, I need to be on my best game.

When I am out there meeting others, the one thing I love is connecting people to one another. Even if it has nothing to do with my business or me personally, the idea of helping two people find each other in this world is extremely fulfilling.

I attend a lot of networking events and I meet a lot of people, some of whom end up being clients and some of whom end up being friends. The wonderful thing about meeting new people is that every person you meet brings a specific talent and skill with them. I have matched new business owners with copywriters and designers; new coaches with mentors; mompreneurs with other mompreneurs; and so on and so forth.

I send connection emails all the time. It takes me just a few moments and the lasting relationships that are often built are extraordinary. All it takes is one email, and I can help someone find their missing counterpart. Simply put, supporting others. 

Supporting one another is a strong human emotion. How many times have you wanted to play matchmaker with two single acquaintances? Or seen a great DIY project and couldn’t wait to share it with your crafty friends? Or found out a family member was engaged or expecting and wanted to scream it to the world? Supporting others, being there. Cheering them on and wanting success and joy to follow them everywhere.It’s one of my mottos and it’s awesome!

We can all go at this world alone, but that seems quite lonely. As Michael said, “Heroes support others,” and I think we should all be someone’s hero. 

How amazing this world would be if we all made that little extra effort to show our support, both in our professional and personal lives.

Head on over to the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages and tell me how you will show someone support today.


Cheers to your Success.


Remember The Beginning

I had the opportunity to attend a beautiful wedding this weekend. Weddings make me feel so much emotion, even though I’ve been married for many years. They put me back in touch with how it all began and what is really important. I’m reminded that love is the foundation and the emotion to embrace through good times and bad.

When I think about business, it’s the same type of commitment. Through good times and bad, you must work smart to stay the course. Show up and give your best every day. Love is also the foundation for your business. You started your business because you LOVED doing something and that something became your life’s work. 

Even when you think you can’t go on one more day, and the stress is too much to handle, and the workload is daunting and you aren’t seeing the income you desire, think about how it all began. Think about your dreams when you first started out. Think about your plans. Think about the butterflies, the excitement. Think about how you felt when you signed that first client. All of those feelings can return. You can fall in love with your business all over again. Just figure out what isn’t working and make some changes. One small change can make a world of difference.

Back to the wedding weekend…I have known the groom since he was just a boy and I know what a fantastic family he has around him, the support and love is overflowing. I know that has shaped him into the man he is today and surrounding yourself with people that know, love and understand you is not only important in life, but also in business.

When you have a support team (really a family) that will stand by your side through it all, you find you can tackle obstacles and challenges with a lot more confidence and success. Being in business isn’t a piece of cake. Whether you’ve done it for one year or ten years, you already know that. It’s tough and we need that outstretched hand, that smiling face, that big bear hug, that encouraging word to get us to the next day, the next step, the next level.

At weddings there’s a first dance, which reminds me of that first year in business. You are embracing it, loving it, showing it off to the world. Literally dancing for joy.

Then you cut the cake. This reminds me of when it really gets sweet. Clients are coming in, money is coming in and you can take a moment to be silly and just have fun.

And of course just having your guests all around you. This reminds me of team, family, friends, everyone who is watching your journey and rooting for you, for the long-term.

Are you working hard in your business to stay the course? Are you all in? Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages.

Cheers to your Success.