Can we stop doing this?

When I was very young, I had that typical girl mentality…

I don’t like her because:

~She’s prettier than me.

~She’s a better dancer.

~The guy I like likes her more.

~She’s smarter than me.

It wasn’t until I was a little older that I realized the power we have as women when we are supportive of one another.

I don’t know why everything has to be a competition between women. We all have special skills and attributes that no one else can match and we need to stop breaking each other down, and instead start lifting each other up.

I work primarily with women and a few special men in my coaching business and I could not be prouder when they come to me with fantastic news. I genuinely want to see them excel. I want to help them reach their wildest dreams. I want them to make a great income and live an even greater life.

When we support each other, we are truly unstoppable. You’ve heard the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child.” And isn’t that the truth? I loved when my kids were in school and I was attending parent meetings and we were planning events and leaning on one another to take on projects or just chit chatting about the crazy journey of parenthood. We needed each other to get through some of those long and busy days.

I think it takes a village to run and grow a business, too. We need each other. If we stopped the competition, the pettiness, the need to be the best and instead focused on friendship, support and love, this world would be one fantastic place.

There will always be someone prettier, smarter, faster, more creative, but they won’t be YOU. You have all you need and if you partner up with the ladies who have different skills than you and you put those skills to work together, you are going to grow and thrive and be super successful.

I have been fortunate to have mentors, coaches, and friends support me in this journey in building Slater Success Coaching and they have made the difference in my success. In helping me see what is at times right in front of me, yet invisible to my eyes and support me in taking actions that are out of my comfort zone. They stand for me, and with me, in good times and in the more difficult times.

Tell me about one of your favorite women friendships in business and how you worked together to make something amazing happen. Share with me on the SSC Facebook and LinkedIn page.

You are going to change the world

A fantastic movie does something to our souls. It can make us feel joy, hope, happiness, sadness. I recently saw, Hidden Figures, based off the real-life story of African-American mathematician Katherine Johnson and her two colleagues, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. I am not going to give the movie away, so it is ok to keep reading.

These amazing women worked with NASA to provide math calculations needed to launch the program’s first successful space missions.

I was blown away. The power and the impact these women had decades ago, in a time of segregation and a time when women in business, and leadership roles, wasn’t as common as it is today.

If these women could break through the many obstacles and challenges before them in the 1960s, what can we be doing as women in business in 2017? The opportunities we have before us are great.

No matter what industry you are in, you are making a difference and you are doing work that is needed. Keep going! I am behind you and there are millions of women entrepreneurs and business leaders on your side, too.

Just as these women’s calculations changed the course of history, our work changes the world, too.

Every time a client tells me, “They have grown their sales” or “They have stepped into their leadership and are leading a team” or “They have reached or surpassed their goals” or “They no longer have any more debt,” I know their lives are changed forever. And it makes me proud and honored to be a coach and do what I do.

You have changed plenty of lives. I’ve shared with you in the past, that’s it’s important to ask for testimonials and read them out loud to yourself, often. You are helping people to grow their businesses, save money, make money, look and feel beautiful, learn about nutrition, live with less stress – no matter what it might be.


You are making an impact in this world. You are a strong leader and in 2017, reflect on that positive power.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing everyday that scares you.”

I think that is perfect advice to leave you with this week. What are you going to do in 2017 to make a bigger impact in this world? Share with me on the SSC Facebook or LinkedIn page.

P.S.  I do recommend seeing Hidden Figures!

Who is the Boss in 2017?

2017 is here. It’s not coming. It’s not happening soon. It’s here. Be a boss, CEO, manager, director and leader this year. Take control. Get stuff done. Make money. Live your life. No excuses.

I’m changing things up and I’m starting newsletter number one of the new year off on a different note. I’m always here to inspire and motivate you. But I’m also here to push you. To make you uncomfortable and squirm a bit in your seat. When that happens, great things follow.

I want you to embrace leadership this year. You run a business. You’re a boss. Act that way. Even if you are a business of one, you need to step into the role you created for yourself. You are in charge. You determine what this year looks like for you.

Is it the year you crush your revenue goals? Or another year you make ‘just’ enough?

Is it the year you raise your prices to finally ask for what you’re worth? Or another year of being afraid of asking for your value?

Is it the year you hire a team, delegate tasks and focus on business development and sales? Or another year you continue to do it all yourself and stunt your own growth?

Be a boss, the CEO, the head honcho. I’m working on changes and developments in my business that scare the hell out of me. I’ll share everything with you in due time, but for now, know this. You can do it. You can do whatever you want. You can make this year different. You are never stuck. You always have a choice.

Be a boss. Start planning for a 2017 that blows you away. I worked on the boring end of year stuff last week. Filing, cleaning my desk, deleting emails. Then I took Thursday-yesterday off to spend time with my kids and my husband.

I rang in the new year with revolving guests in my home, averaging at 13, and then concluded the weekend with hosting a Rose Bowl party and supporting USC, Go Trojans!

USC won the game in the last 5 seconds, it is an article unto itself. They started off strong, took the lead and took control of the game. Then in the second half they were falling behind, the team stayed in the game, fighting for what was important to them… a win, led by a freshman quarterback, YES a young man still in his teens brought home the win in the last 5 seconds. What a game!

How did you close 2016 and what was your greatest accomplishment? Share with me on the SSC Facebook and LinkedIn page.

Feeling Emotional…


SSC Live was just a few weeks ago and producing the event brought me back to some of the other major events in my life and the emotions that accompanied them.

True Love and Joy.

My wedding day.

Amazement, Anxiousness, Happiness.

The birth of our children.

Beaming with Pride.

Watching our children celebrate milestones (Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s, graduations)

Confidence and Honor.

Starting a successful business and watching it grow each year.

Running your own business is very emotional. It comes with ups and downs. It’s a rollercoaster and you’re never quite sure of what turns, twists and hills are ahead.

Every experience and every emotion adds to your growth. 

When you hold an event and attendance far surpasses your goal and sign new clients with ease, you feel HAPPY.

Then again, when you hold a webinar and sign ups are slim and you spend time and energy and don’t see results, you feel FRUSTRATED.

When you brainstorm with your team and come up with an awesome new marketing campaign, you feel EXCITED.

But when you speak at an event and you don’t feel the audience connected with you at all, you feel DISCOURAGED.

Every experience and every emotion adds to your growth.

Take it all in.

The good and the bad.

Celebrate the happy times and learn from the not so happy times.

I’m feeling emotional because another annual event is in the books and I’m on to the next big thing.

And believe me… I felt happy, frustrated, excited and discouraged throughout the planning and execution of this event. It wasn’t easy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Every experience and every emotion adds to your growth.

Tell me what you’re feeling emotional about today on the SSC Facebook Page and/or LinkedIn page.



Get Organized: My Top 5 Spring Cleaning For Your Business Tips

April is almost over and if your spring cleaning hasn’t happened quite yet, 
that’s okay! But this is really a great time of the year to not only do some spring cleaning around the house, but also in your business.

I hold my annual event, SSC LIVE in May (just a few weeks away now) and spring cleaning has NOT been on my agenda. I’ve been busy with my team working on slides, talking to venues and preparing details for this major one-day session.

I decided to take some time today and put together a list, for me, just as much as for you, on some spring cleaning action items. You know me, an action plan is the way to accomplish a goal. Without one, goals tend to remain goals and never turn into realities. Being organized in your work area leads to successful actions and results.

So here are my Top 5 Spring Cleaning For Your Business Tips:

  1. Clean out your emails! Delete what you don’t need and save what you do. Looking at a messy inbox is just as bad as keeping clothes in the closet that you haven’t worn for 6 months.

  1. Follow-up with the last ten people you met and close at least one deal. Get those business cards out of the ‘to do’ pile and into the ‘follow-up’ pile. Follow up with some of the people or companies who were interested in you, yet were not ready to commit. If you haven’t made contact yet, do it now before the summer months creep up on you and you’re on the beach, not at your desk.

  1. Think about a summer team retreat and plan it. Summer gives us a little more time to have fun. Many of our clients will be on vacation, we ourselves will be on vacation, and projects tend to get held off until the Fall. So, use the slower time and get your team together. This is really  important if your team is virtual, or scattered across the globe, because it might be the only time of the year, you can all get together in one place to brainstorm, strategize and just plain hang out and TALK.

  1. Stock up on promotional/office supplies. This task probably falls to one of your team members, but make sure it’s on track. Do you give out pens? Folders? Keychains? Make sure your inventory is stocked. You might want to pass some out as you meet people on vacation this Summer and it’s a lot more friendly when you network with a gift, something thoughtful and fun, and not just a business card. Plus, by the time Fall rolls around and you’re busier than ever, you’ll have this piece of the business under control. Running out of business cards or company envelopes and having to do a rush order is costly and unnecessary.

  1. Write down the worst 3-5 ideas you tried this year that just didn’t work. Looking at that list will really help you moving forward. These items need to be ‘cleaned’ from your brain. Maybe you thought it was going to be a good idea to join 20 Facebook groups for entrepreneurs. And you realize you were only active in about 10. Get out of the groups that aren’t doing anything for you and focus on the 10 that are. Clean out the stuff that just isn’t making the cut and don’t repeat.

I want to hear some of your spring cleaning tips for your business. Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and/or LinkedIn page.




Creativity = Money…REALLY?


Stepping Outside The Comfort Zone

One of the things I love about my business is that I have created retreats as Creativity = Money…REALLY?
parts of different programs I offer. I have seen entrepreneurs thrive from these retreats, stepping outside of their comfort zone and into the next level.

Sometimes it’s a room full of strangers. Other times, a small intimate community or family who works one-on-one with me and gather several times a year to support and grow their businesses.

Keywords for Success

Recently, I held a “Money Masters” retreat. These are my high-level clients and we worked together using two keywords: Creativity and Structure.

I truly believe in the combination of these two powerful words as ingredients for growth in your business. Too often, entrepreneurs ignore the importance of Creativity and the vital piece it plays in development.

Systems and Structure are great, but a business lacking Creativity, lacks the power to expand.

During the retreat we looked at wildly successful business people like Bill Gates, Sara Blakely,  Richard Branson, Elon Musk and how they are always on the cutting edge of Creative.

Start with Structure and then use Creative ideas to build it into a system that expands, develops and creates income.

One of the fun activities we did to bring home the key aspects of Creativity and Structure was a cooking class, just for us, with a private chef.

Development of a recipe begins with the Structure, the primary ingredients. Then, of course, the Chef adds their own flavor and Creativity to the dish to make it in their own style. Those unique styles set famous chefs apart from ordinary ones.

Be the Chef in your business. Get creative! What is one Creative idea you’ve had lately that you really want to explore further? Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn page.



Wow, I did all of that?!


It’s that time of year when we find ourselves reflecting back on the year we’ve

had. If you remember last week, I told you about my big, wall calendar that I bring out to plan the year ahead. Well, I pulled out the calendar from 2015 and started to go over each month, each day, and look at the amazing and fantastic year I celebrated.

I held numerous webinars; hosted live events; spoke at a variety of networking events; traveled for work events, while adding in some family visits at the same time (combining personal and business in the best way possible);

hired new team members; worked with existing and new clients that make me love what I do every day; celebrated a milestone anniversary with my husband; took many glorious vacations; spent quality time with family during holidays and reunions; spent time with my mom cooking and shopping and just being girls; watched my kids grow into the super adults they are becoming; and SO MUCH MORE.

Even just this past weekend, the whole family was together to celebrate my husband’s birthday and we got these great photos.

Not one of my memories were bad ones. And I’m sure some things happened that weren’t that great, like technical glitches or travel fiascos or team issues. But I focused on the positive, the beautiful, the life changing memories, and the negative ones just melted away.

Celebrate what has gone right for you in 2015, both personally and professionally. I bet you’ll find that each month brought something to the table.

I suggest sitting down and going through your year, taking a moment to remember and rejoice in the successes. You’ll be in such a positive frame of mind, that it will be the perfect time to start your 2016 planning. If you need help with that, don’t hesitate to reach out! Email us at

Years tend to fly the older we get, and it’s tough to remember all the little details that made that year so grand. I know your business went through some changes, some good, some maybe not so good. Look at the good and see the difference in where you are now, to where you were last December. I guarantee you’ve made strides and accomplished goals you never dreamed.

I’m proud that I was part of your 2015 and I look forward to getting to know more and more about you as the years go on. Thank you for reading, responding and giving me feedback and suggestions. Your voices and your words bring me so much joy.

Please tell me your biggest accomplishments of 2015 on the  SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages and let’s celebrate them together!

Cheers to your Success.


Are you in need of an attitude adjustment?

We all have our own specific businesses and ways we work. We all set goals and we all celebrate accomplishments in a different way. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Some of us are outgoing and confident, some of us are shy and feel awkward amongst our peers. Some of us work from an office with a full support team, some of us work part-time as a one-woman/man show, and some of us work from home while balancing the duties of parent and entrepreneur.

We may find ourselves envying those around us.

“If I only had as much time…

If I had more people on my team…

If I could network better…

I have a solution to your problem. Stop envying and instead start changing your attitude. Attitude is the one part of our business that is completely up to us. Sure we can’t always choose where we work from, or how much time we have in a day, but we can choose how we react to situations and whether we let negativity overshadow our day.

A perfect example of this comes from my own personal experience over the weekend as we celebrated my mom’s birthday. My mom is in her senior years and is often in a lot of pain due to her arthritis. I know it is very tough on her, yet she always maintains a great attitude. No matter how much she may be hurting, she pushes forward to live a life that is not just tolerable, but also wonderful. Her time with family and friends helps her push through the pain. She exercises regularly and strives to eat healthy foods. She doesn’t let anything stop her from living her life as she wants.

A positive attitude should be right up there along with your marketing, sales and money plans. It should be something you focus on, pay attention to, and constantly work to improve.

Hey, I get it. Some days are tough. Sales calls aren’t going well, emails are piling up, family drama is clouding your judgment, and you just want to throw in the towel. It’s okay to have bad days, we all do, but overall, work to adjust your attitude and find the silver lining in every problem. Take failures and turn them into lessons. Take a busy day with a grain of salt because hey, wouldn’t you rather be busy than not busy at all?

I consider myself an extremely positive person. I smile through my day because I feel that smile comes across as I speak on the phone to a client, Skype my team, or grab a coffee down the block. A smile changes your whole mood. A deep breath calms your nerves. A laugh makes you forget about your to do list for a moment.

Take some time this week to look at your attitude and adjust as necessary. You are living this dream because you desire a certain lifestyle. You want freedom and flexibility and the chance to provide for your life doing what you love to do. That should really be all the motivation you need to smile, to laugh, to just let it go. Life is very short; there isn’t enough room for stress and anxiety.

Accept what you can’t change and figure out a way to make it work for you. Stay positive, stay consistent and keep on moving. You are doing an awesome job!

Head on over to the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn page  pages and tell me how you will work on your attitude this week.

Cheers to your Success.


If Not Now…When?

When you have three generations under one roof, add in friends, friends of friends, neighbors, all together about 30 guests for a small Labor Day weekend BBQ, what do you learn?

Out of this group…

  • We had guests in their young 20’s, just getting started in the working world
  • Young couples working their way up the corporate/life ladder
  • Parents in their 50’s and 60’s with a lot of work and life experience
  • The matriarch’s of the family in their mid 80’s that have really seen it all

We drank, laughed, danced (you can find the dancing video on my Facebook page) and learned from life lessons. Together the generations were splashing in the pool, enjoying sangria and while dancing made comments like:

“If you don’t start living and doing today, then when?”

How true this is for business owners or people thinking about starting a business.

There is no perfect time.

There is no “wait until” moment.

There is today. 

If you want something, it is up to you to make it happen. This is your life and your time to create the life you want to live and start living it.

These lessons come directly into your business as well. You know who I am talking about – those of you who are waiting for that right time…better time…to start taking action.

You are organizing all the back ends of your business, but you are not working on the key steps that will actually grow your business.

Get on the phone and talk with people, get to truly know them, don’t hide behind email.

How often are you actually making sales calls, tracking those calls and looking at your success rates?

If not now… WHEN?  

I invite you to start creating the lives and businesses that you desire. Stop waiting and begin a life of action.

Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn page what actions you are committed to taking to create the life you desire.


Cheers to your Success.


I am growing… HELP!

Growing pains is a great problem to have until you have growing pains. 

Since hosting SSC Live, I have had many conversations with different business owners, as well as continuous conversations with my clients who are all growing their businesses.

See the photo of my high-level clients, the Money Masters, on your right? A continuous dialogue that goes on is…

“Ivy, when should I hire?”

“Ivy, should I move to an office?”

 “Ivy, should I take on this sponsorship?”

What do all these questions have in common? They all end up with you investing money into your business. And you want to know when is the right time? Is there a right time? Is the time now?

These are the toughest decisions we have to make and the bottom line is… we need to address growth in the early stages of growth.

Many business owners want to wait until they feel they can finance the growth more comfortably. Yes, this would be wonderful but know this, by waiting you are taking the risk and the high probability of stunting your growth.

Look at the analogy of a growing child. Are you going to feed them after they grow or give them the nutrition, brain power, education and sleep that will help them grow into flourishing individuals?

When looking to your goals for the year, look at your business and see if what you have in place will support the achievement. Do you have staff in place to service the achieved goal?  Do you have space in your office to house your business at this goal?  Do you have back-end systems set up to work efficiently once you achieve this goal?

Based on how you answered the above, start putting things in place. You want to hire at least 60 days prior to your needs. This will give you the opportunity to train and get your new team up to speed.

Next, get on the financial plan. It’s vital for growth and expansion.  As I have said before, every business must be able to be supported financially. In many small businesses, we use credit cards, or loans (personal or business) to support our growth. I have a system in place that includes putting aside small amounts of money into a rainy day or expansion day fund. You will be surprised how a small amount grows over time. The important part is getting started.

Your action step today is to join me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn page and share how you will be planning the growth of your business. What are you committing to?

Cheers to your Success.