A Goal Accomplished

I’ve always been a firm believer in goal setting and I’ve worked with all of my clients over the years on defining their goals, setting out the action plans to achieve them and then taking the steps to make that happen.

One of the keys to success in goal achievement is about the specificity of the goal, the definition of the clear and consistent actions to get there and, of course, the celebration in the achievement.

This has all been brought back to me in the last week on both the business and personal front.

On the personal side, I watched my son graduate from his dream school last weekend, not only graduate but do it surrounded by our family.

Six years ago, he defined what he wanted in his college life and knew the industry in which he wanted to work. He set out creating and following through a clear course of action with a combination of classes, internships and creating his network.

As he completed his finals and papers and got ready for his graduation, he managed to schedule three interviews for companies in his chosen field. Believe me, he is not perfect or different from any other graduating seniors who have had a clear course of action and definite goals. But without actions plans, goals can’t become realities.

When I was in San Francisco last week, I was speaking to two different groups. One evening we spent time talking about the importance of having a goal and the connection to the goal. There were many new entrepreneurs in the audience and this was and is a groundbreaking piece of advice for anyone starting out in a new business. It is also relevant any time you are expanding a business or starting a new project.

Here are the steps I teach around goal setting:

  1. Identify the goal.
  2. Review the goal and make sure you it is specific. (General goals are often overlooked and become unmeasurable)
  3. Create or identify the “specific” actions you need to take to achieve the goal.
  4. Calendar out the actions in a realistic schedule.
  5. Celebrate. When I say this, it’s not just celebrating when you’ve achieved the goal, it’s celebrating every small action step you take towards the goal. I must say our family celebrated all weekend especially when a job offer came through 12 hours before graduation.

Share with me on the SSC FB or LinkedIn page your goals and celebrations. We are all in this together and if you want to talk in more detail, please reach out to su pport@slatersuccesscoaching.com.

On a walk, by the pool, even at dinner…this kept happening

My husband and I were recently in Austin, Texas for a wedding. Great city and wonderful wedding! This is the time of of our lives when we find a lot of our peers’ children are getting married and it’s fantastic to travel and reconnect with long-time friends.

Some I saw in Austin I’ve known close to 35 years. It’s these times of happiness and love, and also times of sadness and loss that bring families and friends together.

People traveled from New York, Ohio, Maryland, Florida and many other destinations to celebrate young love and new beginnings.

I share often that there is no hard line between professional life and personal life and this weekend really brought that concept to light with crystal clarity. I was catching up with old friends, we were sharing stories about our families, and what we were up to in our lives and careers.

I was surprised to find out a bunch of people follow me on social media, watch my weekly videos, look for my insights on business strategy, sales, networking and fun.

On a morning walk, I learned a friend was not asking for their value in their consulting work and consistently undercharging. A small chat started from that.

By the pool, I met a friend of a friend who is all about women empowerment and started a non-profit for young women. Another wonderful discussion there.

A woman at my table at dinner shares mutual interests with me in helping women grow in their careers and businesses. Yet another great conversation.

I love learning and did a tour of the city and the hill country, where we were escorted by a wonderful tour guide from Austin Detour named Jason. He shared how the company was growing, setting yearly goals, the expansion plans and how as a musician he is creating his success in music and sharing the love of his city with others. I loved hearing his story.

I met new people and reconnected with others in almost every situation that weekend and we ended up talking business. Relationships began and relationships grew.

I ask you today to look at your old and new relationships, those based on friendships, based on business, based on mutual friends. They really are all one.

Are you embracing every relationship? Where are you finding new ones? How are you building on the ones you are finding?

Share with me on the SSC FB and LinkedIn pages!

She said it, I said it, you should say it, too

I watched something recently that sparked a huge reaction in me. It was a TED talk with the amazing Shonda Rhimes about her year of saying yes. You can watch the talk here and I really encourage you to do so. It’s a dose of inspiration you need today.

She spoke about saying yes to everything for a year. Things that were out of her comfort zone like appearing on live television or speaking in public, and also things at home with her daughters, like playtime, even when she was too busy to think or on her way out the door.

It changed her life in so many ways and she explained that making the change and spending more time with her daughters and more time to ‘play’ in general, didn’t affect her work. She still found the time she needed to create, and as you know, she creates amazing television that we can’t wait to watch every week (Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, etc.).

I have also been saying yes this year. I’ve attended a lot of events that I might not have before due to “not having time” or “not seeing results.” Silly excuses, honestly.

I stopped worrying so much about the outcome and instead, simply enjoyed the experience.

Because I said yes…

I spent more quality time with my husband, my kids, my family and my friends…

I met wonderful and fascinating people…

I made relationships to last a lifetime…

I learned new things and grew professionally and personally…

I signed clients I didn’t even know were out there…

I began to see a shift in my business that will change SSC forever…

I was happier, more energetic, more inspired, more creative and became a better wife, mom and business owner

I had no idea the impact that one, tiny, yet powerful word would have on my life.

If you are reading this today, I want you to start saying yes. Start small. Accept an invitation to a new networking event. Take a seat on that panel discussion. Take a day trip with your kids. Spend a romantic night on the town with your spouse. Say yes to the things that are scary AND to the things that thrill you.

We grow in many different ways in our life. We grow taller, we grow more mature, we grow in our knowledge. Learn to grow in the areas that don’t come as naturally. Grow into yourself, grow out of your fears and grow into the person you want to be.

I’m with you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out to me anytime you want to talk at support@slatersuccesscoaching.com

Can you answer these questions?

I have to get that marketing strategy completed.

I have to go to that networking event in the city.

I have to call that client back about their invoice.

I have to post more on social media.

I have to…


What? & Why?

Last week, I hosted a BSR and spent two fantastic days with business owners at all levels and stages of their careers.

Everyone felt really stuck in the work and what needed to get done. So we turned off that part of our brains for a moment and we talked about what is important to them and why it’s important. Two really simple questions.

I talked about buying a timeshare. Was I really buying a timeshare or was I buying a ski holiday with my family? You know the answer.

We buy ‘things’ but we actually buy time, experiences, happiness. My adult children love to ski with us, it’s something we really enjoy as a family and a trip we always plan.

In business, we work for ‘money’ but that’s not what we want. Money is just the energy of what we really want in our lives, what is important to us and in today’s currency model it is how we achieve it or purchase it.

What do you want and why do you want it?

I encourage you to create a list to make it really top of mind.

If you want to share your list with the SSC Community, please do so on the SSC Facebook page. And let’s support one another as we share. If you want to reach out and talk because your what and your why are not clear, I’m here. Schedule a chat right now.

A Key Piece not to miss at year-end

IMG_6682There’s something you don’t do enough. You should do it. You think about doing it. But it isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. Why is this important and why do I encourage you to join me in this?

You need to celebrate!


Every single time I make a sale, I celebrate.

If I sell a copy of my book, that’s $20. That’s a manicure. That’s a cause for celebration. It doesn’t always have to be the big sales that get our attention. Those little sales make a much bigger impact than you think.

Celebrating your success is a way to reflect and appreciate the fact that you are living your dream. You are running a business, bringing in an income and working every day to accomplish new goals.

Celebrations can mean many things. Maybe it’s a purchase, but sometimes it’s just a simple pleasure like spending an evening with your friend, or for me this past weekend, celebrating my husband Michael’s birthday and filling an entire weekend with fun. Or it’s taking the team to lunch or writing an email to your mentor.

We work hard! And we need to allow ourselves to enjoy it. No sale is too small to raise a glass in celebration. Whether it’s mulled wine, champagne or apple cider – whatever your fancy.

And celebrations don’t have to be major, either.

My team and I use various forms of communication and one of our channels is an app called Slack. It’s a great place to keep projects in check, but it’s also a fantastic place to share the good news of what’s happening in the business and send over congratulations and thanks.

Just tagging one another in the app and sending over a “super job” or “way to go,” boosts morale and keeps us motivated and moving toward the next chapter.

Celebrate! That’s my advice for this week and especially as you enter the new year. Share your celebrations with me on the SSC Facebook or LinkedIn page! I want to hear from you!

Traveling? Still time for sales!

I’m back from LA where my family and I attended parent’s weekend at USC. We had so much fun! Great meals, tailgates, football games and quality time spent together.

I love time with my family, especially now that my kids are adults and we have fun in an entirely new way.

People always ask me,”Ivy, you’re on the road so much and you always make time for family, but how do you keep moving your business forward and have time for sales while you’re away?”

I talk and teach about sales all the time. A businesses success and growth potential is based on strong and consistent sales. It’s the backbone of any business. The result of sales is what pays our bills, gives us money to invest in marketing and growth and allows us to live the lifestyle we desire.

Here’s how to continue making sales even when you’re on the road or spending time with family.

Here are some of my personal tips I use at SSC:

  1. Always have a short list of follow-ups with you. It could be in your phone or printed out, but most importantly have it handy. Keep yourself on people’s minds.
  2. Don’t rely on Wi-Fi.
  3. Delays and downtime will happen. Be ready to take action, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.

I use the three I’s as a resource to stay connected:

Information. Send a great article of something that you believe from getting to know someone that they would find interesting and would add value for them.

Introduction. I love to introduce people who would be good connections. It’s thoughtful and will be remembered in great light.

Invitation. Invite someone to an event, or anything you might be doing that you think they would find of interest. This can be a networking function or even a movie or cultural event if you have this in common.

When I travel, I always have downtime to think and spend time catching up on airplanes. I make great use of this time and I recommend it highly. In fact, I’m writing this newsletter from the sky right now!

There is always time for a quick call or email. Make it work.

Let me know how you use your travel time to sell or if you have any other thoughts on staying on top of sales.

Let me know on the SSC Facebook and LinkedIn pages. If you are struggling with sales, don’t wait, reach out to support@slatersuccesscoaching.com.

How do you do? I’m Ivy.

If you’ve been a long-time follower of my newsletters and work, you’re wondering why I’m introducing myself.

We know who you are, Ivy.
What is this about?

As you read this, I’m hosting my annual event, SSC Live. Yep, it’s happening today, right now. And I’m sharing my story with a room full of hopeful and eager entrepreneurs. A room full of people who have made the very important choice to work on their personal and professional development with me. I’m honored.

So, like I said, I’m Ivy.

I’m a mom to two really wonderful kids. Sometimes I wonder how they got to be so darn grown up and in charge of their own lives. I’m proud of their every accomplishment and every moment we spend together I cherish and hold dear.

I’m a wife to a hard-working, romantic and amazing man. After 30 years, I can honestly say I still get butterflies when he walks into the room after a long trip and I can’t think of a better travel partner, best friend and husband.

I’m a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a cousin, a friend. Time with my family and friends is more valuable than anything money can buy. Cooking with my mom, hosting holidays, attending weddings and graduations, it’s having these moments together that mean so much.

I’m the proud owner of Slater Success Coaching and I adore what I do. My clients are like part of my family and my team is the most supportive and encouraging group of people I have ever known. I feel like I get to live every day in a dream. I am doing work that I know is changing lives and there’s no better feeling.

I’m a lover of dance, yoga, fitness and travel. I love New York City, a great pair of shoes and dinner with my best friends. I love meeting people, learning, and above all, I love living. Every experience I encounter has made an impact on my life. I wouldn’t erase a single one.

Who are you?

I really want to know. Not just about your business, but about YOU. Your personal story, your background. What are the people, places and things in your life that cultivated you into the person you are today?

I want you to think about YOU today. Think about your story and share it with your audience. Whether it’s in a blog post, a social media status, at your next event or over the phone…share who you are, because you are truly wonderful.

I’m Ivy.

Who are you?

Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and/or LinkedIn page.

It’s My Birthday! But I Want You To Celebrate!

Today I turn 54! Although my business is over eight years old, the first four years I struggled.

I kept following ideas from various places, instead of my own ideas.

Coaching school gives you guidance and was excellent at educating me as a coach, but not at running a business.

I thought since I had ran a successful 7-figure printing business previously, that I would be able to jump right in. It didn’t work.

I remember celebrating my 50th birthday and there was a lot to celebrate that year. I made the awesome choice to hire a bossy, pushy, strong coach who did not put up with my excuses and pushed me past my fears.

At 50, I invested what seemed like a ton of money at the time, realizing it was all or nothing.

I was celebrating a milestone birthday and a turning point in my business. I was either going to make it work or move on to something else.

Four years later and there is even more to celebrate this year of 54!

  • I have built a strong multiple 6-figure coaching business that changes people’s businesses, and more importantly, their lives.  

Just the other day a client was sharing with me that her daughter, who lives across the country, was going to get married in a civil ceremony and the celebration would happen a bit later. Her daughter was going to Skype her in, along with other family members. This didn’t sit right with my client and she realized she didn’t have to be on Skype, she could BE THERE. She has built a successful business with clients coast to coast and she has the flexibility and income to say, “I’m doing this for my daughter, I’ll be there. I’ll surprise her!”

  • I’ve built a flexible business that fits into my life. 

I celebrated my birthday this weekend surrounded by family. We went to the theater and out for a great meal and conversation. I love being around the people I love, as much as I can. 

I’m also taking a fabulous trip in the next couple of months, details to come, and that’s because I don’t let my business activities determine my calendar. I plan my calendar to include every important part of my family AND business life. 

It may be my birthday, but let’s share the day. Get out and celebrate! Celebrate every step of the way. Your business has grown, changed and evolved and you have become stronger, wiser and smarter.

Play Big. 
Celebrate Big

Live Big.

Share with me on the  SSC Facebook Page and/or LinkedIn page how you will do just that!




Tips On Rebounding To Success


My mom had a hip replacement last week and because I’ve set up mySSC Minute - Tips On Rebounding To Success 3:1:2016)
business in a certain way, I was fortunate enough to take the time off to be there with her.

You won’t see a post surgery photo or me mentioning her age, because she’ll kill me. I’m being a smart daughter, here!

I watched my mom go through this surgery and then in 48 hours, get up and walk around her apartment, entertaining her friends that had stopped to visit. Her group of friends are ladies that are true go-getters. Inspiring and amazing.

I always learn something when I’m spending time with mom, like this Sunday. We were speaking with her nurse and therapist and the funny conversation below actually took place:

Therapist asked: “Where could you use therapy?”

Mom responds: “My shoulders.”

Therapist says: “I thought you had your hip replaced?”

Mom: “Yes…”

Therapist asks: “Why do you need therapy on your shoulders? What about your hip?”

Mom: “My hip was fixed, it’s great. I am walking, I am fine.”

Therapist: “Can you lift your arm above your head?”

Mom does so.

Therapist: “So you have movement?”

Mom: “Yes, it hurts but it doesn’t stop me.”

Are you like my mom, letting nothing stop you? 
Or have you let too many things stop you?

Can you rebound back?

Have you before?

Business is a journey. Life is a journey. Curve balls are thrown at you constantly and you have to be ready. Because when something stops you in your business, it goes stagnant and has a great impact in your life.

How are you navigating the journey in order to rebound when you have something holding you back?

A few tips I suggest:

  • Face it. Ignoring it only makes it fester, get bigger and stop you in a huge way!

  • Brainstorm. If you don’t have any great ideas on how to navigate it, talk it out with someone. I do this all the time. I am a verbal processor and I love to talk things through.

  • Take action. Stop worrying on what the “right” thing to do is, the most important thing is to do something! Action = results. If you have results, you can navigate the next step. If you aren’t loving the results from the action you took, you have the ability to do what I refer to is “course correct them.”

We had an extra day this week with Leap Year. I hope you make it count!

I’d love to have you weigh in on how you navigate rebounding to your success. Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn page



What Do You LOVE About Your Business

We celebrated Valentine’s Day this past weekend and I hope you had a lovely time with the loves in your life. I celebrated with my husband, Michael, at one of our favorite steakhouses in New York City. We had our son, Bryce, with us since he was home from college for the weekend and this made my day extra special.

I’m still in a hearts and flowers kind of mood and I thought I would share an exercise with you this week with a Valentine’s Day theme. Do each step before you read the next sentence to make this truly work for you.

Draw a heart and write all of the things you LOVE about your business inside of that heart.

Write all of the things you DON’T love about your business outside of that

Did you draw a big heart or a small heart? 

If it was big, go you! Confident you’d fill it up!

If it was small, why?

Did you feel like there wouldn’t be much to put inside?

What made you feel that way?

Now, look at what you wrote on the outside. 

Is there a way to make changes to those pieces so they can get inside your heart?

If so, are you ready to create a plan of action to do just that? Do you know where to start?

Some of the things outside of the heart cannot always go away.

Can they be delegated? How can you get them off your plate?

Are a lot of the things you wrote outside of the heart “busy work?” 

Do you feel like the things you don’t love are things you shouldn’t be doing anyway?

I bet many of you wrote down: writing copy, social media posts, answering emails, etc.

Do you feel like you have to do all of these things yourself? Why?

I bet many of you also wrote “my team” inside things you LOVE about your business. Right??

I know I did.

 Work with the amazing people around you to get that heart filled with more things you love.

I did this exercise myself and I wanted to share my results with you.

Inside My Heart

  • My Team
  • My Clients
  • Sales Calls
  • Retreats and Live Events
  • Speaking
  • Making Money
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Travel
  • Creating New Things in SSC
  • Planning Ahead

Outside My Heart

  • Overbooking My Days
  • Email Overload
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Finding Time in My Calendar
  • Details

I am starting to put action plans in place for everything on my outside list and I encourage you to do the same. First up, putting more time in the calendar for exercise and family and cleaning off my computer to clear old emails and junk!

Share your heart pictures with me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn page


Ivy Slater