P is for…

My recent Fall retreat was all about the P’s in business.


The women at this retreat are POWERFUL examples of why PREPARING to take a day away from your business and being PRESENT and getting out of PANIC and into PATIENCE makes for one POSITIVE experience. They realized the missing pieces in their PUZZLE and the PRIZE was PROFOUND!

Amy Andersson, Founder and Owner of Price Turner CFO’s, embraced Possibility.

She is coming up on six years in business and she is growing! She realized she’d been stuck in the weeds and working too hard in day-to-day operations, instead of going out and providing consulting in financial strategy, which is what she does best. She is going to PIVOT and she is going to PROVIDE services that will change her business in 2018.

Leah Lakins, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Fresh Eyes Editorial Services, embraced Position.

She is now going from PASSENGER to captain. She will strive to be a leader in her field and take charge in her business. She won’t be in the boat with her customers anymore, she’ll be on shore, PAINTING a vision for them.

Kathy D’Agostino, Owner of Win at Business Coaching, embraced her own word: Power.

She will step into her power with PROCESS. She will streamline her approach and create new revenue generators. She’ll no longer be in her own blind spot. She’s PULLING ahead and driving into a new year with expanded PIPELINE and the PROCESS to implement.

This retreat was one for the books. I’m honored to work alongside amazing women and can’t wait to see what the future holds. For fun, in “Harvesting our P’s”, we celebrated our accomplishments with PIE.

There’s only more ‘P’ left and that is how PROUD I am to do what I do.

If you want to attend an upcoming retreat or schedule a VIP Day, contact me anytime at support@slatersuccesscoaching.com.

The Power Of The Small Event

I love going to small group events!

Getting out from behind the computer to take time to meet new people, expand my horizons, and gain a new perspective on business are just a few of the Ivy Slater - Slater Success Coachingreasons why I attend.

I host a Business Success Retreat (otherwise known as BSR).

A BSR is a small group event where business owners come together in one room and mastermind about their businesses. Attendees learn about other businesses and meet people that are trying to grow their business to the next level. These are my favorite types of events to host, because connections happen, breakthroughs happen and lives change.

For my business, a BSR is at the beginning of my sales funnel.  This small event gives prospective clients an opportunity to know like and trust the Slater Success Coaching brand.

I use specific strategies when creating a BSR in order to hold a successful event.

First, Team SSC always starts by offering the BSR as an opportunity to learn more about the brand and how we can work to grow your business.  This gives us something to always offer and most importantly give value to our clients which is always high on my agenda. We plan all the BSR Events a year in advance.

Second, we start to build out the experience.  Where are we going to have this retreat? What experience do we want our attendees to have at this retreat?  What is the budget for this retreat?

The final step is to fill the retreat.  This is where we go through our Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) and reach back out to potential clients that would be a great fit for the event.

At a recent BSR there was a woman who flew across the Country to attend.  She was sharing the event with her friends and they thought she was nuts!  She told them she would not have missed it for the world.  She was already receiving great advice from colleagues and friends but still felt stuck in her business.  The small group environment provided by the BSR gave her fresh business ideas. The travel experience cleared her mind, leaving her refreshed and recharged.  

Small events impact you personally.

You see the results in your business when you meet someone that becomes a friend, a referral source, even a client.

You open up more than you ever thought possible because you feel safe and in a place of support.

You strategize and get creative in a room filled with potential.

Are you interested in putting together your own small events so you can grow your business? Reply and lets brainstorm your next small event.

Own Your Value: 3 Tips For Success

 If you’ve ever watched shows like Pawn Stars or Hardcore Pawn, you 
understand the idea of value, and how people perceive it so very differently.

Often times, a customer walks into a pawnshop with a sentimental item, something that means a lot to them on a personal level, and they think that will somehow translate into monetary value. They become upset and offended when the storeowners offer them so little for their treasure, because when facts are brought into play, it comes to pass that what they have isn’t really all that valuable.

Determining the worth of an item is pretty much a science when it is a product. There are facts, there are details, ways to compare the item to one exactly like it. A collector may pay a higher fee for an item than what it’s worth, but most likely, everyone agrees upon a set value.

In business, it’s a little harder when determining value, especially your own value, when the product is you. How do you tell someone what you are worth? It’s such an abstract thing when you think about it. Putting a cost on your services, on yourself as a brand. Many entrepreneurs feel very uncomfortable and unprepared asking for what they are worth and they aren’t sure how to proceed with confidence when it comes to this touchy subject.

So how do you do it? Well, let’s revisit the pawnshop analogy. Just like an item is surrounded by facts and details, there are facts and details you can use when figuring out your fees. Here are my three tips:

  1. Leverage Experience
  2. Understand Outcomes
  3. Accept & Seek Advice

At the Business Success Retreat I facilitated this past week, we worked on several key aspects of building a business. It’s consistent that people have trouble with pricing.

But if you use the three ideas above, you will find an effective way to show a client why you are worth what you say you are worth.

Leverage Experience. If you are just staring out in your business, you often see yourself as a beginner and keep your fees low accordingly. This occurred in the BSR last week. Ask yourself, “What am I not new in?” How many years of life experience, various jobs and career changes do you have under your belt? You are at the point where you are trying to build your client base and your business, and those relationships and fundamentals are very important out of the gate. As you gain more experience and, truly, more confidence your rates should increase. Seeing and acknowledging your track record – ten plus years or twenty plus years of experience and knowledge, coupled with client testimonials and success stories is an accurate and proven way to show your worth.

Understand Outcomes. Take yourself out of the equation and look at the results your clients receive from the services that you provide. Are you helping clients add massive revenue to their yearly sales, are you assisting in launches and developments that exponentially grow their business, are you helping with the hiring, training and building of a solid and successful team? Calculate the importance of the transformation, results, and benefits to your client.

Accept & Seek Advice. This is really where you want to start. Don’t try to figure it all out by yourself. Entrepreneurs are often used to doing things alone, but again, it’s not all about you. Find an outside perspective. Talk to people in your industry who have been there. Talk to mentors. Join a networking group. The resources are there and, as a tight-knit community, you will find a friendly entrepreneur or coach ready and willing to offer advice. Allow others to help you see the results your clients receive and create your price structure accordingly.

Have you stepped into your value and asked for what you are worth? Are you ready now? Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and share your accomplishments and challenges. We would love to hear your stories.

Cheers to your Success.