First Quarter Reflections

Three months doesn’t seem like a long time, but the first quarter of 2017 for SSC marked the start of the transition to a whole new world. I’ll be sharing a lot of that transition ongoing.

Commit to action. That was the name of the game.

I tell you this all the time and I promise, I do it myself.

In the past three months, WE, because it’s been a team effort committed to:

  1. Developing the plan moving forward for SSC.

We are going C squared.

Slater Success Coaching is turning into Slater Success, our work with Corporations is growing and evolving. Incorporating what we have always done, we are acknowledging the consulting work we do along with coaching.

  1. Revamping all the marketing material that have been out there forever.

This is in process. I posted a new bio to LinkedIn just last week. We are doing a complete overhaul of our website, capabilities brochure, talk topics. You don’t realize how much there is to update until you start the process.

  1. Putting ideas and processes in the right places, with the right people, and with the right actions so nothing gets lost.

My team and I use Slack, a great team conversation app, and we’ve added new and defined channels to keep workflow organized and up-to-date. Ivy’s Brain is a channel. Honestly, I go in there and dump ideas, so I can go back when I need it or my team can take the idea and run with it. No more Post-it notes all over my desk. Yes, this traditional Post-it addict is trying to reform and go “techie.”

If I reflect on the first quarter, it’s been all about asking ourselves a lot of questions and putting actions to the answers:

How can we do this better, faster, more efficiently?

What needs improved, updated, changed?

How are we growing, moving forward?

What is the next big move?

What do we need to learn?

Who do we need to know that we do not?

It’s been an exciting quarter and I really want to hear how YOU have committed to action. Tell me your process, your steps, your ideas. Share with me on the SSC Facebook page. Or, feel free to reach out for a deeper discussion to

This tip is sweeter than chocolate

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sending my love and support to you and instead of a box of chocolates, I’d like to send a tip that will make your entire year sweeter.

Identify your number ONE source of income.

Think about it, right now. Write it down.

This is the part of your business making you the most money, the quickest.

You have various streams of income. You sell programs and services, you participate in speaking gigs or conferences, you receive money from book sales, etc.

Once you’ve identified number one, I want you do some work in that area. Focus on what actions you can take daily to increase that income further.

Example. If you run a sales program every March and it makes you the most money all year, break down the process and analyze why.

Are you targeting a more ideal client?
Is the program length the same, shorter or longer than your other programs?
Is the copy and message really on point?
Do you use affiliates in promotion?
Is the time of year making a difference?

Also, analyze the numbers around that program.

Are you spending the most money in advertising for this program?
Do you get a great ROI from social media ads?
Are the payment options different than what you offer elsewhere?
Is this the best breakdown of time spent versus income made?

With all the facts in place, you can form action plans to increase revenue. Maybe this program can run twice a year. Maybe you can increase the cost of this program, due to its popularity. Maybe you can collect new testimonials and create an even better sales page.

Identify your number ONE source of income. Do the work. Make more money.

If you’re ready to work on your business and you need support, feel free to reach out anytime to

Have you done this recently?

This is a busy week for me. I’m hosting two retreats! I’m not going to lie,Creativity = Money…REALLY? I kind of feel like a kid that’s getting ready for their first day of school. I’m nervous, excited and getting prepared.

Stepping away from your business is such an important tool to growth. I know you feel like you can’t get away. Client work will suffer, invoices won’t go out, travel is too expensive. The excuses have to stop. Because the only regret you’ll have if you go is why you didn’t do this sooner!

Besides meeting with other business owners who share your passion and drive, gaining fresh ideas and a fresh perspective are often the biggest takeaways from a retreat.

It’s July. 2016 is halfway over. I know you made plans, budgets and projections in January, but when’s the last time you checked in? Here are three things you should do this July:

  • Review your finances for the year, compare them to the previous year
  • Evaluate your marketing and sales strategies
  • Revise and adjust your business growth plan for the rest of the year (get to a retreat if you can)

We are covering all of the above at the retreat this week, along with:

  • Creating a marketing sequence for a webinar and a live event
  • Growing a client’s team to assist and support growth
  • Looking at the sales conversation and how to improve it
  • Identifying the blocks that held someone back from stepping into their value and asking for their worth and creating a strategy to work through it and increase confidence

You’ve had over 6 months to see what’s working and what’s not. Focus energy in the direction of things that are working.

If marketing needs to shift, do it.

If who your ideal client is has changed, find them.

If networking hasn’t been on your calendar, add it.

This is the perfect time to look at the rest of your year. Let me know on the SSC Facebook or LinkedIn pages what you want to work on.

And if you want to chat with me further, reach out to I’m offering complimentary breakthrough session calls next week. Get on my calendar.

Feeling Emotional…


SSC Live was just a few weeks ago and producing the event brought me back to some of the other major events in my life and the emotions that accompanied them.

True Love and Joy.

My wedding day.

Amazement, Anxiousness, Happiness.

The birth of our children.

Beaming with Pride.

Watching our children celebrate milestones (Bar and Bat Mitzvah’s, graduations)

Confidence and Honor.

Starting a successful business and watching it grow each year.

Running your own business is very emotional. It comes with ups and downs. It’s a rollercoaster and you’re never quite sure of what turns, twists and hills are ahead.

Every experience and every emotion adds to your growth. 

When you hold an event and attendance far surpasses your goal and sign new clients with ease, you feel HAPPY.

Then again, when you hold a webinar and sign ups are slim and you spend time and energy and don’t see results, you feel FRUSTRATED.

When you brainstorm with your team and come up with an awesome new marketing campaign, you feel EXCITED.

But when you speak at an event and you don’t feel the audience connected with you at all, you feel DISCOURAGED.

Every experience and every emotion adds to your growth.

Take it all in.

The good and the bad.

Celebrate the happy times and learn from the not so happy times.

I’m feeling emotional because another annual event is in the books and I’m on to the next big thing.

And believe me… I felt happy, frustrated, excited and discouraged throughout the planning and execution of this event. It wasn’t easy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Every experience and every emotion adds to your growth.

Tell me what you’re feeling emotional about today on the SSC Facebook Page and/or LinkedIn page.



Get Organized: My Top 5 Spring Cleaning For Your Business Tips

April is almost over and if your spring cleaning hasn’t happened quite yet, 
that’s okay! But this is really a great time of the year to not only do some spring cleaning around the house, but also in your business.

I hold my annual event, SSC LIVE in May (just a few weeks away now) and spring cleaning has NOT been on my agenda. I’ve been busy with my team working on slides, talking to venues and preparing details for this major one-day session.

I decided to take some time today and put together a list, for me, just as much as for you, on some spring cleaning action items. You know me, an action plan is the way to accomplish a goal. Without one, goals tend to remain goals and never turn into realities. Being organized in your work area leads to successful actions and results.

So here are my Top 5 Spring Cleaning For Your Business Tips:

  1. Clean out your emails! Delete what you don’t need and save what you do. Looking at a messy inbox is just as bad as keeping clothes in the closet that you haven’t worn for 6 months.

  1. Follow-up with the last ten people you met and close at least one deal. Get those business cards out of the ‘to do’ pile and into the ‘follow-up’ pile. Follow up with some of the people or companies who were interested in you, yet were not ready to commit. If you haven’t made contact yet, do it now before the summer months creep up on you and you’re on the beach, not at your desk.

  1. Think about a summer team retreat and plan it. Summer gives us a little more time to have fun. Many of our clients will be on vacation, we ourselves will be on vacation, and projects tend to get held off until the Fall. So, use the slower time and get your team together. This is really  important if your team is virtual, or scattered across the globe, because it might be the only time of the year, you can all get together in one place to brainstorm, strategize and just plain hang out and TALK.

  1. Stock up on promotional/office supplies. This task probably falls to one of your team members, but make sure it’s on track. Do you give out pens? Folders? Keychains? Make sure your inventory is stocked. You might want to pass some out as you meet people on vacation this Summer and it’s a lot more friendly when you network with a gift, something thoughtful and fun, and not just a business card. Plus, by the time Fall rolls around and you’re busier than ever, you’ll have this piece of the business under control. Running out of business cards or company envelopes and having to do a rush order is costly and unnecessary.

  1. Write down the worst 3-5 ideas you tried this year that just didn’t work. Looking at that list will really help you moving forward. These items need to be ‘cleaned’ from your brain. Maybe you thought it was going to be a good idea to join 20 Facebook groups for entrepreneurs. And you realize you were only active in about 10. Get out of the groups that aren’t doing anything for you and focus on the 10 that are. Clean out the stuff that just isn’t making the cut and don’t repeat.

I want to hear some of your spring cleaning tips for your business. Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and/or LinkedIn page.




Powder Day…Decision Time

We just got back from a family ski trip and it was a blast! I always take lessons Powder Day...Decision Time - Ivy Slater
from everyday life and apply them to business and this trip was no different.

The key takeaway: Everyone reacts differently.

For the skiers out there, you’ll understand this… the first couple days of our trip we had sunshine, groomed runs that we glided down.

Then came the turning point of the trip… FRESH POWDER.

Our kids went wild with excitement, everyone was up early and ready to head out to the slopes.

My husband and I look out, see 9 fresh inches of powder, snow still coming down and close to zero visibility and had a different point of view.

Skiing in fresh snow is fun and works your muscles and that part was fine, we could handle that.

The game changer was the lack of visibility. Literally unable to see in front of you when skiing down a mountain is NOT ideal.

I thought a lot about visibility.

Do you ever feel like you have zero visibility in your business? 
That you can’t see where you’re going and wish you had a view of what’s ahead?

Are you making educated guesses, but feel like you’re navigating with very dark glasses on?

This is a difficult place to be when decisions need to be made or strategies need to be built.

At times like these, and believe me it happens to all of us, I like to think of “What Can I Do?”  

What info can I find out right now? 
What small steps can I take?

What support do I need?

On this Powder Day, we did two things: sent the kids up the mountain to let us know what the visibility was really like and checked the weather forecast.

How can you gather information to assist you in moving forward in making a decision?

Know when you stay in indecision, you are neutering yourself and your business and this is the worst place to be.

If we made a decision we did not like, as in skiing in low visibility, we would have taken the gondola back down.

We ended up making a decision that was right for us. We took a day for ourselves, a “date day” which consisted of a lovely lunch and a couple mile walk around the resort. We didn’t miss out on moving, we were still having our active vacation, just doing it OUR way.

When you do not see a clear path for you and your business, DO NOT sit still and wait for “a sign” or someone else to tell you what to do.

Take a moment and say to yourself… “What Can I DO?”

Stay in motion. When I ski, I sing to myself because it has a rhythm. 
Find the rhythm for your business.

I’d love for you to share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and/or LinkedIn page what lessons you’ve taken from your life and applied to your business.

P.S. My “7-Day Money Challenge, It’s Only Money Game” started yesterday and it’s not too late to join me. Radically shift your money mindset in one week.



Creativity = Money…REALLY?


Stepping Outside The Comfort Zone

One of the things I love about my business is that I have created retreats as Creativity = Money…REALLY?
parts of different programs I offer. I have seen entrepreneurs thrive from these retreats, stepping outside of their comfort zone and into the next level.

Sometimes it’s a room full of strangers. Other times, a small intimate community or family who works one-on-one with me and gather several times a year to support and grow their businesses.

Keywords for Success

Recently, I held a “Money Masters” retreat. These are my high-level clients and we worked together using two keywords: Creativity and Structure.

I truly believe in the combination of these two powerful words as ingredients for growth in your business. Too often, entrepreneurs ignore the importance of Creativity and the vital piece it plays in development.

Systems and Structure are great, but a business lacking Creativity, lacks the power to expand.

During the retreat we looked at wildly successful business people like Bill Gates, Sara Blakely,  Richard Branson, Elon Musk and how they are always on the cutting edge of Creative.

Start with Structure and then use Creative ideas to build it into a system that expands, develops and creates income.

One of the fun activities we did to bring home the key aspects of Creativity and Structure was a cooking class, just for us, with a private chef.

Development of a recipe begins with the Structure, the primary ingredients. Then, of course, the Chef adds their own flavor and Creativity to the dish to make it in their own style. Those unique styles set famous chefs apart from ordinary ones.

Be the Chef in your business. Get creative! What is one Creative idea you’ve had lately that you really want to explore further? Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn page.




First things first…Happy New Year!  Wishing the SSC Community a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous 2016.

Next, I want to congratulate the many people who have taken me up on the offer of jumping on the phone and discussing their plan for 2016. If you thought I was going to say business plan, think again, a business plan reflects your life plan.

I am really excited to speak to so many of you and I could not resist opening more slots in my calendar for the few of you who have not yet taken action. More details are below. Invest a few minutes of your day and work with me on what success in 2016 looks like for you.

I am sure you are ready for a big piece on Goal Setting and Planning for 2016, but you are going to have to wait for that one. There is something a bit more of a priority to cover at the first of the year. I want to start off 2016 talking about a key word: COMMUNICATION.

For me, Communication is a word that leads to Success.

Communication arises in all areas of business and life. For those of you who are saying this is not for me, I am a solopreneur, don’t stop now, read on!

I just came back from a weeklong family vacation. There were nine of us and we had a great time. We were sleeping everywhere: beds, couches, lounge chairs and we wouldn’t have had it any other way. We were together and that was all that mattered.

We had a blast and communication was key to the laughter, the silliness, navigating travel issues like flight delays and missed connections, all happening during the most hectic time of the year.

How we communicate with one another surfaces in our team, our clients, sales calls, prospects, and networking associates.

Do you greet everyone with a smile, even when you are on the phone? Yes, this matters and makes a huge impact. If you are doing a get to know you call, a sales call, even calling the airline after a two hour delay, start with a smile on your face. It will immediately shift energy to a positive beginning.  When I spoke to the airline with a smile, we received 2 complimentary rooms for a night and credit for future airline travel.

When you are communicating, stop multitasking. If you think people do not feel your attention is not on them, think again. They know!

A large part of communication is asking for something. This is a place many of us fall short. We are shy or embarrassed to ask for things, we talk around a situation and expect someone to read between the lines. This happens in restaurants, stores, waiting in line, with your team, on sales calls. Listen to yourself and if you start asking for something with the verbiage, “Would you mind….” “If you don’t mind….” “If I can trouble  you…” STOP.  Come right out and ask.

Try “I would like… and then say, thank you!

While we focus on communication, I would like to remind everyone to focus on positive verbiage as well. I encourage you to listen to yourself and work on eliminating the following words: Want; Need; Try.

I ask you as part of the SSC Community to join me in committing to “I AM” for 2016.  If you have food, basic clothing, and shelter, you do not “need” anything else.

Join me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages and finish this sentence,  “In 2016 I AM…..”


Did Your Plan Work?

I am a planner by nature. I come from a family of planners, list makers and in general, obsessive organizers.

I have moved many times over the years, hosted many family and friends for dinners, with up to 30 at the blink of an eye, and this time of year I am all over my personal/business plan for 2016.

Yes, I do a plan for my business and a financial plan and I’m happy to share with you how I strategize this. It starts with a family plan. I wish I could double bold that last sentence. 

I start to look at the year ahead by bringing out the big, paper wall calendar. Of course I use an online calendar too, but in working the start of my plan I use the big wall calendar and different color markers to really create the big picture for the year. I am literally seeing it all laid out before me.

I have done this since my kids were small and through all their years in school. It looks a bit different now as it did back then, but the concept behind it has remained the same. Family details go in first. Vacations, weddings, holiday events, our family reunion every Labor Day, etc. I block out my personal time first, because it’s my priority. 

Then I look to my business planning. I review my financial goals for 2016 and try to view my business objectively. For me that means, how many clients do I need to make my numbers? How does that fit into my life plan with time commitments, meetings and responsibilities? What programs will I offer? What worked last year and what do I want to add in or try this year? Does this all fit my brand for SSC? I build my business around what I want in my life. If it doesn’t work with my personal life, it doesn’t work, period.

I love holding this planning session with my team and my coach, because bringing in outside views help me see various perspectives and erase any tunnel vision I may be experiencing. Let’s be honest, we all have a little of that going on. My coach and team help me keep an open mind and creativity flows when we put our heads together. 

Make sure you block out time in your calendar for a couple of hours to do your calendar! I know that sounds funny, but seriously, if you plan on making the plan, you have committed to making it happen.

If you want to chat about your plan for 2016, check out the link below. I am in planning mode, my clients are in planning mode (in fact, I just held a workshop last week on this topic) and I want you in planning mode, too.

Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages, your strategy for putting together your 2016 plan. I love to learn from our community.

Cheers to your Success.

Ivy Slater