You are going to change the world

A fantastic movie does something to our souls. It can make us feel joy, hope, happiness, sadness. I recently saw, Hidden Figures, based off the real-life story of African-American mathematician Katherine Johnson and her two colleagues, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. I am not going to give the movie away, so it is ok to keep reading.

These amazing women worked with NASA to provide math calculations needed to launch the program’s first successful space missions.

I was blown away. The power and the impact these women had decades ago, in a time of segregation and a time when women in business, and leadership roles, wasn’t as common as it is today.

If these women could break through the many obstacles and challenges before them in the 1960s, what can we be doing as women in business in 2017? The opportunities we have before us are great.

No matter what industry you are in, you are making a difference and you are doing work that is needed. Keep going! I am behind you and there are millions of women entrepreneurs and business leaders on your side, too.

Just as these women’s calculations changed the course of history, our work changes the world, too.

Every time a client tells me, “They have grown their sales” or “They have stepped into their leadership and are leading a team” or “They have reached or surpassed their goals” or “They no longer have any more debt,” I know their lives are changed forever. And it makes me proud and honored to be a coach and do what I do.

You have changed plenty of lives. I’ve shared with you in the past, that’s it’s important to ask for testimonials and read them out loud to yourself, often. You are helping people to grow their businesses, save money, make money, look and feel beautiful, learn about nutrition, live with less stress – no matter what it might be.


You are making an impact in this world. You are a strong leader and in 2017, reflect on that positive power.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing everyday that scares you.”

I think that is perfect advice to leave you with this week. What are you going to do in 2017 to make a bigger impact in this world? Share with me on the SSC Facebook or LinkedIn page.

P.S.  I do recommend seeing Hidden Figures!

Traveling? Still time for sales!

I’m back from LA where my family and I attended parent’s weekend at USC. We had so much fun! Great meals, tailgates, football games and quality time spent together.

I love time with my family, especially now that my kids are adults and we have fun in an entirely new way.

People always ask me,”Ivy, you’re on the road so much and you always make time for family, but how do you keep moving your business forward and have time for sales while you’re away?”

I talk and teach about sales all the time. A businesses success and growth potential is based on strong and consistent sales. It’s the backbone of any business. The result of sales is what pays our bills, gives us money to invest in marketing and growth and allows us to live the lifestyle we desire.

Here’s how to continue making sales even when you’re on the road or spending time with family.

Here are some of my personal tips I use at SSC:

  1. Always have a short list of follow-ups with you. It could be in your phone or printed out, but most importantly have it handy. Keep yourself on people’s minds.
  2. Don’t rely on Wi-Fi.
  3. Delays and downtime will happen. Be ready to take action, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.

I use the three I’s as a resource to stay connected:

Information. Send a great article of something that you believe from getting to know someone that they would find interesting and would add value for them.

Introduction. I love to introduce people who would be good connections. It’s thoughtful and will be remembered in great light.

Invitation. Invite someone to an event, or anything you might be doing that you think they would find of interest. This can be a networking function or even a movie or cultural event if you have this in common.

When I travel, I always have downtime to think and spend time catching up on airplanes. I make great use of this time and I recommend it highly. In fact, I’m writing this newsletter from the sky right now!

There is always time for a quick call or email. Make it work.

Let me know how you use your travel time to sell or if you have any other thoughts on staying on top of sales.

Let me know on the SSC Facebook and LinkedIn pages. If you are struggling with sales, don’t wait, reach out to

Burger or Lobster…

After moving my daughter, Alex, into an apartment in downtown Burgers or Lobster... Ivy Slater - Slater Success CoachingManhattan a week after we moved my son, Bryce, into his apartment in LA, my husband Michael and I needed a good meal before collapsing!

We went to Burger & Lobster and let me tell you, the insight I got after looking at this menu made me so excited to write this week’s newsletter.

I am assuming most of you have heard the teaching about packages and the recommended offering of three different ones.

Don’t confuse the buyer.
Keep it simple, right?

People always ask me if this actually works in business. They feel like if they have more options, they will sell more. They fear limiting themselves and losing income.

Burger & Lobster is a perfect example as to why this concept really does work…

Michael and I sat down and realized there were only drinks listed on the menu. No food. The waitress came over and asked if we’d been there before (we hadn’t) and she said, “We serve burgers and lobster.” We smiled at her, replying that yes, we’d read the name of the restaurant but…

She then made it 100% clear. They had three things on their menu: burgers, lobster or lobster roll. They all came with a salad and fries. The other option was a combo: ½ lobster and burger with a salad, fries and dessert.

My family teases me because I’m usually the one asking the waitress or waiter a million questions, but this time, I didn’t have one! We both ordered the combo, burgers medium rare. Simple. As. That.

Don’t you wish closing a sale could be that easy? Well, let me tell you. It can! If your offerings are clear and simple, it’s a no-brainer for a potential client.

We were eating around 3:30 in the afternoon, after lunch, before dinner and we still had to wait for a table. So the concept works.

I encourage you to think about your offerings this week.

Are they simple and easy to understand?
Are your choices clear and accomplishing exactly what the client needs?

Or is your variety too large? (think a Chinese take-out menu with many, many options)

If you are struggling with keeping your packages and business simple and know this is costing you business, reach out to

My Colored Pencil Taught Me A Lesson


You might not know this, but I love to color! It’s a great stress reliever and creativity booster. Adult coloring books are all the rage right now and I was coloring the other day with the twistable colored pencils, the ones where you can actually twist the top to get more lead out, so no sharpening involved. If you haven’t tried these out yet, I definitely recommend them.

Anyway, I found I was being extra cautious not to turn the top too much and cause all the lead to come out and break off. It actually made me stop and write this blog, because I realized, we do this very thing in our businesses every single 


I’m guilty of this, too. We are cool with being comfortable. We don’t want to rock the boat, right? So, we only use a small amount of our potential (like the pencil) when planning our next move. We are so afraid of something “breaking,” we often don’t take the risk of twisting just a little more.

I’m encouraging you to TWIST. 

I’m asking you to believe in yourself and take the risk.

I’m begging you to go for it.

 No one successful today stops twisting. Sure, there will be breakages and plans don’t always turn into a masterpiece, but for the ones that do, it’s so very worth it.

I’ll tell you my twist story…

A few years ago, I started offering SSC Live every Summer. It’s an all day event, where business owners and entrepreneurs come together to learn about and work on their businesses. And I am up there leading the way.

I was terrified the first time I decide to launch one of these. I mean, these people were coming to see me, they were paying money to hear me, they were giving of their time to gain value from me. Could I deliver?

I twisted and I created a program that made a difference. And now, people come back every year. It took a lot of belief, confidence, support from my team and clients and pure GUTS to make this happen. I couldn’t be happier I took this risk. I have met clients, friends and supporters from all over the world because I twisted just a little farther.

Tell me how you will twist this week. Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and/or LinkedIn page.

Know this, if I was not willing to take risks I would not have moved on from a 7 figure printing company to start a coaching business.




Create The Circumstances You Desire

I came across this George Bernard Shaw quote and it really stuck with me…

Create The Circumstances You Desire

“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.” – George Bernard Shaw

Wow! Powerful statement and so very true. And I see this in successful people every single day.

Instead of blaming her former employer for laying her off, Lisa went and started her own business.

Instead of working 60+ hours a week and never seeing her kids, Tammy decided to evaluate her finances and drop down to part-time.

Instead of feeling lonely as a stay-at-home mom, Megan joined support groups and is now the president of her community parent program.

These women changed their circumstances to work for them and I encourage all of my clients to do the same exact thing.

You are never stuck.

You are never without options.

You are never at the end of your rope.

I know it can feel that way and I’ve been there.  

But that is the time to reach out to a coach, mentor, friend or family member and figure out your next steps. Figure out how to create the circumstances and the life that you desire.

All the cliche statements like “it’s never too late” and “never give up” and “age is only a number” may be overused or even annoying, but guess what, I absolutely believe in them.

I started Slater Success Coaching when my kids were in their teens, it was the second chapter of my business and parenting life. I had already experienced success in the printing business and I created an entirely new venture for myself because I wanted to make new circumstances.

I wanted flexibility, a steady income and to live my passion.

I wanted something challenging.

I wanted to make a difference.

And I did it. 

And you can do it. 

I know that for a fact. 

We start my “7-Day Money Challenge, It’s Only Money Game” next week and I want you to join me. This is one way to live out the action of making new circumstances. Getting comfortable with your money is a fantastic place to start.

What circumstances do you want to make happen for your life right now? Tell me on the SSC Facebook Page and/or LinkedIn page.



Creativity = Money…REALLY?


Stepping Outside The Comfort Zone

One of the things I love about my business is that I have created retreats as Creativity = Money…REALLY?
parts of different programs I offer. I have seen entrepreneurs thrive from these retreats, stepping outside of their comfort zone and into the next level.

Sometimes it’s a room full of strangers. Other times, a small intimate community or family who works one-on-one with me and gather several times a year to support and grow their businesses.

Keywords for Success

Recently, I held a “Money Masters” retreat. These are my high-level clients and we worked together using two keywords: Creativity and Structure.

I truly believe in the combination of these two powerful words as ingredients for growth in your business. Too often, entrepreneurs ignore the importance of Creativity and the vital piece it plays in development.

Systems and Structure are great, but a business lacking Creativity, lacks the power to expand.

During the retreat we looked at wildly successful business people like Bill Gates, Sara Blakely,  Richard Branson, Elon Musk and how they are always on the cutting edge of Creative.

Start with Structure and then use Creative ideas to build it into a system that expands, develops and creates income.

One of the fun activities we did to bring home the key aspects of Creativity and Structure was a cooking class, just for us, with a private chef.

Development of a recipe begins with the Structure, the primary ingredients. Then, of course, the Chef adds their own flavor and Creativity to the dish to make it in their own style. Those unique styles set famous chefs apart from ordinary ones.

Be the Chef in your business. Get creative! What is one Creative idea you’ve had lately that you really want to explore further? Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn page.