Are You Willing To Fail?

Last week I attended a great conference called NY Moves that is focused on women’s rights, social fairness and equal opportunity. The day was filled with amazing speakers, including an interview with Maggie Siff from the Showtime show Billions, on being a working mom and the decisions she has made.

The speakers were powerful and, of course, I took pages of notes. One of the comments that truly impacted me was when Elizabeth Bierman, Senior Technical Manager at Honeywell Aerospace said,“Put yourself out there and be willing to be uncomfortable.”

This came out around a conversational topic of FAILURE. Several of the ladies spoke about the importance of failing and being willing to fail. A great quote mentioned, “There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period.” – Brene Brown

If we think about all the inventions, advancement and growth from people who have been willing to fail, it’s pretty extraordinary.

Success takes time to achieve.

-Steve Jobs being fired from Apple before his return years later that completely transformed the brand.
-Bill Gate’s first company Traf-O-Data failing, before finding massive success with his next company, Microsoft.
– Thomas Edison trying 1,000 attempts before his successful creation of the light bulb.
-Vera Wang, who didn’t make the U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team so she took a position at Vogue and ultimately went on to become an iconic fashion designer.
-J.K Rowling, who received 12 rejections to the first Harry Potter book, before creating a beloved franchise that now includes books, films and theme parks.

The stories go on and on.

One of the women at the event shared a quote I really liked by Mae West, “An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.”

Are you willing to be in action and be uncomfortable? Are you willing to fail?

I know in my 25 years as a business owner I have made plenty of mistakes or “failed” many times. I have also been willing to be in action.

When I was in printing, I had mere minutes to make a decision for a deadline.
I made the best decision in that moment.
In less than two minutes, I knew it was the wrong decision.
It resulted in a loss of $60,000.
The next step was getting into action and seeing what options I had to course correct.
It took me about a year but I did course correct and made back $85,000.

Are you willing to fail, be uncomfortable, and be in action, no matter what?

That is the definition of success.

A Nor’easter story today

It’s a snowy day in New York City as we deal with the latest winter storm, Stella, which got me thinking about storms in business and storms in life.

How do you react when a big storm, either professional or personal, comes into your life?

The saying that it’s not about the problem or the crisis, but how you respond to it that matters, is so very true in both scenarios.

It’s happened to me a lot in my life, an easy example is when I travel. I’ve left early, stayed an extra day, changed the original plan and didn’t let it affect my mood. Sure, I might have felt inconvenienced or even a little angry at first, but responding with a negative attitude and letting it take over, is just about as useless as it gets.

This week I’m hosting a BSR and normally I’d be spending extra time in the office to get everything ready. But I planned ahead and knew I’d be working from home, so I spent time yesterday gathering everything I needed and talking with my team to make sure we were all on the same page.

If you make things into a big deal, then they become a big deal. If you go with the flow and continuously show up 100%, you are on the right path.

Today, we were prepared for this storm. We knew it was coming. We planned on working from home, we rearranged travel plans, or maybe we got on Netflix and planned an entire snow day of watching movies!

Other storms, we don’t see coming. We can’t see coming. How do you respond to those?

A client isn’t happy, a technical problem ruins a webinar, someone in your family becomes ill, you need to repair a major issue in your home.

Do you get upset and begin to stress? Or do you break down your options and take action?

You know I always say, TODAY I CAN. Figure out what you can do to navigate through the storm.

And ask for help if you need it. We shouldn’t weather any storm alone. We are all on this journey together.

What are you doing today? How did the storm affect your plans?

Share with me on the SSC Facebook page.

You are going to change the world

A fantastic movie does something to our souls. It can make us feel joy, hope, happiness, sadness. I recently saw, Hidden Figures, based off the real-life story of African-American mathematician Katherine Johnson and her two colleagues, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. I am not going to give the movie away, so it is ok to keep reading.

These amazing women worked with NASA to provide math calculations needed to launch the program’s first successful space missions.

I was blown away. The power and the impact these women had decades ago, in a time of segregation and a time when women in business, and leadership roles, wasn’t as common as it is today.

If these women could break through the many obstacles and challenges before them in the 1960s, what can we be doing as women in business in 2017? The opportunities we have before us are great.

No matter what industry you are in, you are making a difference and you are doing work that is needed. Keep going! I am behind you and there are millions of women entrepreneurs and business leaders on your side, too.

Just as these women’s calculations changed the course of history, our work changes the world, too.

Every time a client tells me, “They have grown their sales” or “They have stepped into their leadership and are leading a team” or “They have reached or surpassed their goals” or “They no longer have any more debt,” I know their lives are changed forever. And it makes me proud and honored to be a coach and do what I do.

You have changed plenty of lives. I’ve shared with you in the past, that’s it’s important to ask for testimonials and read them out loud to yourself, often. You are helping people to grow their businesses, save money, make money, look and feel beautiful, learn about nutrition, live with less stress – no matter what it might be.


You are making an impact in this world. You are a strong leader and in 2017, reflect on that positive power.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do one thing everyday that scares you.”

I think that is perfect advice to leave you with this week. What are you going to do in 2017 to make a bigger impact in this world? Share with me on the SSC Facebook or LinkedIn page.

P.S.  I do recommend seeing Hidden Figures!

Do this every day…

I’m all about looking toward the big picture, putting plans in place to reach financial goals, sales goals, client goals. But the big picture isn’t available right in this moment. Not for you, not for me. Every day is a step, an opportunity to increase our chances of eventually securing that big picture.

Decide on three actions, just three, you will do every single day to move your business forward. They don’t have to be the same three things every day, you can change them up as often as you need to, say weekly.

For example, three actions you might take today would be:

  1. Making at least one sales call.
  2. Spending 30 minutes on marketing.
  3. Reviewing numbers and finances for one hour.

Create this list for yourself and don’t stray. You’re having a tough day and a sales call doesn’t seem like your favorite thing to do? Do it anyway. That call might turn into a client that changes your financial situation and brings you one step closer to your yearly goal. And suddenly, the tough day just turned around. If you never make the call, you never receive the result.

30 minutes on marketing might seem minimal. But if every day for a week, you spent time on it, what would you accomplish? You post in some of the Facebook groups in which you belong that you’ve been neglecting and suddenly you’ve connected, received access to a free training or found out about a really great networking event in your area.

Looking at your numbers forces you to make decisions. Looking at what is coming in, what is going out. Looking at what will change as a new season approaches, a new program launches, a new team member is added. You might find yourself planning ahead because you dedicated the time and since you weren’t rushed to figure it out quickly, you were able to make smarter decisions.

This is a simple exercise to practice when moving your business forward. And another tip, why not add a fourth action item every day specifically for you. A health and wellness action, a mind reset. A spin class, yoga with friends, happy hour. These are important actions to take to keep you moving, too.

What three actions will you commit to today? Share with me on the SSC Facebook or LinkedIn page. And if you want to talk further, reach out anytime to

Should I? Shouldn’t I?

gardenI had no idea where to move it.

It was driving me crazy.

This was going to be a huge change.

It took me an hour, but I finally made a decision.

I’m talking about my hydrangea bush! Not what you were expecting. I’m full of surprises.

You know I love gardening and I’m making some changes to the yard and moving that bush was honestly the hardest part for me. It might seem trivial, but where that bush goes determines the rest of my landscape needs and how the entire garden will look.

I wasn’t sure what spot I wanted it in, but I told myself…

“The seasons are changing. The ground is getting cold. Just pick a spot and move it already.”

So, I did.

Decisions have to happen or growth stops.

Business is full of decisions.

Hiring. Firing. Marketing. Budgeting. Networking. Pricing.

The list is endless and if you stay in indecision, you lose. You stunt your growth. You get stuck. And it’s tough to get unstuck.

My advice is simple. Take one action towards the ultimate decision and the next piece will be uncovered or revealed to you. It’s that easy.

For example, you aren’t sure you should sponsor an event in another state next year.

It’s pricey and you’ve never done it before.

Instead of deciding yes or no and that’s it, take an action.

Call or email three people you trust that you know have sponsored that same event in the past and ask them if it provided value. Their answers are going to mean a lot.

Or, look at the timing of the event and the state you’ll be in and determine if you can combine a few components of the trip and visit family or friends in that area or meet up with clients.

Taking one action uncovers the next. You don’t always have to look to the end. Just take it one step at a time. Try it!

If your next decision is reaching out to me, you can do that by emailing And go you! That’s one awesome decision.

Traveling? Still time for sales!

I’m back from LA where my family and I attended parent’s weekend at USC. We had so much fun! Great meals, tailgates, football games and quality time spent together.

I love time with my family, especially now that my kids are adults and we have fun in an entirely new way.

People always ask me,”Ivy, you’re on the road so much and you always make time for family, but how do you keep moving your business forward and have time for sales while you’re away?”

I talk and teach about sales all the time. A businesses success and growth potential is based on strong and consistent sales. It’s the backbone of any business. The result of sales is what pays our bills, gives us money to invest in marketing and growth and allows us to live the lifestyle we desire.

Here’s how to continue making sales even when you’re on the road or spending time with family.

Here are some of my personal tips I use at SSC:

  1. Always have a short list of follow-ups with you. It could be in your phone or printed out, but most importantly have it handy. Keep yourself on people’s minds.
  2. Don’t rely on Wi-Fi.
  3. Delays and downtime will happen. Be ready to take action, even if it’s just for 30 minutes.

I use the three I’s as a resource to stay connected:

Information. Send a great article of something that you believe from getting to know someone that they would find interesting and would add value for them.

Introduction. I love to introduce people who would be good connections. It’s thoughtful and will be remembered in great light.

Invitation. Invite someone to an event, or anything you might be doing that you think they would find of interest. This can be a networking function or even a movie or cultural event if you have this in common.

When I travel, I always have downtime to think and spend time catching up on airplanes. I make great use of this time and I recommend it highly. In fact, I’m writing this newsletter from the sky right now!

There is always time for a quick call or email. Make it work.

Let me know how you use your travel time to sell or if you have any other thoughts on staying on top of sales.

Let me know on the SSC Facebook and LinkedIn pages. If you are struggling with sales, don’t wait, reach out to

Start creating consistent income today

If I hear someone say, “I’m confused,” or “I don’t know what to do,” or “I have to think about it,” I know they aren’t serious about building a business and earning the money they desire to live a great life.

Confusion is an excuse people use instead of taking action and figuring out a solution to the problem. And honestly they often do not realize it is an excuse,  

I know being confused feels safe, because it means stopping, stalling, waiting. Three words that absolutely do not translate to business growth, financial growth and consistent income.

If you’re confused, do something about it. Write down the problem. Write down possible solutions. Decide which one works. Start taking action toward that solution. It’s simple. Do not sit in the “I have to think about which is the best decision.” Make a decision, get into action. You can always course correct the decision. I also refer to this as making the decision right.

The safe zone is a place you don’t want to be. It’s filled with entrepreneurs that have a lot of ideas and don’t go anywhere with them. You can be stuck there forever if you don’t make a change now. Where would we be today if Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg were still thinking about their ideas and did not take action?

I prefer the action zone. It’s where I live every day and help my clients get to every day. I’m making it easy for you. If any of your confusion is around money, value, sales, audience, then here is a FREE and immediate solution:

The 5 Day Master Your Business Challenge: Create consistent income. Crush revenue goals. Celebrate cash flow.

You can opt-in right here. The challenge runs from September 26 – September 30.

Watch short, five minute videos from me during the challenge, complete accompanying worksheets and at the end of five days you have clarity over confusion. You have clear plans, not maybes. You have definitive goals, not ideas. You will move from the safe zone to the action zone in less than a week.

There’s even a private Facebook community for you and other challenge members that I will personally visit every day, answering questions and sharing guidance.

Opt-in now. You can learn a lot in five days. You can change your life in five days. You will be one step closer to living your dream in just five days. Don’t miss this.

Cheers to your Success,



Are you tired of making just enough?

I met a client a few years ago that wanted help building her business, and only had one client when we got started. This meant money was extremely tight. She was the main supporter of her family, including two teenagers, and she came to me with the goal of adding two more clients, so she and her family would be “fine.”

I have to say, I hated that word. I didn’t want her to be fine. I wanted her to be more than fine. I wanted her to be fantastic. I wanted her crushing revenue goals, not just accepting what was “fine.” Not just making enough, making more than enough. And making it consistently.

We began working together and not only did she secure her new clients, garnering her around $5,000 a month, she doubled that to $10,000 a month because she took consistent action. We expanded the back-end of her business (team/support) and that enabled the growth of the front-end. The eye was on profitability, customer service and sales.

I asked her about our initial conversation and the client goal that we far surpassed. I said, “We aren’t done yet, are we??” And of course, it was a resounding, “NO! We’ve only just begun,” from her.

Consistent income is not a dream. It’s what I help my clients do every single day. I’ve developed The 5 Day Master Your Business Challenge: Create consistent income. Crush revenue goals. Celebrate cash flow.


And you can opt-in for FREE, right here. The challenge runs from September 26 – September 30.

Watch short, five minute videos from me during the challenge, complete accompanying worksheets and at the end of five days you have more knowledge, more power, more plans and actual action steps. You have the tools to make enough and beyond.

There’s even a private Facebook community for you and other challenge members that I will personally visit every day, answering questions and sharing guidance.

Opt-in now. You can learn a lot in five days. You can change your life in five days. You will be one step closer to living your dream in just five days. Don’t miss this.

Cheers to your Success,



Join Me at SSC Live! May 17, 2016 in New York City

I have to tell you…I’m EXCITED!!! My annual event, SSC Live, is happening injust a few weeks and I have so much to share with you.

I started this event because I wanted one day where I could really connect with my clients and potential clients in a fun and motivational way. I’ve seen more breakthroughs happen at SSC Live than I ever thought possible and knowing that people had those milestone moments with me is what being a coach is all about!

Being an entrepreneur is a crash course in personal development!

You quickly figure out if people don’t like the way you speak or write or even dress! You are forced to view yourself from an outside perspective, because you are putting yourself out there. This is a good thing! There is nothing more vital to your success and growth than dedicating days to your personal and professional development.

I attend various events every single month, whether I “have time” or not. I look ahead, get them scheduled into my calendar and I GO! I show up! I do it because it’s made a HUGE difference in my business and it will for yours, too.

If you’re looking for something challenging this month, something to get you excited, something to get you out of a rut, something to make you smile, maybe even make you cry, think about joining me and dozens of other amazing entrepreneurs at SSC Live. All the details are right here.

This year’s theme is “Creating YOUR Business Success.” I’ve learned over the years that success means something different to everyone and it only matters what that success looks like to you.

Your action plans, your goals, your dreams…

I want you to live the life you desire and run the business you love. 

Don’t settle for anything less!

I know I don’t, and I want to help you realize why you don’t have to either.

During SSC Live, we cover four focus areas: Money, Marketing, Sales and Mindset.

It’s a powerful day of change and development and it’s also A LOT of fun. We interact with each other, fill out personal workbooks with action plans to put in place immediately, do creative exercises to work on thinking differently, meet others looking to grow and develop and work on our business and most importantly, ourselves.

Tickets are only $97, so you don’t break the bank, but you do break the chain. The chain that keeps you going around in circles, wondering what the next move is, the next step is. 

I really look forward to this event every year and I hope to see you there.

Check out all the details here!

Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and/or LinkedIn page if you’ve attended before or if you plan on attending this year. I would love to put names to faces!



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Get Organized: My Top 5 Spring Cleaning For Your Business Tips

April 26, 2016 by

April is almost over and if your spring cleaning hasn’t happened quite yet, 
that’s okay! But this is really a great time of the year to not only do some spring cleaning around the house, but also in your business.

I hold my annual event, SSC LIVE in May (just a few weeks away now) and spring cleaning has NOT been on my agenda. I’ve been busy with my team working on slides, talking to venues and preparing details for this major one-day session.

I decided to take some time today and put together a list, for me, just as much as for you, on some spring cleaning action items. You know me, an action plan is the way to accomplish a goal. Without one, goals tend to remain goals and never turn into realities. Being organized in your work area leads to successful actions and results.

So here are my Top 5 Spring Cleaning For Your Business Tips:

  1. Clean out your emails! Delete what you don’t need and save what you do. Looking at a messy inbox is just as bad as keeping clothes in the closet that you haven’t worn for 6 months.

  1. Follow-up with the last ten people you met and close at least one deal. Get those business cards out of the ‘to do’ pile and into the ‘follow-up’ pile. Follow up with some of the people or companies who were interested in you, yet were not ready to commit. If you haven’t made contact yet, do it now before the summer months creep up on you and you’re on the beach, not at your desk.

  1. Think about a summer team retreat and plan it. Summer gives us a little more time to have fun. Many of our clients will be on vacation, we ourselves will be on vacation, and projects tend to get held off until the Fall. So, use the slower time and get your team together. This is really  important if your team is virtual, or scattered across the globe, because it might be the only time of the year, you can all get together in one place to brainstorm, strategize and just plain hang out and TALK.

  1. Stock up on promotional/office supplies. This task probably falls to one of your team members, but make sure it’s on track. Do you give out pens? Folders? Keychains? Make sure your inventory is stocked. You might want to pass some out as you meet people on vacation this Summer and it’s a lot more friendly when you network with a gift, something thoughtful and fun, and not just a business card. Plus, by the time Fall rolls around and you’re busier than ever, you’ll have this piece of the business under control. Running out of business cards or company envelopes and having to do a rush order is costly and unnecessary.

  1. Write down the worst 3-5 ideas you tried this year that just didn’t work. Looking at that list will really help you moving forward. These items need to be ‘cleaned’ from your brain. Maybe you thought it was going to be a good idea to join 20 Facebook groups for entrepreneurs. And you realize you were only active in about 10. Get out of the groups that aren’t doing anything for you and focus on the 10 that are. Clean out the stuff that just isn’t making the cut and don’t repeat.

I want to hear some of your spring cleaning tips for your business. Share with me on the SSC Facebook Page and/or LinkedIn page.



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