Lessons learned, relinquishing control

Taking a short break from our summer series on women leaders to talk about some exciting news at Slater Success Coaching! As you may have heard, we are working on a brand new website, and along with new content comes new images!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of spending the day with Kia Dyson, who happens to be the graphic designer for the new website AND also a photographer! I wanted to share a few behind the scenes photos and my biggest takeaway from the experience.
Want to know the hardest part for me?

No, it wasn’t being in front of the camera. I actually really enjoy that. As a former dancer, taking photos was always part of the gig.

No, it wasn’t being out in the heat and worrying about makeup, hair and clothing. I was really comfortable and had a fabulous make-up artist, Jody Formica, with me for the day, who I’ve worked with before on live events.

It was simply relinquishing control.

Yep. I had to trust and let the great people I hired do their job.

Kia is super professional and she asked me the right questions about the look and feel I wanted for the new site. She even had a technical conversation with the make-up artist about lighting she would use and the style that was our goal, something totally out of my realm of knowledge. She was all about sticking to the SSC brand, because she knows it. She’s part of it.

I’m not used to surrendering total control. I’m not going to lie, it took a lot of effort. But when I peeked into the lens and saw some of the results, I was really excited.

Lesson for the day is that micromanagement does not make for great leadership. It slows down the entire work process. We’ve all found ourselves in situations where a manager or leader didn’t fully trust us and it caused us to doubt ourselves and our ability. And maybe as a manger, we’ve done a little micromanagement of our own team when it was totally unnecessary.

Let go.



I have a wonderful team supporting me in my every day and I had a wonderful team supporting me yesterday.

Now, if I could only get my makeup and hair done every day, that would really be the dream!

Let me know what you think about the new photos on the SSC Facebook page.

You talk too much. What you should be doing instead…

Is that too harsh? I don’t think so. Someone needs to tell you, so it might as well be me. You talk too much. You need to do more.

Planning is great. Strategizing is important. But is that all you’re doing? Do you have endless Google Docs with titles like “awesome idea” or “maybe try this” or “great idea I should do.” That doesn’t get you anywhere. If you’re going to crush revenue goals, take ideas into ACTION. Say this to yourself:


See how clever I am. I used the letters in action there. It’s okay, hold your applause. I know you went back and double checked me. It’s OK.

I hope you’re laughing now, or at least cracked a smile. Business is way too tough to be serious all the time. I like to laugh and have fun and if you’re sick of the same old stuff you read and you’re tired of signing up for content and not getting any value out of it, why don’t you try my challenge?

The 5 Day Master Your Business Challenge: Create consistent income. Crush revenue goals. Celebrate cash flow.

You can opt-in right here. The challenge runs from September 26 – September 30.

Watch short, five minute videos from me during the challenge, complete accompanying worksheets and at the end of five days you have the tools to live that action mantra. And own it.

Think about it, can you not afford to spend five minutes a day to create consistent income?  

There’s even a private Facebook community for you and other challenge members that I will personally visit every day, answering questions and sharing guidance. Hey, maybe I’ll even pop in and tell a few jokes. If this coaching thing doesn’t work out there’s always a career in comedy, right?

Opt-in now. You talk too much. Do more. Do this. I challenge you. See what I did there…

Cheers to your Success,


The quote I heard yesterday that made a huge impact

Yesterday I spent the day at the “Steal The Show, Book Tour” with author Michael Port in NYC and although almost everything he said was quoteworthy, one of them really stuck out to me, “Heroes support others.”

I love learning, and always have my eye out for ways I can continue to develop, as well as get out there and meet people. Yesterday, I enjoyed learning and expanding my speaking and performance skills. Yes, I already do a large amount of public speaking and you will see below some upcoming speaking engagements. This does not stop me from continuing to work on and improve myself. Deliverability and performance are key elements to impacting the audience and causing them to take steps in their business that will impact their business growth. For me to be of best assistance to others, I need to be on my best game.

When I am out there meeting others, the one thing I love is connecting people to one another. Even if it has nothing to do with my business or me personally, the idea of helping two people find each other in this world is extremely fulfilling.

I attend a lot of networking events and I meet a lot of people, some of whom end up being clients and some of whom end up being friends. The wonderful thing about meeting new people is that every person you meet brings a specific talent and skill with them. I have matched new business owners with copywriters and designers; new coaches with mentors; mompreneurs with other mompreneurs; and so on and so forth.

I send connection emails all the time. It takes me just a few moments and the lasting relationships that are often built are extraordinary. All it takes is one email, and I can help someone find their missing counterpart. Simply put, supporting others. 

Supporting one another is a strong human emotion. How many times have you wanted to play matchmaker with two single acquaintances? Or seen a great DIY project and couldn’t wait to share it with your crafty friends? Or found out a family member was engaged or expecting and wanted to scream it to the world? Supporting others, being there. Cheering them on and wanting success and joy to follow them everywhere.It’s one of my mottos and it’s awesome!

We can all go at this world alone, but that seems quite lonely. As Michael said, “Heroes support others,” and I think we should all be someone’s hero. 

How amazing this world would be if we all made that little extra effort to show our support, both in our professional and personal lives.

Head on over to the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn pages and tell me how you will show someone support today.


Cheers to your Success.


Branding Basics and SSC Live!

Today is the day… SSC Live is happening and I am so excited! Months ofplanning and hard work have finally come together. Seeing the room set-up, the workbooks on the table and all the other little details that went into today, one key thing comes to mind: branding.

The Slater Success brand is clean and elegant. We have worked very hard to achieve this and stay consistent across the board. I have always gone for simple and elegant, even when I had my printing business, Slater Graphics. Finding the brand style that fits you and your business personality is imperative in your marketing efforts.

At SSC, we have added a touch of fun to our designs. I have had amazing support and input from my team to create SSC Live for 2015 and I want to say thank you. Linda – our graphic designer, Matthew- our message man, and Terran – holding us all together and working on the daily tasks to keep us moving.

The key to consistent branding across the board is all in the details. So how do you get started figuring out what those details are?

  • Figure out the type of personality and look you want with your brand

I mentioned that SSC is simple and elegant with a splash of fun. Maybe you have a certain word in your business name that you want to highlight or specific colors that you can use to bring out emotions. If you’re a massage therapist, for example, choosing calming, cool colors will give the sense of peace and relaxation. On the other hand, if you are a designer, you might use bold and powerful color choices. Think about every little piece of your look: fonts, logos, images, uniqueness.

You might think that there’s no way to stand out in this competitive world. But I assure you, there is. Even doing something simple like instead of getting a square business card, getting one with rounded edges. Do the things that work with your personality. Look for the subtle differences that will make an impact.

  • Figure out what you stand for: your brand message

The message for SSC is that, “It’s Only Money.” We know that money is only a vehicle to getting what you really want out of life (spending more time with family, traveling, etc.)

You began your company because you had an idea. You had something important to bring to the world. Ask yourself, “why am I doing this?” That should give you your message. Let’s go back to the massage therapist. She/he would probably answer that question by saying, “I want to help people.” Perfect answer.

Find words, phrases, or slogans that support your answer to use in your messaging. Keep your copy consistent, the same themes, ideas. People will get used to the way you write, the way you speak, and your brand will become recognizable. I hope when people think of me, they hear “it’s only money,” playing out in their heads. Get into your clients’ heads with your message. Surround yourself with the right people to help you craft these messages. If you aren’t a branding expert or a writer, don’t worry, you don’t have to be.

  • Believe in your brand, live it

This might be the most important message of all. You can create killer copy, amazing images, fantastic logos and super-packed events, but if you don’t truly believe in your brand, none of that matters. Everyone who reads your newsletters, comes to your events, reads your website, they need to know that you are 100% in and that you live your message. Your passion, your dedication to your brand should be easy to see and that will give clients the courage and confidence to trust in you and use your services over someone else.

And remember, if your current brand image, message, etc. is NOT working, think about rebranding. It’s a great way to take a look at your current efforts and you can create a launch and buzz around the revamp.

Tell me, what is YOUR brand message. What do you stand for? Head on over to the SSC Facebook Page and LinkedIn page and tell me!


Cheers to your Success.