Brisket and cake and storage boxes, oh my!

I almost didn’t get this blog written this week and it’s been years since that’s happened.

The last few days have been packed with action and lessons and I’m happy to share.

We celebrated the holiday, my birthday and I moved to a new office. I could have closed my business down for the entire week and taken a ‘vacation’ to get everything done. Instead, I stepped up, as I’m used to doing from my years raising young children and running a business, and I followed my secrets for simply making things happen.

I typed them out for you:

  1. Organize the things you MUST get done. My priorities were cooking brisket for 30 people; having birthday lunch with my mom and sister followed by birthday dinner with my family; cleaning out my old office space and creating storage for old files that weren’t coming with me to the new office; packing up and actually moving into the new space; and touching base with a few clients.
  2. Break it down by day and by time slot. My calendar is my life line. It’s an enormous help. Stick to your schedule.
  3. Bring in support! My support team from SSC, my husband, my family, everyone pitched in!
  4. Don’t stress. The second you start stressing out is the moment you lose momentum and stop being productive. And don’t surround yourself with people who stress you out or their stress will affect your mood.

How did it all work out for me? Great! The holiday was fantastic and the food was excellent. There were enough leftovers for the youngsters to take home and my birthday was filled with fun, love and celebration.

The move was efficient. My husband even said, “Wow, that was easy!”

Clients were warm and thoughtful and sent birthday wishes and I even got some coaching calls in!

It was a week of action, but it was also a week of family and celebration, the best kind!

A little celebration bonus was when we had the new office set for Monday morning, Danielle and I treated ourselves to fresh manicures.

I’ve spent 25 years incorporating a business into a life that also includes family and social events. I show up everyday in what I can do and by recognizing my priorities, I can have my cake and eat it, too! (little birthday humor).

What are some of your best tips in prioritizing your business career and life? Share with me on the SSC FB or LinkedIn page.