Our Big Announcement Is HERE!

We are starting a PODCAST! I’m thrilled to type that sentence. It’s been a behind the scenes secret for many months and a dream for many years.

The final ‘P’ in our series is not only for podcast, but also procrastination.

I let so many factors stop me from bringing this podcast to light and I’m calling myself out.

Two years ago, I took a class and they discussed the power of podcasts. I was so excited and so eager to see if this might work for SSC and then…I never took action.

It sat on our weekly team agenda, it was pushed to the back burner, would come to the front burner, get pushed back again. It was never the right time. UNTIL NOW.

Procrastination no more!

I stopped worrying about how much work it would be, or what equipment I would need or who the guests would be, and I thought, what CAN we do?

And we started taking little steps here and there and we didn’t rush the process. We were consistent in our actions, smart in our decisions and confident in our end result.

With the help and support of my team and some of my introductory guests, The Her Success Story Podcast officially launches this quarter. I’m interviewing gutsy business women about their success journey. Their stories are powerful, their messages are inspiring and their businesses are booming.

Celebrating women has always been a huge part of SSC. The tenacity and spirit of women amazes me. My guests come from all different backgrounds and each of their paths to success have been filled with challenges and defining moments.
I’m so happy to share this news and I can’t wait for you to listen in!

We Made It Ten Years!

SSC is celebrating 10 years this month. It’s almost surreal to think about that. 10 years flew by and at the same time, seemed like a lifetime. Success is definitely not a destination, it’s a journey, and the journey to TEN brings me to this week’s ‘P,’ Perseverance.

This word sums up everything for me. I kept going. I kept taking action and persevered despite ALL obstacles. That I, become we, and together, my team and I are looking forward to the next TEN.

I have to reflect on the beginning and my personal obstacles. We were 7 figures in debt, had two teenage children and were about to lose our home. I looked at my family and said, “We have our health and that is success.”

I knew finding a way to get out of that hole and reach a very different level was very possible and perseverance brought us to the other side.

The heart of perseverance is in the belief and vision to where you are going, not where you are, especially when you are in a stuck place.

You must SEE a vision and BELIEVE it is possible.

Let go of the “how on Earth am I going to get there” destructive thoughts. The “how” will come. Action and perseverance are the tools to get you there.

The past TEN years have been filled with lessons. I wouldn’t change one single thing, because everything we’ve learned has brought my team and I to the place we are today. And next week, we are making a MAJOR announcement that we cannot wait to share.

If you’ve been a part of our TEN, thank you. We can’t wait to make new memories with you as we begin a new chapter at SSC.

Passion + Power and why you need both (The ‘P’ Series)

Welcome to 2018!

This week, we’re talking about passion and power. As we begin this new year, it’s a time to reflect on the past one and the goals and dreams you have for the future.

Your what and your why are still questions you need to ask yourself.

Why do I do what I do?

What do I want out of my life?

Passion and power are intertwined when it comes to answering.

Your passion was design, so you became an interior designer. You have the power to share your talents and the power to build a flexible schedule so you can live the lifestyle you desire, while performing the work that you desire.

Businesses are successful when passion and power play equal parts. Passion alone won’t bring in clients or money. The power to create plans. The power to make decisions. The power to set boundaries. These are what helps your business grow and thrive.

For me, my passions include helping women leaders reach new levels in businesses, this includes financial growth, communication and strategy, that helps us continue to grow ourselves, as well as the business we are committed to.

I have the power to make a difference. I have the power to share innovative ideas. I have the power to hold people accountable. I have the power to charge what I am worth. I have the power to take vacations with my family. I have the power to go to dance or yoga in the middle of the day on a Thursday if I want to.

Being passionate about something is wonderful. Feeling powerful around that passion is even better.

I will share honestly, in 2017, my focus of what I wanted out of my business and the connection to my personal life completely shifted. I have spent over 25 years with the focus on my business success to result in the ability to raise my kids. Well, those kids are both in the workforce, with jobs and apartments of their own. So, I did get lost in the journey of the “What” & “Why.” In rediscovering me in this process, 2018 is an exciting year of new adventures, programs and possibility for SSC.

It’s time to Party! Have you celebrated YOU? (The ‘P’ Series)

This week’s ‘P’ is PARTY. Holidays have been going strong all month. And the New Year is right around the corner. As women, we tend to find ourselves running around taking care of everything at this time of the year.

We are decorating and wrapping and cooking and making travel plans. Yes, all fun activities, but we also should be celebrating and having a little party.

You have done so much this year. I know you have. Both professionally and personally. Sit down right now and just make a list. Then read it over, put on some music and dance or sing or run around the room and just relish in your success.

My list this year:

1) Entered a new realm with SSC to work with women leaders in corporate, along with entrepreneurs.

2) Did speaking engagements all around the U.S. and made many new connections.

3) Started the process of rebranding and building a new website to launch in 2018.

4) Began work with my team on a secret project that I’ll be unveiling in a few short weeks.

5) Spent family time with my mom, husband and kids and made lasting memories. I am still smiling.

6) Took trips and vacations and ate at amazing restaurants. I love good food and travel.

7) Exercised, did yoga, danced whenever possible and started a new exercise routine that includes boxing 3 times per week. It helps me keep up with the good food.

8) Learned SO MUCH! From my coach, mentors and support network.

What does your list look like?

I challenge you to post it on the SSC Facebook page so we can party together.

The year is ending, which means before you start working on 2018, party. Enjoy these times with family and friends. Indulge. Eat well. Be merry. Laugh. Forget about responsibility and simply BE.

Have so much fun! I know I will.

I wish you an amazing New Year’s Eve and start to 2018.


Your Pipeline Equals Your Profits (The ‘P’ Series)

Another double ‘P’ here, Pipeline + Profits. Let’s get into it.

A sales pipeline is simple. It’s a list or chart or different color Post-it’s if you like, of your prospective clients and where they are in the sales process.

A sample entry might look like this:

Jane Doe – met at networking mixer – hot lead – sent email about strategy call – follow up on Monday.

Entering, analyzing and using this information with every single lead you have is how you make a profit. Staying on top of your prospects and making sure your pipeline is not only filled, but flowing, is the answer.

A sales pipeline allows you to accurately forecast your next month, quarter or even year.

Using a CRM system, along with automation, is the best way to keep your pipeline flowing. This is a luxury you should appreciate, back in my early years in sales and running a business I would use index cards and sort them by month so I knew when to be working my pipeline.
If every time you meet someone you have to craft a new introductory email, you are wasting time and energy. Have an email ready to go in your CRM system for initial meetings. You can always pop in to add a little personalization, but automating the process will help you actually follow through.

Also make sure your system is setup to remind you when and how to follow-up. Day 1 an email, Day 3 a phone call, Day 5 another phone call, etc.

I’ve grown my businesses to 6 figures + by consistently filling and working my pipeline. I always know who I need to contact and what I need to say. A closed deal happens because a relationship was formed, a connection was made and follow-up was done properly.

If you don’t have a CRM system in place, research what is out there and what works for you or your organization.

There are systems for a solo entrepreneur to use, all the way up to extremely robust applications for a huge corporation. Some systems even allow you to connect social media correspondence, along with email and phone records, so every point of contact you have with a prospect is entered and catalogued.

If you want to talk about how to start filling your pipeline and how to work it to get to the profit, let’s have a conversation. Email me at support@slatersuccesscoaching.com and let me know a good time to chat.

Seeing Possibility (The ‘P’ Series)

This week our ‘P’ is Possibility. And it’s one of my favorite words.

When I begin working with an entrepreneur or a sales team or a corporate group, I always ask them about the goals they want to achieve.

For an entrepreneur, it’s a lot about the lifestyle they want. The possibility of living life on their own terms. The possibility of doing something they believe in, something that makes a difference in the world. The possibility of doing what they love full time and making the money they deserve while doing it.

For a sales team or a corporate group, it’s the possibility of better communication. The possibility of more sales. The possibility of understanding and utilizing the power of relationships. The possibility of enjoying their work, their career and being excited again to show up on Monday mornings.

During this upcoming holiday season, possibility is all around us on a personal level, as well. The possibility to be nicer and kinder to all around us. The possibility to be more generous and giving to those in need. The possibility to take time to appreciate the moments we spend with family and friends that we might not get to see all year.

Possibility is a word that means ‘a thing that may happen.’ You have the strength to turn all of those possibilities into realities.

An Audrey Hepburn quote came to mind as I was writing this…

“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible.”

Let that sink in and live that today!

If the possibility of seeing out of the box and building a business is on your mind. If the possibility of reaching a bit higher and further than is comfortable is something you want to do. If the possibility of changing your life or your organization for a new and brighter future is what you want, get on my calendar and let’s chat.

Introducing The ‘P’ Series (this is going to be pretty fun)

Remember all those ‘P’ words I talked about a few weeks ago? I realized that many of them deserve their own newsletter. So for the rest of the year, that is exactly what we are going to do.

First up…PROCESS + PLAN.

I wanted to start here because these are really the foundation for everything in your solo business or your organization.

Without a process and a plan, nothing is achieved.

Think about a project right now that you or your organization want to accomplish in 2018.

Ask yourself these questions.

  1. Have I clearly defined the project and why I’m doing it?
  2. Do I know who else on my team needs to be involved?
  3. What are the main obstacles I might encounter?
  4. When does this project need to be completed?
  5. What software or outside sources will I need to use?
  6. What is the budget?
  7. What are the action items around each step of the project?

Lucky #7 is the key question.

It was most likely easy to answer the first six. But when it comes to action – when it comes to the process and the plan – it’s easy to get stuck. The way around this is to break down the project into manageable tasks and set deadlines and action steps around each.

Looking to the very end of the project will only cause stress, overwhelm and confusion. Celebrating each mark on the giant line of success is the best way to stay motivated, clear and on track.

One of our major projects here at SSC for 2018 (you’ll hear about it soon) has already been in the process and planning stages for months. It’s been a team effort and we have been looking at every stride we make and taking the time to recognize the achievements. We are simply enjoying the ride!

If it’s time for that one project you just haven’t been able to make happen to finally come to life, let’s chat.

With a process and a plan – that project will soon become a new reality!

Is Your Mountain High Enough?

Diana Ross. Singer. Songwriter. Actress. Producer. Icon.

I stayed up way too late watching the American Music Awards Sunday night, but I am so glad I did! I have been a fan of Diana Ross since I was a kid. I saw her in concert several times, watched the Wiz tons of times, and yes, I was singing along last night.

Diana Ross was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. She walked down a sparkling silver staircase to the stage in a fabulous dress, performed a medley of some of her biggest hits, and reminded everyone what it’s really all about…love.

She invited her grandkids on stage with her to dance and sing, and laughed when one of them handed her her iconic fanny pack.

When the applause died down after her amazing performance and she began her speech, she invited her children on stage, along with some of the most important people in her life, like longtime friend Smokey Robinson and Motown founder Berry Gordy.

She was gracious and bursting with joy as she simply said,

“This is all about love, This is my family and I’m sending love out there to each and everyone one of you—our global family. I’m so humbled. I love you so very much and I think you know that. I really, really love you so very much and I will hold onto this beautiful honor. Thank you.”

In the times I saw her in concert and the many times I watched her in other forms, she always spoke the words “I love you.” You feel how much she truly loves her audience, fans and supporters. When we give that much love out to the universe we receive love back in abundance.

I was going to write about gratitude this week. But no words that I could come up with, would give the same impact as hearing Diana Ross on stage give us those words.

It really is all about love and family. Especially this week, as many of us come together with family and friends to celebrate and have a meal together.

I’m grateful for so much in my life.

My son is flying home, my daughter and husband are here, my mom is here and healthy and we are going to be 20 strong for Thanksgiving dinner, followed by a family weekend with a lot more food, a lot more laughs and memories to make.

Mom is on baking duty, lemon bars, cheesecake, chip cake, just to name a few of the desserts that she will make. And my homemade applesauce is already made, while sweet-n-sour meatballs are next up on the list.

I hope for you this week, you can take a step back from your workload, that time will slow down, that stress will lessen and you can sit at a table with those that you love and be present in that very precious moment.

If you want to watch Diana Ross perform and give her speech, you can check it out right here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m calling you out

You said you were going to grow your revenue by 40%…

You said your company was going to expand to a new location…

You said you’d hire three new members to the sales team…

Did you do it?

I’m calling you out, in a good way. Holding people accountable to their words, gets them to their dreams.

We hear the word ‘strategic plan’ all the time. But what about ‘actionable steps?’ This is where we tend to get stopped, tripped up and the steps end up on the to do list, and not getting done.

Planning is great. Now, how do you break it down to executable actions? The answer might lie in working with a coach or a mentor.

In my business, I coach around the plan and through the strategy. I help my clients create a plan, but I also help them adapt, take action and achieve one. I was talking with a CEO during my time away this past week, and she was so busy working on the vision, the plan was being delayed and the action was stagnant.
Day-to-day business is ever-changing. Deadlines, schedules, finances, emails, client relations, team members. It’s tough enough to handle the everyday than think about the someday.

But that someday could be right around the corner. The greatest thing about building a business is the creative ideas that disrupt the regular schedule. YES, I am saying I welcome disruption. If you are scratching your head, understand disruption is where creativity sits. In the creativity is where you break through the common things of day to day business and own uniqueness, that sets you apart in the market place.
If creative ideas are floating around in your organization, now is the time to embrace them. We’re coming up on a new year, possibilities are endless.

Think about the planning process and where it needs a push. Then do it!

If you need to hire a consultant, do it.

If you need to hire more team members, do it.

I had a plan many years ago to start a coaching business. With no experience in the field and no clue where to start, the first thing I did was create a strategic plan. And I broke that plan down into steps, which I took, day by day, month by month, year by year to create a multi-six figure business. We are about to approach our 10th year in business in January, and I am living the life I created for myself filled with clients I adore, travel that brings me to the west coast where my son lives and a ton of JOY!

I’ve lived it and I now I teach it.

If your organization is ready to talk about growth and plans for 2018, get on my calendar.

P is for…

My recent Fall retreat was all about the P’s in business.


The women at this retreat are POWERFUL examples of why PREPARING to take a day away from your business and being PRESENT and getting out of PANIC and into PATIENCE makes for one POSITIVE experience. They realized the missing pieces in their PUZZLE and the PRIZE was PROFOUND!

Amy Andersson, Founder and Owner of Price Turner CFO’s, embraced Possibility.

She is coming up on six years in business and she is growing! She realized she’d been stuck in the weeds and working too hard in day-to-day operations, instead of going out and providing consulting in financial strategy, which is what she does best. She is going to PIVOT and she is going to PROVIDE services that will change her business in 2018.

Leah Lakins, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Fresh Eyes Editorial Services, embraced Position.

She is now going from PASSENGER to captain. She will strive to be a leader in her field and take charge in her business. She won’t be in the boat with her customers anymore, she’ll be on shore, PAINTING a vision for them.

Kathy D’Agostino, Owner of Win at Business Coaching, embraced her own word: Power.

She will step into her power with PROCESS. She will streamline her approach and create new revenue generators. She’ll no longer be in her own blind spot. She’s PULLING ahead and driving into a new year with expanded PIPELINE and the PROCESS to implement.

This retreat was one for the books. I’m honored to work alongside amazing women and can’t wait to see what the future holds. For fun, in “Harvesting our P’s”, we celebrated our accomplishments with PIE.

There’s only more ‘P’ left and that is how PROUD I am to do what I do.

If you want to attend an upcoming retreat or schedule a VIP Day, contact me anytime at support@slatersuccesscoaching.com.